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We are all aware of Joe Biden’s declining poll numbers. That applies to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

Nobody likes the job that the man is doing because even as you read this, inflation is continually rising and we recently broke another record that had stood for 40 years with an inflation rate of 9.1% year over year.

Crime continues to be prevalent. Other than stopping our oil production, which has played a significant role in the extreme inflation we’re currently facing, he has not fulfilled any of his promises.

Americans are sick of this man and his actions, and we’re all just waiting until 2024 to cast our ballots to remove him from office.

Recently, a reporter confronted Joe Biden on his dismal poll numbers telling him about the polls that show two-thirds of Democrats don’t even want him to run again.

That’s when Joe Biden snapped on the reporter. His demeanor, facial expression, and slurred speech did not help his claims that he is not in cognitive decline, as he went after the journalist.

“Read the polls! Read the polls, Jack! You guys are all the same,” Biden shouted.

Biden continued, “The polls shows that 92 percent of Democrats said if I run again they would vote for me!”

The reporter pushed back, “The majority of Democrats said they don’t want you to run in 2024.”

Biden got right in the reporter’s face: “92 percent said if I did they’d vote for me.”

This poll that Joe Biden is talking about is a hypothetical poll if Joe Biden was running against President Trump in 2024. Of course, Democrats would largely vote for Joe Biden over and against President Trump.

There is no one on the face of this earth that Democrats hate more than Donald J. Trump.

Honestly, while they say that, I don’t think that 92% really would vote for him. I think that it would be lower because they’ve seen the results of a Trump economy and they’ve seen the results of a Biden economy.

No one can say that they prefer this one over Trump’s.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Just keep in mind the fact that everything we’ve already seen take place, with regards to the state of our nation/world, happened inside of two years!
    I cannot imagine what the next two years would look like under the current resident’s tenure let alone allow him to be installed for four more years beyond that!

    That’s like knowing that you have a spoiled/tainted container of milk in your refrigerator but putting it back in the refrigerator, instead of getting rid of it, with the hopes of expecting it to taste better on the next go around. ???????
    Well, politicians are no different in comparison to a container/glass of bad milk today = much worse tomorrow!

      • Also, you can NEVER underestimate the STUPIDITY and GULLIBILITY of Demmunist voters! Look how many of them when interviewed said the only reason they voted for Biden was they hated Trump. The Demmunist propaganda machine–with the help of their complicit media attack dogs–did such a FINE job of convincing these idiots that Trump was the DEVIL that a lot of them willingly stuck their head in the lion’s mouth of Communism, seeing it as a “refuge” from the bad orange man and his mean tweets. That is not to say there was not a lot of cheating and thievery in the 2020 election. There certainly WAS, and Biden–who could not draw FLIES to his campaign “events”–could NOT have gotten enough votes to defeat President Trump without all the skullduggery that went on during the election. Now, thanks to their thievery, we have an unelected senile USURPER in the White House.

  • Before his faculties diminished too far, POTUS Reagan penned a thoughtful farewell to the nation. Sadly, POTUS SloJoe has progressed beyond that point. It is painful and embarrassing to watch him fade away. Worse yet is the specter that having to invoke the 25th Amendment seems to be a possibility now.

  • When the Republicans take over congress in November, they will impeach and remove Biden from office including Harris!!

  • 92% said that they WOULD NOT vote for Joe Biden is more like. And that was the voters.
    And they also said…FJB

  • LMFAO … 92% hate his lying ass !
    Brain Dead has no clue or he just does not care !
    He only wants to sniff children and eat ice cream !



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