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It is disappointing for a political party to lose seats during an election year. Losing control of a particular legislative body exacerbates the frustration. However, to lose control of both chambers in the U.S. Congress is the ultimate failure.

When voters flip the House of Representatives, it signifies a strong disapproval of how they feel the party in control is utilizing their opportunity. Polls across the nation signal an abysmal November for Democrats.

During a midterm election year, the party of the sitting president invariably loses a percentage of its seats in the House. But when the president’s national approval ratings are underwater, it can signal a landslide for the opposition party.

Nevertheless, those historical trends relate to a normal election cycle. When your party has a perceived clown occupying the White House, a president whose approval numbers are some of the worst in history, you can expect big losses.

That’s where the Democrat Party sits less than two months before the official midterm election day. They are facing a red wave, despite a momentary bump in their “supposed” chances. The tightening of a few races across the country is going to prove to be a glitch.

The polls have proven dramatically off for close to a decade now. Each time these polls indicate a particular advantage for a Democrat, you can expect the numbers to be way off. Therefore, there’s a high probability that close races are going to turn into easy Republican wins.

But notwithstanding the erratic poll numbers, the radical progressive left should be worried about much more than losing control of the House. If Democrats lose the majority, Nancy Pelosi is finished. She will face an insurmountable task of maintaining her control.

Millions of Americans will breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Nonetheless, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With control of the House, Republican lawmakers will be able to launch “real” and “truth-seeking” investigations into the corruption surrounding Washington, D.C.

California congressman Kevin McCarthy, by all accounts, will assume the role of Speaker of the House. He has already vowed to investigate a number of troubling things, including the dirty dealings of the president’s own son, Hunter Biden. There will be more.

The microscope will be focused on the liberal bias corrupting the FBI and DOJ. There has also been a wave of suspiciously convenient leaks by the radical left to their buddies in the mainstream media. Things are going to get hot in D.C.

One leak was about a so-called private conversation between Congressman McCarthy and President Trump. The phone call was on January 10, 2021, four days after the chaotic Capitol Hill protests. Recording the call was illegal, and leaking the tape was as well.

McCarthy knows who did it. He said, “I know who recorded me. I’ll bring it forward. I have it.” Furthermore, McCarthy believes that, “It comes as no surprise that the corporate media is obsessed with doing everything it can to further a liberal agenda.”

He also believes the mainstream media’s focus is on “manufactured political intrigue.” Democrats are in trouble. Even Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer agrees. Schumer said he believes Republicans will take control in November; a Nancy Pelosi is “in trouble.”

Some Democrats may be in more trouble than just losing their control of Capitol Hill. The sitting president could be in serious hot water. Republicans must follow through with their promises. They must open a full investigation into Hunter Biden, among other corrupt D.C. schemes.

When the truth is finally exposed, the fires could consume Joe Biden. Things are going to get very hot on Capitol Hill after November’s red wave. But they might get even hotter in the Oval Office.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Have you noticed how the polls show a rise in approval for Biden? Do you believe them? I think the media, who is soundly Democrat, is making them up so the voters will think they should vote for Democrats in order to back a “winner.” This is a phycological smoke and mirror move on their part. Please, those of you who are dissatisfied with our current situation, i.e., inflation, your groceries and gasoline cost more than you can afford, rents up, costs of everything up (which is actually a “tax” on everyone), don’t let the “polls” influence your vote.

  • “The polls have proven dramatically off for close to a decade now.“

    This cannot be overemphasized or stated too often. But it’s not just a bias to inflate Democrat poll numbers, or otherwise manipulate poll numbers to influence voter enthusiasm and turnout, though that is certainly part of the problem. We’ve also seen the polls miss big time on voter turnout and results in exit polls and polling just a day or two before Election Day.

    For example, not one poll predicted record turnout for the 2020 General Election. Some of those HUGE misses only have two possibilities. Either ALL the polling companies are incompetent and not to be believed, or we have large scale fraud going on in our elections.

  • I think the repubicans are a bunch of blow hards, they make noise but no action, if they are not careful we will need to keep watching our country go in the sewer. I thought they had a sure thing to take both houses, but the way they are doing and saying things they are going to blow the ball game. I can not last two more years of this BS. Wake up.

    • You have it in a nutshell. McCarthy is far too soft.. Ne needs to breathe fire like Jim Jordan. In fact I we like to see this man as AG in the fullness of time.

