When people do bad things, they frequently accuse someone else of being guilty of doing exactly what they’re doing. They know they’re actually doing something wrong, so they look for a scapegoat.

These individuals refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes, so they cast blame on others. This is a trademark strategy of the radically progressive left. This ideology has become entrenched in America’s Democrat Party.

When Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidency, they found themselves a scapegoat. Radical liberals have proceeded to include anyone and everyone who supports the popular president. Unfortunately, it’s a scam that too many Americans are falling for.

Americans are being sold a bogus bag of goods. Democrats accuse conservatives, especially “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) supporters, of being a threat to democracy. When someone takes the time to look at progressive policies and their effects, it’s the opposite.

Recently, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that all Americans who voted for President Donald Trump are “an extreme threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”

This appears to be laying the groundwork for a civil war on Trump voters.

She said this with a straight face, with as much seriousness as she could muster, knowing full well it was a lie. When we look at the policies Democrats have pushed and the resulting consequences of these policies, there is an obvious truth.

The reality is precisely the opposite of what the White House Press Secretary claims to be true. Let’s look at some facts. Number one, progressive policy is to fling open the U.S. borders to anyone and everyone. It’s happening right before our eyes.

Estimates show that nearly two million illegal border crossings will happen during Joe Biden’s first half-term. This wave of undocumented people is undermining national security, overburdening our charity organizations, and making America less safe.

The Biden open border policy is working to destroy democracy. They’re doing it on purpose. But, to listen to Jean-Pierre, President Trump’s voters are the problem. They’re not. Joe Biden’s foreign policy is also completely undermining U.S. national security.

The embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan opened the door to our nation being struck by future 9/11 type terrorist attack. Russia’s Vladimir Putin spotted weakness. Within a few short months, his Russian army invaded Ukraine.

The world is now closer to a global military conflict than it’s been in decades. Again, America is less safe and less secure. This is a blatant threat to our freedom. To keep it, American lives may have to be sacrificed in a senseless war. However, President Trump’s voters are the problem.

They’re not. Joe Biden’s economic policies have triggered skyrocketing inflation. This has carved away at Americans’ ability to live freely. Joe Biden forced millions of Americans to get a vaccine they didn’t want. The COVID-19 mandates are a direct attack on our rights.

But everything’s the fault of those Americans who voted for President Trump. It’s not. President Trump’s supporters are called extremists. However, the core of the progressive left thinks every American should come up with $60,000 for an electric car, or walk everywhere.

Doesn’t this radically abrupt conversion to renewable energy sources seem much more of an extremist plan rather than a gradual effort to reduce our carbon emissions? It is. But President Trump voters are the extremists. They’re not.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden may have made the most idiotic reference to a political ideology being an extremist. Biden said, “For those brave right-wing American. If you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something little more than a gun.”

What the hell is this man saying? Is the president accusing anyone who votes against him of being a right-wing extremist just waiting for the right moment to launch a revolution? Joe Biden may appear crazy, and he is, but it’s all part of their plan. It’s called “deflection.”

Deflect the blame for everything you’re doing on someone else. This is the latest scheme being used by the radical left to hoodwink Americans. They found a convenient scapegoat in a patriotic former president and his voters. The problem is, it’s not their fault and never has been.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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      • I called Brad Paisley an Obama fluffer for deleting “never been on welfare” from “Working Man Blues” at Obungle’s tribute to Merl Haggard.
        Still banned from posting there.

  • Inciting violence against your well-armed political opponents is a very bad idea, Especially when those opponents are far better armed than your supporters or even the U.S. military. After the shooting starts, it will be too late to try to round them all up and put them in concentration camps like the Democrats did to Japanese-American CITIZENS in World War II. And they won’t necessarily be able to count on the new “woke” military to obey orders.

    • You have the comparison all wrong. Just like Japan in August, 1945, Americans today are being ruled by an elite of hostile aliens.
      BTW, the US rounded up Germans and Italians and put them in camps also (okay, I realize white people don’t count).

  • Treason at it’s best. Straight jacket the drunken lot. The Covid shot took what was left of their dwindling brains out.

  • The “Extreme Threat to Our Democracy, to Our Freedom, to Our Rights” is coming from the Biden crew in the White House and the lawless criminals managing the DoJ and the FBI. Karine Jean-Pierre is just an ignorant messenger carrying a false tale.

  • Never in my 80 years have I witnessed such unadulterated hatred for ONE MAN. The reason is very clear. Liberals want communism so the elite can control the rest of us. President Trump is a clear threat to this, as are his supporters. Liberals, please wake up. The freedoms we are losing are being taken by Liberals, not Conservatives. Our country is turning into a Banana Republic. Take time to really think about this. IS THIS REALLY WHAT YOU WANT? Open borders, inflation, other countries taking advantage of us, Americans left behind, energy dependence on our enemies, high prices on everything, a president who is being controlled by some unknown?

    • Sort of by definition, elites always have more-or-less control of the masses. The difference is that up until about WW II, the elites in the US were Americans. Today’s US elites don’t just want control; they want to displace, and then replace, all Americans. That’s why they’re importing a new non-white US population.

