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No one with any sense of common decency ridicules an elderly person suffering from visible cognitive decline. It’s beyond just “not nice”, it’s downright cruel. However, when a political party hoodwinks the population to get such a person elected president, it’s dangerous.

Many questioned Joe Biden’s intellectual competence long before he stole the 2020 Presidential Election. President Trump, vying for a second term, tried to warn Americans. The corrupt mainstream media covered for “good old Scranton Joe”.

Nevertheless, once Biden took over the reins as the most powerful elected leader in the free world, it became increasingly hard to hide the obvious. Joe Biden is not competent enough to be the president. He is failing and failing miserably. Again, it is sad to watch.

The list of bloopers and blunders during Biden’s first 12 months in the White House is astonishingly extensive. Again, it is sad, but likewise dangerous for the nation. During his most recent, yet infrequent, press conference, Biden’s mental ineptitude was dramatically exposed.

This was the first such press conference Joe Biden has given in months. The reasons are now undeniable. His responses to multiple questions were, at best, oddly confusing. When asked about the pending Russian threat in Ukraine, his answer raised eyebrows.

The man to whom our allies in Eastern Europe are looking to for confidence offered little of such. Biden insisted that a “minor incursion”, whatever that means, might not elicit the same response from the United States as a full invasion.

Many believe Biden flung open the door for Vladimir Putin to increase his aggression against the small sovereign nation. The string of pointed questions continued. This was something Biden never experienced on the campaign trail, and rarely, if ever, during his first 12-months in office.

The corrupt, liberal-controlled mainstream media did nothing but hurl softball questions at Biden. That is, until last evening. He was not prepared. Biden was questioned about all the problems he has encountered during his brief one-year in the White House.

Again, Biden’s response was equally confusing as much as it lacked substance. He replied sheepishly, “I didn’t over-promise, but I have probably outperformed what anyone thought would happen.” In some respects, this answer is revealing. Millions knew he would be a failure.

There were, and still are, an ever-increasing number of political experts who see Joe Biden as incapable of handling the duties of president. His record of failures in only his first 12-months cements that belief as true. His incompetence presents a serious risk to our nation.

Biden’s abysmal performance during Wednesday’s press conference confirms the obvious. The list of people who slammed Biden’s performance is extensive. In barely two hours in front of the press corps, Biden gave the media ample ammunition to attack his failing presidency.

Biden bragged about how he’s hit a record for job creation. However, he forgot to mention that the job numbers reflect a limping return, far below pre-pandemic employment levels. The pre-pandemic employment numbers during President Trump’s tenure were the best in decades.

Biden wants to insist he’s doing great things for an economy that the facts say otherwise. Despite reading from a clearly preset list of questioners, Joe Biden continued to make a fool of himself and his administration.

Joe Concha, a FOX News contributor, called Biden out for claiming he hasn’t attacked anyone publicly. Biden’s reference was an obvious jab at President Trump’s tendency to punch back at his attackers. Concha pointed to Biden’s divisive election reform speech in Atlanta, Georgia.

Actor Kevin Sorbo joked about Biden’s claim that store shelves across the country aren’t empty. Like “the southern border is closed” or inflation is “transitory”, it’s another example of the liberal’s insistence that what Americans are seeing with their own eyes isn’t real. It’s pitiful.

Other comments exposed the long-held belief that Biden and his handlers have no clue what is going on in the country. Most believe the radical left couldn’t care less. This abysmal attempt at a press conference proves that point and more.

Matthew Continetti, from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) summed it up concisely, “Today is a reminder of why Biden does so few press conferences.” The press conference also exposed how vital particular pieces of failed liberal legislation are to the security of our nation.

A federal takeover of elections would carve out a permanent path for Democrats to cheat. They would grasp power with an iron fist. Experts believe this corrupt and unconstitutional attempt to overhaul federal elections was targeted at next November’s midterms.

However, after watching their crooked attempts to call honest state-approved voter integrity laws racist, the Democrat Party’s prospects in 2022 are bleak. What does that mean for an inept U.S. President, who is clearly unable to competently handle the job?

Joe Biden is not going to get any younger. His cognitive capabilities, sadly, but yet clearly suffering, will not improve. As Republicans retake control of both Houses of Congress, look for a new shift in legislative focus.

Biden’s inability to lead the nation will become the most critical thing on the agenda. It is imperative that it be addressed. It is sad to watch the decline of an elderly person, but the responsibilities of being the President of the United States cannot endure such incompetence.

Early in the spring of 2023, expect congressional hearings to revolve around the 25th Amendment. Patriotic conservatives will be in a battle to save our nation. There will be hearings to remove Joe Biden from office. Biden will no longer be able to hide his incompetence.

If what we saw on Wednesday is an indication of how Biden will handle the situation, he will fail. This will be the first time the 25th Amendment is used for something other than an issue with the president’s colon. Joe Biden will not be able to rely on a teleprompter or preset questions.

He will be exposed. It will be a sad day in American history. There’s only one thing that may prove even sadder. If Biden is removed from office, America will inherit “Cackling Kamala”. That’s almost as scary as “good old Scranton Joe”, maybe more so.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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