  • Has anyone noticed that no matter what happens, on a national level, with almost everything, if we’re not allowed to see or know about it, it is because of “National Security”? I’m beginning to believe that the “National Security” statement is nothing but a crap statement to keep us at bay from knowing, or finding out, what is really happening in “our” government. It is not “our” government if we are not allowed to know or oversee the agendas that are really ruling/running our lives, because of “National Security”. This has been going on for far too long and most don’t give a sheite. Now, the MAGA movement is a “national security” threat to “national security” We’ll never see or hear what is really going on in “our” government. The current rhetoric is all smoke and mirrors.

    • It’s not our country when our votes are erased and replaced and clowns like McCarthy fell the Jan 6th insurrections (probably lead by piglosi) and decided not sent back the electorates to the several states for review.

    • It used to work, calling everyone a “racist” then now it’s calling us “extremists” and a National Security threat.
      They are CORRECT. We the PEOPLE, that don’t agree with the COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, MARXIST, PROGRESSIVE, LEFT, are a threat to their agenda.
      We will stop their GLOBALIST take over, their desire to eliminate our currency so THEY CAN DICTATE what and when we can purchase. No guns, no food, no “person to person” purchases unless the Regine approves it.
      Let’s ROLL. Support MAGA, and let’s grow some testicles.

  • Then the corrupt media will flip their script and claim over reach by republicans! That is when they need to be drug in and have them explain why on National TV! And 100% of their slander needs to be charged ! And the judges that were part of the jan6 hoax and the Durham trial with a loaded hillary clinton jury need to explain how that happened under their watch! and the Bar association needs to be front and center to explain why these people are still judges! Only then MAYBE will the people start trusting government again!

    • Remember…the Democrats are a party of Lawyers….the Republicans a party of businessmen. Who would any of us rather place their trust??

  • Read Dinesh d’ Souza’s book “2,000 Mules” to learn about evidence of massive voting fraud in the 2020 election. So everyone knows that the 2020 election was stolen and so what happens? biden will be the president for at least four full years. The big question has always been: why do so many people no longer vote? The answer is that they know that they are wasting their time because voter fraud and cheating determines the outcome of elections. So what has the RINO party ever done about cheating? NOTHING! Why? Because they know that the corporate news media is controlled by the democrats and if they stand against democrats their political career will probably be smeared, slandered and destroyed by the corporate news media which is little more than a mouth piece for the democrat party.

    • I think it was Joe Stalin who once said, “It doesn’t matter WHO votes, it’s who COUNTS the votes that elects the candidates!”

  • Lets pray things get so “hot” for the democommie party that ALL the lying, conniving elite wind up, either as smoldering cinders, OR in GITMO awaiting trials for treason – – pray they are also CONVICTED and are EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY. Send a message to WHO, the One World Order and ANYONE connected to their deceipt, that WE THE PEOPLE are NO LONGER FOOLING AROUND. They will be DONE AND GONE, NEVER TO ARISE AGAIN, in the USA!

  • We can do better than McCarthy. He’s been caught plotting with Scalise against Trump. If he’s slimy once, he’ll be slimy again. The Republican Party can not handle another slimy Speaker that wants to make deals instead of getting the job done. Seems like every time the Republicans have a majority, everything stops. The only reason Trump didn’t fulfill all his promises is because of RINOs like John McCain, Collins, Murkowski etal. If the Republicans don’t debate issues behind closed doors, make a decision and work as a single unit (like the Democrats) we be treading water like we’ve done in the past. McCarthy is not the leader we need.

  • Not only does McCarthy have to be replaced, so does Mitch McConnell. These two so called leaders did nothing about the 2020 rigged election. They are doing nothing about the current Obama/Biden disaster we are living through right now. As I understand it McConnell is pulling funding for America First Senate candidates. The Democrats are going to pull out all the stops to rig the mid terms and 2024. Write or call your Senator and Rep and express your displeasure with these two RINOS.

  • When the Democrats ae in power every problem facing our nation gets far worse. When the Republicans are in power they always vow to make every effort to fix the problems but they fail usually maintaining the horrific status quo nightmare created by Democrats. The election this year must be unprecedented in the way Democrats are removed from office and they must be replaced by conservatives that make good on all their promises. If they fail once again to make serious changes then the people must stop voting for these losers. It will be up to the people to create and vote for only those candidates who follow through with their promises to take their oaths of office seriously and support and defend our Constitution and bring back respect for the Rule of Law. That means reversing all the insanity and total lack of common sense brought forth by Democrats.

