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The liberal left has been pushing authoritarian vаccine mandates for months. This is the total opposite of what Joe Biden said during the 2020 Presidential Election campaign. In one of his many lies, Biden said he could never see such a circumstance for mandating the COVID vаccine.

Most radical Democrats echoed the same lie. However, as soon as they were given the opportunity, Democrats, from the president, to governors down to mayors, have leveled unconstitutional vаccine decrees.

Some have even erased the constitutional right to exercise a religious exemption. Many do not even offer regular COVID testing as an alternative. Acquired immunity must not exist in the liberal world. The instructions are clear.

Take “the jab”, whether you like it, need it, or want it, or lose your job. There is no room for democratic discussion with these hard line radicals. Businesses and essential services, such as healthcare professions and law enforcement, are bearing the brunt of these dictatorial mandates.

These vаccine orders are wrong because they violate the constitutional right to choose what you put in your body, or what medicines you take. One Cook County Judge agrees with this logic. His ruling has Chicago Mayor “Liberal Lori” Lightfoot fuming.

Judge Raymond Mitchell ruled that you cannot “undo a vаccine”. He insists that “meaningful arbitration” must continue. Judge Mitchell has granted Chicago police officers a stay on Lightfoot’s December 31 vаccination deadline.

This has to come as a welcome relief for Chicago residents. In a city besieged by a wave of violence, any reduction in law enforcement will prove devastating. The judge went on to write that he does not believe two competing public interests have the power to cancel either one out.

Mitchell ruled that Chicago still has the right to request vаccination status, or instruct officers to undergo COVID testing. He did not, however, believe that an order mandating all officers get vаccinated was legal. He instructed both parties to resume negotiations.

The Cook County Judge doubled down on his insistence that there could be no remedy for the vаccinated after the vаccine was introduced via a mandate. Mitchell said, “An award of back pay or reinstatement cannot undo a vаccine. Nothing can.”

However, the stubborn liberal Chicago Mayor refused to acknowledge Mitchell’s authority. Lightfoot insists that the end-of-the-year vаccine mandate still holds for all Chicago police officers. Lightfoot’s unruly stubbornness is typical of liberal Democrats.

When they don’t get their way, even when judicial orders forbid them from exercising their insane policies, they throw a fit. She also resorted to the liberal “doom-and-gloom” fearmongering tactics.

She accused those who oppose her vаccine mandates as telling “half-truths”. Like the rest of her liberal cronies, Lightfoot accuses the unvаccinated of killing people. “How many more have to die”, she bemoaned, despite a steady decline in COVID cases and deaths nationally.

Lightfoot went on to spew misinformation about vаccine mandate protests across the nation. She insists that no one wants to work beside someone who is not vаccinated. However, why are thousands of critical front-line workers, especially law enforcement, firefighters and healthcare professionals, resisting these mandates?

Why are there increasing numbers of worker shortages in the airline industry? Why did New York City have to close 26 firehouses after Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vаccine mandate was ordered? Seems “Liberal Lori”, and the rest of the “vаccine tyrants”, need a little fact-checking.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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