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Kamala Harris is practiced at the art of “stretching the truth.” In fact, she is as skilled as any liberal politician at telling flat-out lies. Not to be outdone by her ability to fabricate the truth, Harris can bungle a speech with the best of them.

Other than her boss, Joe Biden, Kamala is the “Queen of the word salad!” While talking to a group of elementary schoolchildren in Washington, D.C., Harris spoke about the significance of America’s ending of slavery. Sure, the abolishing of slavery was a heralded day in U.S. history.

But Harris drastically missed the duration that slavery plagued our country. She didn’t just miss it by a few years, or even a couple of decades. Someone who should have had a grasp on her self-proclaimed black history missed the mark by 150 years.

That’s not a little off, that’s a lot of off! Harris said, “And think about it in terms of the context of history, knowing that black people in America were not free for 400 years of slavery.” Whoops, Kamala. Maybe a review of slavery in America would help Harris.

The first African slaves came to the colonies in 1619. Even the liberal “1619 Project” fools know that. In 1865, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery in the United States. Possibly, Harris needed an old-fashioned pocket calculator as much as she needed an American history book.

Sorry, Kamala, but slavery in America lasted for 265 years, not 400. Kamala may have sensed that the exaggerated “400 years” helped emphasize her point. It didn’t. What it did was signal, to anyone who has a moderate grasp of U.S. history that Kamala Harris doesn’t have a clue.

Every time she opens her mouth, that fact becomes glaringly more obvious. Kamala Harris is not a smart woman. But what would we expect from a little rich girl whose entitled life has absolutely never experienced the slightest sense of oppression?

Kamala Harris has zero ties to slavery. Nevertheless, her and her puppets in the mainstream media make Kamala out as if she’s a direct descendant of slaves. Kamala Harris claims her heritage to be African, Indian, Jamaican, and even white. In truth, she is a mutt.

She’s also not a very bright mutt. Kamala Harris is always trying to look intelligently impressive. Every time she tries, she fails. This is a woman, regardless of her skin color, who is simply in way over her head. But she probably knows that, and that’s why she tries to look impressive.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Hey! I just gotta ask this question. Is Kamala really a woman? That face of hers looks more like a man’s face, not a woman’s. Just asking?

  • Democrats invented, slavery. If the blacks had the sense to read their history, they would know there is more slavery among other races, and QUIT free riding and stand for the USA.

    • They KNOW that, but why quit freeloading when others keep offering it based on false guilt?

  • Not being able to answer questions does not make her dumb, It just makes her uninformed. Noone that reaches the level of Vice President is dumb, they may make stupid rermarks but that does not make them dumb.

    • Never heard of being “kicked upstairs”, or “sleeping one’s way to the top”? Both seem to apply here. Being dumb means mute, which she is not. Better if she was! Being ignorant is reparable, being stupid is not; the vote’s still out between those…

    • No she’s dumb. Kamala who constantly harps on being a “woman of color” and who constantly brings up the subject of black slavery in America into politics, but knows little of the history and facts of it, is uneducated on which she speaks.

  • I don’t think Harris is dumb, she was, after all a DA, had to pass the bar in law school.
    Maybe she is just not “good on her feet”, uncomfortable speaking in public. That in itself is a disqualification for someone who wants a career in politics.

    • Again – Kamala is really stupid – she was a failure as a DA and she is a failure as VP- Why? Because she is a really stupid person.

    • Yep she’s not good on her feet, but according to California Democrat Willy Brown, she’s better on her knees and back.

  • Someone once told me that you can fix ignorance with education. Folks this is a prime example that you can not. Stupid is stupid and there is no fix. There is an effective cure for stupid, let’s start using it. I believe it to be effective, efficient and permanent.
    How do we expect our country to advance when we have dimwits giving direction to the people?

  • Kamala Harris doesn’t know anything about America!!! She doesn’t care about anything but that big paycheck she gets.

  • I don’t know and nobody else can prove it. She is however way in over her head in her job; she slept her way into politics, lies and says stupid things, and is a disgrace to the USA.

  • Kamala grew up mostly in Canada, so like O, another not natural born citizen foisted on us for the melanin level, never learned American history. Her ignorance is showing, again. Whether she’s stupid is still under consideration, but her mental instability & ignorance are not.

  • I can’t believe that someone in our government is more of a brainless idiot than Joe Biden. And yet, Kamala Harris proves me wrong again and again. Every time she opens her ignorant mouth, she spews stupidity.

  • There’s Biden as Obama’s VP, so it’s close. Harris is good at memorizing her scripts while Biden has lately gone off on his own. The point is, with a liberal, unelected “leader” who is chosen from the bottom of the swamp, there are NO redeeming qualities whatsoever. The stench is always there.

  • There’s Biden as Obama’s VP, so it’s close. Harris is good at memorizing her scripts while Biden has lately gone off on his own. The point is, with a liberal, unelected “leader” who was picked from the bottom of the swamp, nominates another liberal, unelected leader from the bottom of the swamp, there’s no where to go but down. The stench always rises.

  • 332,403,650 is the total population of the USA as of 2022 and these two are the leaders of our country. Unbelievable!

  • No, because she ISN’T the Vice President. Now, the thing claiming to be President was Vice President and yes, he was probably the dumbest in our history. Now, I would bet when Kamala is Joe’s age she will probably say even more stupid stuff than he does.

    • I don’t know about Joe being dumb–He has managed to enrich his entire Biden Clan of Grifters by using his political powers as a U.S. Senator to enrich the entire Clan. It began with Small Business Administration loans to his Brothers who failed more than once and the loans were never repaid. Then as V.P. to Obama with a plane at his disposal, He and Hunter traveled the world and made side deals that enriched the entire Clan. We The People have been very generous to the Biden Clan even though most never knew of the corruption that continues to this day.


  • If you look up Incompetent in the dictionary you see a picture of Kamala Harris

    Ignorant and brain dead are also her traits

  • Why ask people such a stupid question when We should know the answer . How much does the rating scale go is what I want to know for the simple reason it is not president material and I am getting tired of reading about the hore , she is low , that is an evenelevated position for her. Stop asking so stupid of a question

  • I don’t who the dumbest is Kamala or the media. First slavery has always existed. A 1000 times more ethnic groups (other then blacks) have been slaves. Many blacks came to America to escape their own people. Which still goes today in Kenya, Uganda, etc.

  • I want to answer yes to your question, but then I think, wasn’t VP Biden even dumber. What we have now is dumb and dumber.



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