When a health-related catastrophe happens to someone, it’s a tragedy. No one with an ounce of common decency would make fun of any person who experienced a terrible and potentially life-threatening health crisis. A stroke is one of these devastating types of health misfortunes.

A stroke can claim someone’s life. Certainly, the after-effects will be debilitating. Every friend, family member, and close acquaintance will keep this person’s recovery in their prayers. Even people who don’t know the person will hope for a full recovery.

However, when a stroke is severe, logic should prevail. The person is going to need months, if not years, of dedicated therapy and medical attention to recover. Many times, the victims of severe strokes never fully recover. Again, it’s a catastrophic health tragedy.

Nonetheless, while these people struggle to recover from a crippling health crisis, they are unlikely to be well-suited to be a high-ranking elected official. One of the highest-ranking and most arduous public positions is that of a U.S. senator. The job is difficult.

The hours are long, and the responsibilities can be monumental. If the effects of a serious stroke render you cognitively impaired, you probably cannot handle the job. But far-left, progressive Pennsylvania voters ignored the irrefutable evidence.

Despite Democrat candidate John Fetterman often appearing lost and disoriented, Keystone State voters elected him to serve six years as one of their two senators. During a debate with Republican candidate Mehmet Oz, Fetterman was clearly lost.

FOX News described the debate as a “train wreck.” Nevertheless, the obvious inability of John Fetterman to talk in complete sentences or keep his thoughts straight did not dissuade voters. He’s a U.S. senator, regardless of his ability to do the job.

On January 3, another “train wreck” swore Fetterman in. While Kamala Harris tried to wax poetically about what a wonderful person John Fetterman is, and he may well be a “good guy,” the senator-elect looked like he was lost in an alternate universe.

As Fetterman stood beside Harris as he was being sworn in to one of the 100 most honorable, high-profile political offices in the world, he gazed at the audience as if his mind was somewhere else. In truth, it probably was. There’s no need to be insensitive, but the reality is undeniable.

John Fetterman may be an okay fellow, regardless of his political beliefs. However, while watching his blank stare as he was sworn into office, it was indisputable that he is unable to handle the important responsibilities of a U.S. senator.

But, as if John Fetterman being a mental train wreck weren’t enough, he’s joining an entire team full of train wrecks. Joe Biden is the biggest wreck of all. His cognitive abilities left him long ago. Kamala Harris is as clueless as any vice president in U.S. history.

Thankfully, another clueless member of the radical left, Nancy Pelosi, will soon hand over her gavel. The entire upper level of Democrat Party leadership is a train wreck. The problem is that these buffoons are turning the country into one.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • It is political malpractice and malfeasance to force someone to serve as a figurehead in an important office.

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    • They could get a good laugh over how they cheated the dummies who voted them into office. Joe Malarkey has Hunter to do his dirty work and Fetterman has Gisele. AKA MRS SLOP. She previously was the second LADY OF PA.The only job Fetterman ever held was as the electerd mayor of Braddock, PA about 1500 citizens and a casualty of the RUST BELT. Fetterman also likes to keep the druggies supplied with the necessary paraphenalia to do drugs on the taxpayers of course. He rarely showed up to work even as the MAYOR OF BRADDOCK.

  • What kind of idiots in Pennsylvania elected a braindead person to represent them in the Senate?? Now they have a braindead Senator to go along with our braindead fake president-thief.

    • Fetterman will be paid$200,000.00 or more yearly for 6 years. He will not live that long as the blood clot in his brain came from his heart– a very bad sign. A Senator must be able to be a SPEAKER and he cannot comprehend. Just another way to shaft the taxpayers.

