Joe Rogan has been under heavy criticism in recent months after simply disagreeing with the mainstream narrative about COVID.

He was then completely slanders and mocked for taking “horse medicine” (even though it wasn’t) to help him get over the virus after he contracted it.

In what appears to be a bit of a motley crew, Joe Rogan, Tim Poole, Alex Jones, Michael Malice, Blair White, and a few others gathered together to talk about a number of things on the Timcast Podcast, the podcast run by Tim Poole. But one thing that they focused on discussing was the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and the portrayal of the facts by the left.

If you listen to what the left says about the trial, Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty as charged, but that’s what they’ve been saying the whole time.

I pride myself on being as objective as possible when it comes to matters like this and based on everything that I’ve seen from the trial, there is no doubt in my mind that according to Wisconsin state law, Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent of all charges.

Likewise, during the Derek Chauvin trial, I believed that based on Minnesota state law, Derek Chauvin was guilty of all charges.

Now that’s not saying anything about what I wanted or didn’t want the outcome of the trial to be in that case, but I was being objective and the way that I understood the law, he seemed guilty.

Now, back to the motley crew.

Joe Rogan said something that was really eye-opening and I think it perfectly sums up the left.

“This is cult $hit. We’re in a cult. This information is not based on reality. This is a left-wing cult. They are pumping stuff out and then they are confirming this belief. They are all getting together and they are ignoring contrary evidence. They are ignoring any narrative that challenges their belief about what happened and they are not looking at it realistically. They are only looking at it like you would if you were in a f**kin cult.”

If you have the time, watch the entire podcast because it is so good.


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