  • People who live in fragile glass houses should not cast stones! After picking a fight they could find themselves hanging from a freeway over pass wondering how they got there! And if you think Biden will just take them out behind the gym! That would only be very small children to abuse! If he didn’t know he was the cheater ! He would be demanding a full fair and very public investigation! As the undeniable truth is out that the machines did cheat and for the idiots! NO! 2000 mules was not debunked! YES! THE DEMOCRATS DID WITHOUT A DOUBT CHEAT! That is why basement joe is so scarred! He knows the truth is coming out 100% provable! He never won anything!

  • It’s not worth my time commenting on their stupidity. Go President Trump!!!
    I wonder if my comment will get posted…not!

  • She is an ignorant arrogant black lesbian bitch who is a fine example of Biden’s perverted administration
    A Let’s Go Brandon to her

  • I honestly believe biden and his marxist party are attempting to trigger a civil war. Someone should remind the rotting bag of corrupt bones, the people who fought the first revolution were outmanned and outgunned, they won. In more recent history when all the muslim nations around Israel attacked them, Israel was outmanned and outgunned, they won. How? Why? God’s will , that’s how and why.

  • This Badministration, is out of control,
    Destroying OUR nation, while WE PAY their toll. None of them EVER, will accept any blame, for their own failures,
    or any of their SHAME!

  • Worst.President.Ever
    Completely incompetent nincompoop that has lied every step of the way in a 50 year career at the taxpayer’s expense. He is a complete and utter failure as a president and in life, and in raising his children. Caught up in his lies for so long now, he doesn’t even know what he can or can’t say. The perfect stooge for demonrats entrenched in the swamp to control and manipulate. Everything you see, folks, is theatre. They will cheat, they will lie, they will do whatever necessary to remain in power and milk the millions as they have in the past.
    Let’s Go Brandon
    Drain the Swamp

  • What has happened to our standards? Back in the day, KJP would have at the very least been suspended, possibly even terminated for making comments such as she did about Trump supporters. Nice to see her burning those bridges! Between her and her boss and his minions, they certainly portray a very unclassy look for the midterms.

  • What is a supreme threat to our democracy are the people that will do or say anything against a person that runs for an office. Just look at all the things that happened at the last election and you can what is a big threat to our democracy. And itlooks as it is starting all over again.

  • It’s amazing the balls this guy and his parrots have. Dear Joe, I don’t need a lecture on “extremism” from the biggest leftist lapdog ever. You can’t put a sentence together, but I should listen to YOU of all people (you’re children are a dumpster fire btw) tell me about extremism? Get back to me when you stop pushing out country to murder babies. You disgust me.

  • Classic Marxist response. Stage your Revolution, and then get ready to attempt to smear/shoot down the anticipated Reaction. I am trusting that it won’t work in this country. The People have had too much of a taste of freedom here to buy much into such totalitarian measures. But with the NWO crowd going for broke this time, in wanting to take over the entire world, they have ‘raised the ante’ to the point where a whole New World can come into being on the other side of this agenda. Theirs being the reverse image of The Real Thing. Or so it seems to me.

  • I don’t recall any Trump supporters burning down police stations, assassinating cops, looting stores, or plotting murders of SCOTUS justices, This pathetic woman (is she a woman?) has ZERO credibility!

  • Really bad situation. As a traditional Catholic Navy veteran, there is no doubt that the Catholic Church with a Marxist pontiff Liberation Theology supporter is deeply complicit.

  • That thing or whatever it wants to be called should be a comedian. The insane lies that it stutters out of its mouth are hilarious!
    I can’t fathom who’s stupider, Biden or this, whatever it is.

  • Consider the Source! Her Only Qualification is that She is A Black, Lesbian Female (term used loosely) and LIES with Abandon! The democrat party is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Republic and the Enemy Within and Prove it Everyday! Just listen to Biden the Fascist in Chief’s Hate Speech last night!

  • God hates liars and so do I. Jean-Pierre needs peanently shut up as she is one of the enemies within.

    I agree with the writer that these progressive left commies use deflection all the time and blame their opposition for what they themselves do. Do they not see that we know they are blatantly lying to our faces? Can they be that stupid?

    All the problems in this or any country is directly related to the criminal globalist empire controlled govt’s running the planet and our govt in particular purposely trying to destroy our republic, our constitution and our way of life. They are the enemy within and deserve to be hanged for treason.

  • And you, mam, are an idiot!We the People are sick and tired of this illegitimate administration and its evil and dark agenda. You are a liar just like your father the liar – Satan himself. The father of all lies! I have never witnessed in my life an administration like this. You don’t have a political agenda. Your agenda is pure EVIL and you are using it to destroy a great nation. This band of puppets must go along with the ones pulling the strings! You are being hoodwinked by the devil and don’t even know it! <

  • Actually she is very intelligent. She’s worth 7 figures and pulling down $180,000 a year. Not bad for “playing dumb” and repeating the lies she’s been told to say.

  • Watching some of the Worse, UnAmerican, AntiAmerican Speech by a Shitting President in History, made me sick,! The presence of two Marines and his Attack on any American that does not agree with the most Radical Administration in History makes Two Words come to mind……MARSHALL LAW is coming! He has Weaponized essentially Every Branch, Department and Agency in Our Government. Think About It an Act Accordingly.