  • John Fetterman was elected in PA the same way Biden won PA. Mail in Ballots. The State promised to only send those ballots to citizens who asked for them. The State of PA sent our 2 million of those votes and they were all opened and counted prior to Fetterman’s debate with Dr Oz. The real plan is for Fetterman to relinquish his Senate post to his wife who came to the USA as an illegal alien but has since become naturalized. She HAS BEEN RUNNING ALL OF HIS BUSINESS SINCE HE BECAME ILL. WHAT A ROTTEN TRICK TO PULL ON THE VOTERS OF PA TO CHEAT A REPUBLICAN MEDICAL DR. AND A NOBEL PRIZE WINNER FOR A MEDICATION OUT OF SERVING THE PEOPLE OF PENNSYLVANIA. Fetterman is now on the SENATORIAL GRAVY TRAIN.

  • Sad part is the republican’s couldn’t defeat either brain dead person as they tried twice in a roll and failed. Am sure Biden and Fetterman will have great discussions. They should have no problem together since two brain dead people should be on the same level of understanding.

  • “Despite Democrat candidate, ” Joe Biden, “often appearing lost and disoriented, Keystone State voters elected him to serve” in the White House. Obviously, a significant number of Democrats are lost and disoriented. Both Biden and Fetterman embody everything the Democratic Party has come to represent.

    Today is Friday, January 6th, the 715th day,
    of the woe of being hostage to the worst President
    in history. Biden’s unique talent as a President
    has been to blamestorm with excuses, lie with full
    immunity to the truth, threaten national security,
    ruin the world economy, and kill the democractic
    rule of law with an inequality of immunities,
    powers, privileges, and public protections.

    Today is Friday,
    January 6th, the 715th day
    of being hostages…
    to undemocratic Democrats.
    Democrats’ positions are based
    on unprincipled whims,
    not principled reasons❗?≠•
    @Potus @JoeBiden, the Liar-In-Chief,

    • I loved what you wrote. Poetic- you have talent. You laid it out so well how we the People are being stiffed. The Dirty old PEDO in the oval office is going for a weapons grab next. He has unleashed over 5 million illegal aliens into every corner of the USA and no one knows who they are or where they are and Biden wants to remove our home defenses. He hisses in his obscene whisper pay your fair share of taxes. I cannot find out about the $500,000.00 he and DR JILL were to pay on the taxes they cheated on. They each wrote a book and he gives paid speeches. They then set up a Sub-Chapter S corporation in order to not pay the self employed Medicare and Social Security taxes the JUDGE said they owed and the Sub-Chapter S Corp was a RUSE to avoid TAXATION. THE JUDGE COULD JAIL THEM IF THEY DO NOT PAY UP. Their gross income that year was over 15 MILLION BUCKS and they cheat.

  • PEOPLE, don’t you get it!? We no longer have “free & fair” elections! THESE ELECTIONS HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM US & THEY ARE MAKING SURE THAT THEY PUT AS MANY DERELICTS INTO OFFICE AS POSSIBLE! That is the “game plan” for the destruction of America! AND THEY ARE SUCCEEDING! NO ONE is pushing them back or trying to STOP this, so guess what!? EVIL GETS TO WIN!
    BTW, it’s appalling how their kids were dress! They looked like they just came out of a dirty sand box.

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  • This is the AMERIKA I know!!!,,,These kinds of people are NOW the majority…..Get used to it………Youre country is doomed…………..From this ( the tip of the iceberg) to incompetencey at the Federal level ( from same kinds of people) to being SOLD OUT by your own career politcians ( SCUM of America) to China, Russia and any enemy with enough money to pay off the American SCUM to eventually take over economically and militarily……….Bye Bye America……..LOL

  • Fetterman is a joke and is not medically qualified to be elected to any office. I dont think Fetterman was actually elected and it will be his wife who is the real work as a senator. Fetterman does not have the mental facilities to take care of himself (bathing, eating, dressing himself etc) andthe democrats should be ashamed of themselves for appointing him to this office.

    Fetterman will probably die in the 6 years in office and the Governor will nominate his wife to serve the rest of his term and them will run for the same seat.

    Before anyone calls me names, I had what should have been a Fatal Stroke in another part of the brain than Fetterman but I still had to relearn to walk feed myself and read among other things. Strokes cause your brain to swell and parts of it not directly affected are damaged by the swelling,



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