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Ray Epps is the man who we are all wanting to know about in regards to what happened at the Capitol on January 6th last year.

He was placed on an FBI Wanted List and then mysteriously taken off. The question that everyone wants an answer to is why was he removed?

Well, according to Rap Epps’ attorney, there is an explanation for this.

John Blischak told Politico that Epps contacted the FBI on January 8, 2021, and “explained his position” after a relative informed him news reports had featured him. “The list contains images and videos of rioters who were caught on camera in the crowd but who have not been identified or tracked by the bureau,” Politico added.

Blischak admitted he was unaware why Epps’ face was not scrubbed from the website for months.

Mary McCord, a former acting assistant attorney general for national security, echoed, “The FBI no longer needs help identifying him. It also seems from his attorney that he has been cooperative, so the FBI isn’t looking for him and has a way to reach him through counsel,” as The Washington Post reported.

So he “explained” his position, yet he was seen on video trying to cause problems and get people to rush into the Capitol. What is it exactly that he explained?

Many people are wondering whether or not Epps was or is involved with the FBI somehow and that this was some sort of setup.

We may soon learn more because Ray Epps is now set to testify before the January 6 Committee about his involvement. Of course, all this sham committee is going to do is throw softball questions and not actually get to the truth of the matter and there is nobody there on the committee who will actually ask the questions that need to be asked. There are only Democrats and RINOs on the committee.

This is actually supposed to take place on Friday, but I don’t know that we’ll be able to watch it.


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