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Despite becoming increasingly likely to happen, Republicans will not retake full control of both Houses of Congress until late January 2023. That leaves another full year for Americans to endure the Joe Biden White House circus. It is a bad show that’s only going to get worse.

In the meantime, patriotic conservatives must extend a gracious thank you to moderate Democrats like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin. In a 50-50 split U.S. Senate, all it takes is one breath of common sense to slam the brakes on the radical left’s push for socialism.

With every Biden decision turning into another abject failure, Democrats are battling to throw out diversions. The sham January 6 commission is their latest magic trick. While inflation soars, our adversaries become increasingly emboldened, liberals use smoke and mirrors.

There’s still nothing to see at the overburdened U.S. southern border. A virtual flotilla of ships, idly bobbing up and down off the shores of our port cities, doesn’t signify a supply chain crisis. According to the leftist clowns supposedly running the show, Americans are buying too much.

Anyone with a brain realizes each of these bogus storylines is nothing more than an attempt to deflect and divert attention. The January 6 commission is their prize deflector. These radical ideologues insidiously pay homage to some kind of “insurrection gods”.

With a White House devoid of a single ounce of success across 11 months in office, the liberals are grasping at straws. Trying to prove some false narrative surrounding the events of January 6 is vital to sustaining their cult. January 6 has become their coveted idol.

The Democrat Party’s true believers even worship the words of two “fake conservatives”, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney. Astonishing how a pair from the enemy camp is now revered as demigods. Both Cheney and Kinzinger are traitors to both party and country.

This is because the radical left has nothing left but January 6. Despite mounds of evidence pointing to a subversive plot to ignite an otherwise peaceful protest, Democrats still push a false narrative. The January 6 commission is not about justice. It’s solely about revenge.

They scream to anyone who will listen about how January 6 was a threat to our democracy. Liberals are the real threat to our democracy. They are hypocrites. These are the same people who orchestrated a bogus Russia collusion hoax designed to undermine a presidency.

These are the same pitiful excuses for racial equality by those who promote policies that destroy minority communities. The party is in such disarray that they are resigned to a last ditch effort to paint conservatives with a brush of sedition. Democrats are the real seditionists.

No one should be surprised if Democrats suggest a new American holiday. They will try to use January 6 to promote their hateful rhetoric. It will become akin to a “Holy Day” for their sacrilegious “church of darkness”.

Liberal Democrats will cry “insurrection” until they finally realize no one is actually listening. That is happening more and more. They have nothing else to fall back on. Joe Biden, as a puppet for the party, has been failed by his puppeteers.

The jig is up. Americans are growing increasingly angrier at what Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are trying to do to America. We’re tired of violence. We’re fed up with Biden’s porous southern border policy. Furthermore, we’re just plan fed up with Joe Biden’s circus show.

Liberals can have their sanctimonious January 6. Conservatives can create our own “national holiday”. It can be next November 8. It will be a holiday to honor the day we took back our great nation. We think fireworks should proclaim the marvelous celebration.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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