On Tuesday, Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy posed a series of questions to Karine Jean-Pierre regarding the launch of an investigation into the financial affairs of the Biden family. The investigation aims to uncover any potential wrongdoing or impropriety in their business dealings.

Doocy’s line of questioning was intended to shed further light on the matter and to ascertain what measures, if any, have been taken to hold responsible parties accountable for any potential wrongdoings. Jean-Pierre evaded most of his questions, choosing instead to emphasize that the Biden family has no involvement in the investigation and that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by anyone involved.

Nevertheless, Doocy persisted in his inquiry and did not back down until Jean-Pierre finally conceded that the inquiry was ongoing and that its results would be revealed at a later date when they become available.

“The House Oversight Committee is laying out their new investigations, and they claim to have evidence that Joe Biden lied to the American people about his involvement in his family’s business schemes. Did he?,” Doocy asked.

“So look I said this before and I’ll say it again. House Republicans said fighting inflation during the midterms was their #1 priority, thats what they said was important to them. But instead what they’re doing is wanting to do an investigation n the presidents family. That is their focus. They don’t want to focus on the American people. They want to focus on political division. They want to focus on something that the American people do not want to see from the midterm elections. I’m not going to get into the specifics of any in the oversight here,” Jeani-Pierre said, running from the question.


During the press conference, Jean-Pierre made another outrageous statement when she asserted that Joe Biden had implemented “historic” measures to secure the border. This is simply false. He’s not done anything meaningful to fix the problem.

She also tried to brag about gas prices having gone down, but doesn’t take any credit for them skyrocketing under Biden’s watch.

Truth is completely irrelevant to this administration. They really don’t care about facts, they only care about telling you that everything is fine despite the house being on fire.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Funny when you want to investigate Democrat wrong doing they want no part of that! But that is the major cause of inflation! If they hadn’t screwed everything up there would be no inflation! I think we need to investigate everything the Democrats don’t want to talk about! As we seen in the past. Every time we actually check we find a Democrat behind it! Just like their Russian delusion!

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      • America First:

        “Akismet’s goal is to protect your website from annoying or harmful spam comments.” —– How is the above annoying self-promoting get-rich-quick scam, which has no relevance to the discussion make it through your spam filter?

    • It was okay to investigate the GOP and particularly President Trump, but not the Democrats. What bunch of hypocrites!!!!

  • She better get used to it! Biden said he never talked about business with his son yet we are gas lit with pictures with him and his son and Biden juniors business partners in several pictures. Biden is like a teenager, if Biden opens his mouth you know he is lying.

    This jerk has done nothing for me or my family and most Americans but make us loose money and make us less safe. What an embarrassment for our country.

  • A public servant lying to American citizens should be held accountable for any lies and/or misinformation that misleads rather than properly informs the public. Blatant and/or repetitive lies should be grounds for job dismissal or prosecution. Upholding the Constitution does not include lying to the public for a political agenda.

  • Keep the questions coming. For example…

    You said regarding the Biden Crime Family investigation, “that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by anyone involved.” Yet we have eyewitness testimony from their former business partner. Many emails and other documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which the FBI says are authentic and describe Hunter and President Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings with China, Russia, Ukraine, and other foreign powers. And many other texts, phone records, and documentation. Given all this would you like to modify your prior statement that “there is no evidence of wrongdoing by anyone involved”, and if not would you explain why you discount all of this as evidence of wrongdoing?

  • The Biden Crime Family will get away with EVERYTHING.
    We’ve all seen how American politics works/doesn’t work.
    It’s a friggin’ joke.

    • joe and son have been dead for a few years, taken by military tribunal. What you see in the show, that the demonrats do their best to provide, is a Biden fake, the dude hardly even looks like the real Biden. It’s up to you to find out there is a difference, if you don’t/can’t see the physical difference, it IS because you don’t want to. Open your damn eyes… The same has happened with Hunter. Asd long as they have you believing what’s on the TV, you lose and you ain’t helpin the rest of us who are tryin to escape this devil… clue, the real Bill Gates(died in 2013), Obummer, Big Mike, Pelosi, Schumer and Killary are not alive. Their is a host of other names who were taken out by the military. The important thing to remember is that, Freemasons and their ‘secret society’ are puttin on the show, AND always have. Why do we need any of them? They just want to kill us and keep the $$, power and prestige for themselves… Freemasons commit crimes against ‘wee the people’ and never have to pay up… thank Yahweh for the military tribunal for taling out these ‘feckless’ thug criminals…

  • Hilarious: Americans want the new Congress to focus on the economy, but they wanted the old Congress to investigate January 6. She, Biden, and Pelosi and company disgust me. They signify what is wrong with our government, poster children for term limits.

  • And what will she say when she’s proven wrong….again????????? Can she be guilty for harboring a fugitive if Biden is charged? What if the charge is treason????? Share a jail cell with him???

  • Karine Jean-Pierre refuses to Answer Questions about Hiding Biden’s Criminal
    Crime Family is because she herself is Wrapped up in this Situation. Her her Husband is probably on the take just like Lizzy Cheney’s Husband is Wrapped up in this Corruption Schem. Hidin Biden knows more about what’s going on than the FBI , CIA and the DOJ what’s anyone to know about. Hidin is up to her Arm Pits in Corruption than he letting on.



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