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Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has been in the media limelight since he used President Donald Trump’s playbook to win the Florida Governorship in 2018. Ron DeSantis has been a staunch supporter of the former president since he took office in Tallahassee.

As an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, and a true conservative governor, DeSantis has continually found himself in the liberal mainstream media’s crosshairs. Invariably, each time they attack Governor DeSantis, the left-wing-catering media end up with egg on their face.

This time the attack was leveled by a liberal progressive PAC and supported with left-wing media exposure. The PAC is called Remove Ron. Daniel Uhlfelder, a Florida attorney, started the anti-DeSantis political action coalition.

The initial spectacle, which reaped Uhlfelder public notoriety, was a disgusting attack on the governor. Uhlfelder paraded up and down Florida beaches dressed as the grim reaper to target DeSantis’ decision to allow Floridians to make their own choices in dealing with the China Virus.

Uhlfelder did little more than make a total fool of himself. Well, his senseless action group is at it again. But this time, his heinous actions backfired on him and the Democrat Party. A recent ad from the PAC depicted a plane-full of commercial passengers headed for the Sunshine State.

They inundated the passengers with a video about the governor’s condemnation of vaccine passports. DeSantis isn’t anti-vaccine, and he’s not against protective policies based on science. He has consistently fought back against mandates that are never based in science.

He is against mandates and Draconian policies, which are COVID overkill. The successful Florida Governor, an increasingly ominous presence ahead of the 2024 Presidential campaign, preaches personal responsibility, not Orwellian-like governmental domination.

Of course, these big-government radical left-wing fanatics want otherwise. Uhlfelder is clearly one of these types. The Purge is a horror film based on a dystopian totalitarian society. Ben Shapiro, a Daily Wire editor emeritus, joked that DeSantis himself could have penned the script. And honestly, he’s right. Take a look at the video:

It openly speaks to Floridians being able to live life to its fullest. DeSantis says he will stand in the way of unconstitutional mandates and government overreach into Floridian’s lives. Other assessments surmised that the advertisement smelled of the Lincoln Project’s handy work.

An advertisement, one attempting to make Governor DeSantis appear to be an uncaring overlord, actually painted him as a champion of American freedom. Anyone watching this feeble hit job attempt on DeSantis must smile. Yes, another liberal assault backfired, this time miserably.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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