  • McCarthy MUST go. If the Republicans win and they make him Speaker then we know we are going to get more of what we are experiencing right now. Nothing will change. And as the Rs always do when they have control they will do nothing of what they promised. If the Rs win on day one they must file a slew of impeachments including Kamala Harris who is NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. She is an anchor baby. Both parents were foreign students in America on a TEMPORARY student visa and they never left. Her father never did become a citizen. She is an ILLEGAL VP just like Biden is an illegitimate President. Shut down the CIA, FBI, NIH, CDC, FDA, HHS, Dept. of Ed, EPA….basically EVERY unconstitutional agency. Downsize, impeach. Then pass HR7806 (get the US out of the UN), HR8748 (Defund the WEF). My bet is none of this will happen. JOIN us at:

  • Because the Republican members of the House and Senate, installed by their constituents, have the backbone of a slug, we the constituents have insured our own demise. ✌️

    • Why won’t Kevin McCarthy expose who secretly recorded his phone call with President Trump? I don’t trust McCarthy, I remember he was the first Republican to blame President Trump for the Jan 6th insurrection hoax.

  • This is how the “good ole boy “system works and why nothing ever gets done. McCarthy is another John Boener career politician . He is going to pal around with the democrats, that old “reach across the aisle ” thing that does nothing to reduce the corruption in Washington. The only way Republicans will gain any power is if the controllers of the voting machines cut a “get out of jail free” deal where the democrats coup goes unpunished and the vote rigging continues.

  • It won’t make a difference in DC where the Judges are all corrupt! And the juries are all lined with Hillary doners! Like we have seen in every DC trial! So much for court cannons in DC! They just ignore every law that gets in their way and nothing ever happens to any Democrat! Here The FBI might as well sit with the defense as you surely never see them with any credible proof the Democrats ever did anything! And the judges will just ignore it anyway! Maybe we need to rotate the judges out A DC judge gets one term and gone! Now they are just called Democrats

  • Not a fan of McCarthy, he is a dues paying member of the swamp and his main concern is his political future. That being said however, when Aunt Nancy is not holding the reins, I feel it will only help the United States, not just the Pelosi Crime Syndicate.

  • What I truly want to know is why the main election law that truly stops cheating was not followed by the Democrat Party Cartel and why this law was not enforced after it was broken? It is very simple. The “election” is held on one day and that DAY is the same in all of the states. It states that in our Constitution. It is also memorialized in U.S. 522 67, 71-72 and it was also reaffirmed in the case Foster v. Love which was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1997 in a unanimous 9 – 0 decision AND opinion. This law is paramount over any and all state laws and all other federal laws. It clearly states that the election is to be held on one day, and that “election day” ends at midnight and so the “officeholder” must be selected at midnight, or right after. Any and all ballots presented after that midnight deadline FOR ANY REASON are null and void and are to be disposed of. In plain terms, the election ended at midnight of November 3, 2020 and all counting ceased at midnight of November 3, 2020, BECAUSE THE ELECTION WAS OVER! President Donald Trump was the clear winner in all of the “so-called” illegal “undecided states” and it was their obligation at midnight to declare him the winner, but they had a “conspiratorial trick” up their sleeve. They sent all of the Republican Poll workers home and after 6 hours, the next day, started adding hundreds of thousand of pre-printed and forged Biden ballots illegally in violation of the law and then said, “Hey look ! Biden won the election!” This is a blatant violation of the Constitution and 522 U.S. and the Supreme Courts ruling and yet Biden, although unelected albeit for FRAUD, sits in the White House, because no person has the guts to enforce the law as written. The irony of this is that this law was created in the Constitution and in 522 U.S. to prevent the exact form of cheating the criminal Democrats employed to steal the election.

  • November cannot get here soon enough, the Obamy socialist sporty is out of control and deepening the divide between the Dem.s”radicals and the very conservative GOP. I do not trust Nasty nancy farther that I could throw the slob with bad teeth.
    The chances that she will rise the midterms is high she has proven that states and Dominion rigged voting machines work. How Else could a Buffoon and a slut win over the Nations peoples pic in 2020. the proof is pout there but the bought abd paid fore Main stream media wont investigate and will crush anyone who try.
    BIG BRO of Orwells” 1984 is alive and petrifying our Nation and our electoral system.

  • I think Kevin McCarthy is just another Rino, like Mitch McConnell. Typical politician with lots of promises & never gets anything done of significance for the people.
    Do any of you remember Paul Ryan, he’s the reason the wall never got completed at the southern border. This invasion we’re experiencing right now, is the fault of Paul Ryan. He was beholding to corporate America, who wants to continuing to bring cheap labor into the USA. While Americans can’t get decent jobs due to their stranglehold on America.

  • Whoever secretly recorded that POS should be commended. McCarthy doesn’t want us to know what kind of slimeball he is, but we knew anyway. Now there’s audio proof and it doesn’t change a thing.



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