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Do not under any circumstances attempt to label Joe Biden as the president of the people. This man has been harmful to this country and the entire world with his policies, but besides that, he almost always ignores people when they ask him questions or express their disappointment in him.

According to video recorded Sunday afternoon and released to Twitter by El American reporter Anthony Cabassa, Joe Biden is seen strolling down a sidewalk with his wife Jill after leaving mass in Uvalde, Texas, and making their way to a crowd of people behind a police line.

Biden’s motorcade can be seen following him down the street. Boos and chants of “Do something!” erupt from the crowd. After a few moments, Biden turns away, walks into the street, and hops onboard the Beast as it approaches, stepping up on the door platform to tell the throng, “We will!” while pointing his index finger and giving the crowd a thumbs up.

Biden was expected to meet with certain people of the neighborhood about the incident and what should be done in the future, it turns out. When the crowd began to chant and boo, Secret Service thought that it would be better to simply usher the frail old man out of the area. But that was the entire point of the tape, which was set up at the last minute so he could meet and interact with members of the community.

This man is going to continue to run away for the rest of his time in the White House. You can bet on that. It’s what he did before the election (hiding in his basement to stay away from the virus). Nowadays, it looks like speaking at press conferences and then immediately shuffling off so as to avoid answering real questions from the press.

Biden wants nothing to do with us or making this country and better place. He’s here to cater to the Democrats’ extremely liberal agenda, and that’s about it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • That’s absolutely false information you are spreading. He spent 31/2 hrs.
    Lies don’t help Uvalde, or our country heal.

    • It sure don’t. BUT for an INEPT (so call man) president the only REASON he come for Political Reason. That is “IT!” LET THE TOWN GRIEVE. Without these SO call acts from so call caring politicians!!

  • C’mon man! He is there to preserve live and political comfort. Quid Pro Joe is as truthful, honest and brave as he has been his entire political career.

    • Absolutely. The best he could have done is not waste anyone’s time as if Creepy Joe would or could do anything. Empty shell of a “dead man walking”.

    • He only preserves his and his party’s comfort and agenda. He’s about as truthful, honest and brave as a polecat. He’s the puppet being used by the Democrats to bring our once-great country down. He only does what he’s told by the puppet master. He’s here only to tear down our country.

  • The Communist Prick in Cheif couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel.. What a senile and pedophile lieing thieving disgrace to the United States..

  • This man is the worse, WORSE, President that the USA have ever had. He doesn’t care about our country, about our people, or about the world. He destroys everything he touches! And, he is still in the White House?

    • Lucifer takes care of his own. Allowing “Nada Joe” to suck off the taxpayers money for over 50 years is proof ot that

      • No doubt in my mind that Obama and his whole crew are now elected to there third term, they are the people behind the curtain pulling Slow Joes strings like he is is a puppet . Obama gives Slow Joe the paper work to sign and Joe goes in front of the nation and signs what ever is put in front of him. The doctors must be working overtime loading him up with medication for senility just to keep Slow Joe from falling over on his face and bumping into walls.

  • Biden, the POS, is useless. He is the dumbest and most incompetent person to occupy the WH. Just think, the country must put up with him for another 2 1/2 years.

    • They keep talking about what COVID done to the US business’s. Imagine what shape this country is going to be in at the END of his Reign of TERROR!!! “OH MY GOD!” A loooong time for this country to rebuild the damage that this so call Inept president has done!
      My Question why is this Worm still in office???????

  • Attend meet-and-greets with candidates for either house of Congress. Demand this way the demanding of them to impeach both Biden and Harris together.

    Ask if the will DEFINITELY vote to impeach and remove the two disgraces. Yes or no. Simple.

    If the candidate replies, “for what?” Don’t argue. Just know m that this is not the right person to support.

  • There’s only one word that describes our current President: COWARD! He runs away from the people, refuses to talk with the media, they might ask him some hard questions that he doesn’t know or understand. Why would anyone vote for him is beyond me. But then again, he was always like this. What a wimp.

  • Not one solitary thing this president and his party will do can have any effect on these school shootings.

    The cause of all this violence is complicated. But it comes down to this — we teach our children that our country is evil and illegitimate.That it was established by theft and built from slavery. We make our children ashamed to be American. We convince them there is nothing for them in this country and that we should not even exist. We make them hate us and then wonder why they want to kill us.

    The solution is simple . Look at how our forebears raised and educated their children and then do the same. It ain’t that difficult.

    • So very true! Mental illness is swept under the rug!! I see it in our own schools!! Gun control will do nothing f!! Look at the Boston Bomber using a pressure cooker. Evil people will always find a way!!! Thank God the hero who stormed Robb Elementary school was armed or there would have been more carnage!!!

      • Let’s take the gun out of the equation and what do you have?

        What is the common thread in these mass shootings?


        When was the last time one of these mass shooters entered a police or sheriff’s station?

        If you are unable to answer those simple questions, then this country is lost forever.

