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In the wake of the “Twitter Files,” Kyle Rittenhouse, who was exonerated after fatally shooting two attackers in self-defense during a bloody Black Lives Matter demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is now asking Elon Musk whether the alleged censorship campaign against him will be revealed.

“Would you consider releasing the censoring done regarding my trial?” Kyle tweeted.

“With the media and fake news constantly spreading lies and being trusted, the truth coming out is astonishing. Even if nothing else happens because of it, I hope at least people realize that not everything they hear from the media and news is true and factual.”

“Learning about the twitter files and @elonmusk releasing the truth is making me more and more curious to find out if there was hidden censoring regarding my story and case on twitter. I am hoping, one day soon, I will be able to find out and the truth will be shown to all of us,” he wrote.

I think something people who believe we are overreacting about what was found in the twitter files overlook is that lies break trust and show the character of someone. We now have every reason to believe there was more lies and corruption beyond twitter.

Rittenhouse has a valid reason to be curious about the content that was hidden from view regarding him on Twitter. Because he used self-defense during the incident, leftists and the media labeled him a “white supremacist.” The myth that he unlawfully crossed state boundaries with the firearm he used in the tragic shootings was repeated by numerous media sites. Legal challenges would be supported by evidence of the censoring.

Many others are commenting on the Tesla CEO’s action on social media, including radio presenter Larry Elder, who tweeted that “Democrats haven’t been this angry since Lincoln freed the slaves. #twitterfiles.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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