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With so much bad news these days stemming from the current White House administration, I’d like to say all Americans have been rescued from Afghanistan. As much as you would like to hear this, it would not be the truth.

The White House has been touting its successful mission rate of saving Americans in the number range of 37,000 people.

However, there is no way to have understood this number as it appears the White House administration has been lumping in non-American citizens with their total number of people taken out of Afghanistan.

The question is, how many are actually Americans. American citizens are sick of guessing and want real numbers.

A leaked document has surfaced and it is showing the White House basically has been lying about their success. After the leaked document was released holding actual numbers of rescues, the horribly low number of American citizens being rescued became a true reality of horror and disgust.

With an August 31st deadline to pull out of Afghanistan, the Biden administration has very little time to lose. Yet, the numbers show the administration is failing miserably. The numbers are showing there may still be 20,000+ stranded Americans.

Even if we go to the very low end and say 10,000 Americans are stranded, the administration is still severely behind schedule and it is at American citizens’ expense. The administration has only rescued 4,407 American citizens and that is shameful.

Alex Ward tweeted,

NEW: Leaked State cable with evacuation numbers (as of Aug 23 at 1500 ET):

Total manifested since midnight Kabul AUG 23: 483 AMCITS, 6,425 Afghans natls, 8 3rd country/unknown. Total = 6,916

Total manifested since op began: 4,407 AMCITS, 21,533 Afghans, 642 TCNs. Total = 26,582

Other items in cable:
• 128 planned flights in the next 48 hours
• Approx 13,000 people inside HKIA
• Denmark won’t temp host US SIVs
• Cyprus will host evacuees in the “low hundreds” for 30-60 days
• Netherlands to take 2k people for 60 days


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