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Canada was taken by storm when hundreds of truckers stood up for freedom. Like most liberal leaders, Justin Trudeau used the COVID pandemic as a method of manipulation and control. He locked down Canadians with restrictive mandates.

Throughout the pandemic, King Trudeau told citizens where they could go and what they could do. He ordered them to wear masks. But the one point where he seemed to finally step across the line of reasonableness was when he leveled a vaccine mandate.

It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This tyrannical government order stepped across the line for millions. A mandate, which forces citizens to submit to a medical procedure, whether they want to or not, really hit home with Canada’s truckers.

They formed a successful protest that forced its way across the country, ultimately arriving at the doorsteps of Trudeau’s administration. “King Trudeau”, or so he thinks, couldn’t tolerate this. He would not stand for his peasant subjects to rail against his orders.

Justin Trudeau is a tyrant. He is afraid. Trudeau is afraid of losing the grip he once held on society, gifted to him and other power-hungry leaders by a deadly virus. Like other unnecessarily restrictive COVID mandates, Trudeau wanted total control.

When the truckers spoke up in defense of their freedom, Trudeau became infuriated. He could not and would not tolerate low-class deplorable types challenging his authority. But Trudeau clamped down on the otherwise peaceful discourse.

Trudeau enacted Canada’s “Emergency Act” to afford him wartime levels of authority. The narcissistic tyrant used aspects of this power to target the protesters like terrorists. Finally, after the three-week occupation of Ottawa eased, the controversial order was revoked.

However, Trudeau had already recreated enough power and control measures to squash any political dissent. One of the huge things the act allowed Trudeau to do was access and take over the financial transactions of Canadian citizens.

This is the type of thing commonly resigned to Third World dictatorships. Nevertheless, it happened to America’s closest and most vital ally. Canada canceled democracy. Jordan Peterson is widely acclaimed as a renowned clinical psychologist.

Peterson frequently speaks up in defense of Canadian freedoms, especially when they are being violated. With his position of importance, Peterson can often gain access to information of which normal people would otherwise be unaware.

Recently, Peterson was told by a source in the military of the lengths Trudeau is willing to go to squash dissent. Peterson was cautioned to be careful with his money. Since Peterson frequently favors more conservative values, he’s an obvious target fro the ultra-liberal prime minister.

If a protesters’ identity was uncovered, Trudeau had the power to freeze all their assets, including bank accounts. That’s pretty frightening stuff if you like freedom. Evidently, Trudeau didn’t need any justification. He could basically freeze accounts on a whim.

Peterson said, “I have been in contact with a reliable source within the Canadian military, and he told me today by email that if I had any sense, I would take my money out of the Canadian banks.” Peterson’s statement continued to elaborate on the seriousness of what was happening in his country.

Peterson said the source told him, “The situation is far worse than I’ve been informed.” He said he was getting messages like this on a daily basis. Justin Trudeau is a frightening leader who is petrified that the power and control he had during a pandemic is soon to end.

He is right. The idea must keep Trudeau awake at night. He’s clearly not thinking with a sound mind. What Justin Trudeau, and other tyrannical leaders, is trying to do is blatantly obvious. They’re losing their composure.

They’ve been exposed. But what Trudeau is doing will also devastate Canada economically. Investors are already cautioning others not to put any money or investments into the country. Self-absorbed elitists usually react this way. They make obvious power grabs out of fear.

The problem is, they create calamities for everyone else while they hide behind their protective cloak. Maybe people will wise up some day and stop electing such people to lead our free nations. Wouldn’t that be so refreshing? People just aren’t that bright, so don’t hold your breath.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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