  • We don’t need no STINKING F 15 ! The pen is mightier than the sword- VOTE ! And vote at last minute, it screws up lib’s way of coming up with enough fake ballots to win. Paper ballots only NO MACHINES. And hold your representatives accountable as well as senators. Make them explain themselves or toss them out.

  • So he thinks it would take an F-15 to defeat the military (if they even fought against fellow Americans at Biden’s bidding, which I highly doubt), I would like to remind him what happened a year ago in Fallujah… a bunch of raghead terrorists with AK-47’s and some IED’s killed 13 of our soldiers and Biden left thousands of Americans and our allies behind with Billions of dollars in high tech military equipment… all with no air support. Biden does not have a clue.

  • The biggest threat to our country is the present administration with their determination to destroy everything good and free in our country. They cater to the Democrat elitists who only care for themselves and their wealth and have no regard for the good of our nation.

  • Trust us KJP when we say this Idiot boss of yours does not want what he is pushing for, that would be his call to arms against half or more of the Country, aka Civil War!

  • The TRUE terrorists of this country are Buyden, BO, Hitlary, Piglosi, and all the rest of these useless, self-grandizing and enriching politicians!!!!!

  • Maybe those who lie constantly begin to believe their own lies to the point of fanaticism. Castining blame on the jews for problems in Germany was Hitlers first step to shifting blame from his radical ideology. Is this exactly what democrats are doing? You bet it is!

  • “Clear as he can be.” That says it all. As a POTUS with mental issues, he’s as clear as he can be. Time to impeach Joe Biden. He’s the threat to our Democracy and our country.

  • Civil War? The Last Time we had a Civil War Tens Of Thousands of WHITE MEN died saving Black Slaves and allowing a Black Lesbian Incompetent Malcontent to become the Spokesperson for the President of the United States! The next Civil war will Solve that Problem!

  • She’s an IDIOT! and so are anyone that thinks we are. We are not a DEMOCRACY were a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC thank God.

  • 1st. Go Back to haiti. She should be Charged with Inciting a Terroristic HATE Crime. Jailed.

  • Simple solution to this whole massive mess is to “dump the whole CHEATER Criminal Democrat Party Mob candidates running for national office all across our America in both the 2022 and 2024 elections!!! It is both legal and they cannot stop us in federal court!!!SOC K IT TO THEM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She might be right. Democrats would lose their right to burn and pillage cities, pull down historical monuments, commit infanticide, damage their brains with THC, shoot children in Chicago, assassinate police officers in their patrol cars, commit mob thefts, block highways, castrate middle schoolers, indoctrinate kindergarteners on LGBTQ+ perversion — yes, Democrats stand to lose a lot of “rights” as sane leaders stop the plunge into oblivion. Hurrah for the Constitution. All Lives Matter, even the unborn.

  • That Haitian Aborigine needs to return to her LAND OF BIRTH WHERE THEY HAVE REAL CIVIL WARS. She is aiding and abetting a demented elderly male with Delusions of Grandeur who was playing Lucifer with his recent torrent of lies about the opposition Party of the USA. Shame on both of them.

  • Be careful of what you wish for!!!!

    1. I’m a 72 year old Army Special Forces Veteran with 24 years service. I have watched this country slide down hill since the 1960s. I have seen our teachers go from teaching this was the best country in the world, to we are the worst country in the world. I have seen us going from doing the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lords Prayer each school day to the Supreme Court throwing our Heavenly Father out of school and Satan’s standards taught.

    2. Having studied our Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican American war, War of Northern Aggression, WW1, Banana Wars, WW2, Korea, Vietnam (my war) and the resulting unpleasantness since. I have come to the conclusion that this country has not learned much since 1775. I also believe that our national leadership has constantly failed our Citizens.

    3. The US Constitution has charged our federal government with the mission of keeping THIS country FREE, protecting each citizen’s RIGHT’s (especially as delineated in the Bill of Rights) and PROTECTING our property.

    4. So far OUR government has entangled us in MANY foreign alignments tying our hands, openly ATTACKING our enumerated rights (ie. 1st and 2d amendment) and unconstitutionally taking over almost one half of the western’s states land.

    5. I realize KJP is only saying what she is told to day. But calling for a Civil War, or anyone else doing so, proves they DO NOT realize what war in the homeland MEANS!!! I suppose they think they can decamp to Europe and wait until we beg them to come back and save us.

    6. It doesn’t work that way. If you release the “dogs of war” it will never end. There are whites that hate blacks, etc. There are blacks that hate whites, etc. There are red men that hate whites, etc. And finally Orientals that hate whites, etc. AND after that the entire world will try to seize us for their gain.

    7. Destruction of the United States of America will result in a world wide depression – who’s going to buy their goods and services? ALL assistance we have rendered in the past will be gone. Earthquakes, other natural disasters, war will leave them having to rely on their own resources. We will not be able to help. This will result in EVEN more wars as they fight for the remaining resources.

    8. Be careful of what you wish for!



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