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Most Americans understand that the United States is split essentially between two major political parties. While there are fringe political parties, Republicans and Democrats dominate our nation’s elected officials.

The political parties are further defined on a scale from far-left to far-right. Republicans are noted as holding conservative values, right-wing, while Democrats espouse a more progressive liberal ideology, or left-wing. Democrats advocate for big government programs.

Republicans believe the states should maintain more control. It hasn’t always been this way. At some point between the 1860s and 1936, the two parties flipped ideologies. Again, for most of U.S. political history, there was a healthy balance.

Individuals, especially those who drift to the extreme far left or far right, will rarely, if ever, have visions for America that coincide with the mainstream majority. Most Americans’ political beliefs fall somewhere close to the middle, or moderate.

In fact, roughly 4 out of 10 registered voters identify as unaffiliated or independent. But there has been an alarming shift in the far-left faction of progressive Democrats. These radically charged liberal ideologues are behind ideas such as the cancel culture or defund the police.

Their ambition for the United States of America is to push the country towards socialism. While they will not openly admit it, these ideologues fashion an America that closely mirrors China. These far-left liberals believe they know better than anyone else.

That’s where the agenda of the Democrat Party is today. The radically progressive branch of what was once “the workingman’s party” has taken control of the party. In partnership with Big Tech and the corrupt mainstream media, the far-left manipulated the 2020 presidential election.

By controlling the narrative, burying critical information, and cheating, the left managed to get a puppet old man into the White House. These far-left anarchists are making the decisions in Washington, D.C., not Joe Biden.

Very few true moderate Democrats have the courage to stand up against this crooked political machine. But it’s equally rare for someone to become so disenchanted with the direction of their political party that they “jump ship,” so to speak.

During the tumultuous landscape of the latter half of the 19th century, all the flips occurred during the last 10 years. Between 1891 and 1899, ten U.S. Senators changed parties. Seven of those flipped to the “Silver Republican” Party.

During the 1900s, 13 more U.S. Senators changed their party affiliation while in office. But it wasn’t until South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond flipped in 1964 that a Democrat stepped across the aisle to become a Republican.

Four more Democrats changed parties, dating back to 1970. Two became Republicans, while the other pair became independent. Joe Lieberman, a former Democrat Vice-Presidential Nominee, was the last. Harry Bird Jr. of Virginia no longer caucused with the Democrat Party.

However, while he designated himself an independent-Democrat, Lieberman continued to caucus with Democrats. Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter was the last U.S. Senator to change parties and the only Republican to ever become a Democrat.

Lieberman, Specter, and Vermont’s Jim Jeffords are the only U.S. Senators to change parties since 2000. But we may be inching closer to seeing at least one Democrat Party defection, possibly two.

Currently, with a 50/50 split, that would hand control of the U.S. Senate back to the Republicans. The most talked about potential change is West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Manchin boldly acknowledges that he is a moderate Democrat.

He supports the voice of his West Virginia constituency. Joe Manchin has not kowtowed to the radical push from far-left Democrats. Some are insisting a recent political ad featuring Manchin is proof the change may come sooner rather than later.

Manchin riled up the far-left in his own party by appearing in a political ad for Republican Congressman David McKinley. Further irking the ire of Democrats, Manchin boasted about helping to derail Joe Biden’s socialist Build Back Better legislation.

Because of Manchin and Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema’s fiscal common sense, the liberal tax and spend bonanza never reached the floor for a vote. Manchin’s support for McKinley is borne out of redistricting.

Two West Virginia U.S. House Republicans now must battle in a primary. McKinley must face-off with Alex Mooney. President Donald Trump has acknowledged his support for Mooney because Mooney voted against the sham January 6 commission.

While President Trump’s support for Mooney is important, Manchin’s public endorsement of a Republican is sending shockwaves through the liberal left. Reporter Jordan Zakarin tweeted, “Democrats were never going to get this guy on board for any part of their agenda.”

As part of the ad, Manchin denounced any false claims that McKinley voted for the controversial Build Back Better fiasco. He did not. Manchin said, “To suggest David McKinley supported Build Back Better is an outright lie.”

Crackpot communication strategist Sawyer Hackett suggested that, “Joe Manchin bragging about killing the president’s agenda in an ad for a Republican. If this is where he is, Joe Biden has nothing to lose from legislating by executive action.”

If Joe Manchin’s thoughts about flipping parties weren’t there before, such a drastic move could trigger him to make the move. Many believe Manchin will go head-to-head with Mooney in the 2024 general election.

With more years ahead of him to be browbeaten by the radical left, Joe Manchin might consider shifting the 2024 West Virginia Senate race into an all-important Republican primary battle. Manchin would beat Mooney in a primary.

As a popular moderate Democrat in a predominately conservative state, Manchin would most likely devastate any challenger from his old party. If Manchin were to switch, he might designate himself as an independent rather than a Republican. The election results wouldn’t change.

In addition, Manchin has already stepped away from the radical left. There would be no change in how he might vote. If Joe Manchin becomes an independent who refuses to caucus with Democrats, he would be the second person in U.S. history to do so. Don’t be surprised if it happens.


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