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The lawyer representing the family of murder victimAshli Babbitt is claiming that she was killed in an ambush. For the record.

The DOJ did not bring charges against the cop who killed her, not because they thought he was innocent, they claim there wasn’t enough proof to get a conviction. Even that excuse is lame but I point that out because not even they felt they could get away with calling it justifiable homicide.

Babbitt, 35, was fatally wounded as she attempted to climb through the broken window above a door while the Capitol Police officer hid behind some furniture, hidden from her view.

There were at least two officers closer to Babbitt than the shooter and if the shooter had shouted a warning, they would have picked up on it but from the video, they never moved an inch.

She was not carrying any kind of weapon and was no immediate threat of any kind.

One other odd fact is that even though they did not prosecute the officer, he has not worked a day since January 6th. He is on paid leave. Kill a Trump supporter, get an extended paid vacation. I wonder if you noticed one ironic fact about that day. An officer suffered two strokes and died. The media and other Democrats call it murder. Ashli Babbitt was killed by a .40 caliber bullet and the same people claim it wasn’t murder.

A fellow officer who spoke on condition of anonymity said his colleague was not following department firearms training. That training says you are to point your gun in a safe direction until you notice a clear and present danger, but the officer had his gun pointed in the direction of a Republican member of congress. Was he supposed to be the one shot? We will never know.

From The Gateway Pundit

“His trigger finger shouldn’t be inside the trigger guard and the gun shouldn’t be pointed at other officers. He’s even pointing it in the direction of a member of Congress,” the fellow officer said, referring to Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.), a former professional mixed-martial-arts fighter who had joined the scrum in front of the chamber doors.

“I can’t tell you how many officers have contacted me to say that what that guy did doesn’t pass muster,” Roberts said in an extensive interview. “No one has come forward to say this was justified homicide, not even the Justice Department.”

“The way he did it — hiding in a room and then popping out and firing — is a problem,” Roberts added. “If his objective was to stop her, he didn’t need to shoot. He could have got out in front of her and used a number of other methods of less-lethal force. He could have tried to cuff her.”


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