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Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has developed quite a reputation for being the man who knows the most about the forensics of paper.

I know that probably sounds like a boring thing to most of us, but someone’s got to do it and thankfully, he’s on our side.

In the forensic audit of the ballots that has been taking place, there are kinematic artifacts in paper that Pulitzer and his team look for.

One of the biggest rumors, when we all learned about the fraud of the election, was that maybe the ballots had been watermarked so that the legit ballots would have the marking and the fake ones would not.

Pulitzer said that during the examination of the ballots, they weren’t looking for watermarks as so many people were thinking they were doing. They were looking for something else.

What they were looking for is even more terrifying to the Democrats and those who are caught up in this fraud.

Pulitzer said that each ballot has certain identifying marking on them that let them know the exact identity of the printer because what is encoded is actually a serial number with the date and time that it was printed.

I’ll bet that the Democrats had no idea about this and definitely didn’t have the technology to account for this to make the ballots look legit.

This is something that the Secret Service used to catch counterfeiters.

Remember that the preliminary report was delivered this weekend to the Arizona State Senate.

This thing is about to get busted wide open and the fraud in Arizona is about to be exposed.

Hopefully, this will be the critical domino that falls that starts the chain reaction that triggers audits in more states, ideally every state across the country.

We know that in some states the presence of fraud just doesn’t matter. Alabama for example is as red of a red state as it gets and no amount of of fraud is going to change the result there, but it’s still a good idea to have an audit conducted to see where their weak points are so that they can be addressed before the next election. Because honestly, some people have lost all confidence in the voting process and don’t have plans on voting again unless things get fixed.


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