  • Too bad that Joebama wasn’t in the crowd. That pos is killing the US with every fucking breath he takes. Hopefully there aren’t too many left.

  • Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is an a—–e of the first degree. 1/2 the population supposedly voted for this a—–e, they deserve to be lead by a corrupt senile old fart politician with one foot in the grave. Instead of going to Uvalde and trying to console and comfort the community of Uvalde, Corrupt Quid Pro goes and exploits the shooting for political gain. The first thing out of this morons mouth is about gun control. that’s not want the people of Uvalde want to hear.

    • AMEN! There WILL BE a revolution if these libtards try to take away the 2nd amendment. I know I would not want to live in Canada – that leftist just made all guns illegal. Wonder if Trudeau will give up his protection 24/7?
      Sleepy Joe does not know HOW to be compassionate – and shame on Jill – she knew his decline was only going to get worse.
      America is in a bad way. People better wake up.

      • Think about this. Trudeau just outlawed guns in Canada. How does a country that is disarmed protect themselves from a criminal with a gun? These politicians don’t actually think about the ramifications of what they are doing. Criminals will find a way to get guns, that is a fact. No law that is passed will stop that.

  • Do some thing? No let’s do the right thing. Fortify our schools not remove more 2nd A rights. Giving up our rights is not the answer. Making our schools more secure and having trained armed personell in our schools is a better answer.

  • Biden is not a man of the people! He is and always has been a man of the system. His first loyalty is to his political party. At this point his metal acuity has dropped extensively and he has become delusional and living Walter Mitty type fantasy’s of his past. He is essentially nothing more than a figure head of the dumbocrat party and a puppet for those in control.

  • What utter nonsense! There is no end to the lies about our President Biden, who does a great job despite the compact obstruction from the dishonest, unpatriotic Republicans. Have they already forgotten what a disaster Trumputin was? Or perhaps not bright enough to understand?

    • I think your the one not bright enough to understand. How can democrats ask for more gun control when their Cartel partners are bringing in gangs, drugs and weapons. Not to mention the defund the police thing along with letting every criminal out of jail. Mental illness or not. Liberal Democrats are the pandemic in the world.

    • Jorg…. You must be the last person in America who still believes Hillary Clinton’s lie that President Trump was in collusion with Putin. Wise Up!

  • Nope, not LIKE a coward when clearly….BIDEN IS A COWARD!

    He has been one for his entire pathetic life!

  • WHAT a contrast to POTUS T. POTUS T would have gone to the crowd to comfort them and talk to them. But THIS CHICKENSHITS his pants and flees like the PIECE of SHIT he IS!!!!

  • *”Socialism is a philosophy of Failure, the creed of Ignorance and the gospel of Envy, it’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of Misery.” Winston Churchill. Democrats are the real “evil” in America for the last 150 years! Slavery, abortions, record fuel prices, food shortages, men in women’s restrooms and sports, secret sex change operations on children, taxes, more taxes, higher taxes, speech censorship, citizen spying, record inflation, business killing regulations, highest crime rate in democrat run cities and voter fraud. Did I leave anything out?

  • These shootings are preprogrammed MK ULTRA SLEEPERS. Mental health issues and just evil people. This’s what happens when you close downs mental institutions and defund the police departments. LEO’s are reactive only, Proactive LEO’s raise the ire of LAC’s ” Law Abiding Citizens” Bill of Rights infringements. Provocative movements by the Global Cabal’s Demon Spawn Minons to incite Anarchy, Chaos and War. I, keep asking the Question, Ya’ll seen enough yet? Ya’ll know what needs to be done, Git r Dun. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C.

  • The spirits of the children who were killed in Uvalde will follow Biden directly to his grave! Except nobody’s gonna remember him!

  • Go to any seasoned citizen facility and you’ll find similar examples of out of touch, dour, sour people in various stages of losing touch with reality. Like SloJoe, ice cream time is a celebratory event! Another sign is the ever present squinty eyes which further restricts their comprehension of the world around them. Worse yet is the fact we could soon be seeing a POTUS Giggles in the WH!!!!!

  • Something tells me that they did not just booed him over what happened there, high and higher gas prices etc….NOTHING is “good” anymore and then his endless LIES……

  • Lying Corrupt quid Pro KING Joe flees like a Coward? That’s because Corrupt Quid Pro is a Coward. Instead of consoling these people, Corrupt Quid Pro exploits the mass shootings for Gun Control. Corrupt Quid Pro doesn’t have the brains to be sympathetic.

  • United we’re GREAT, divided we’re small, that’s why they incite us, to enslave us ALL. So whatever we do, with the wall at our backs, we must stand TOGETHER, to DEFEAT their attacks! Else ALL together, WE WILL ALL FALL, with no one to blame, except for us ALL. Our vote remains, as OUR GREATEST POWER, but to steal it or dilute it, turns everything sour. PROTECT THE VOTE, we’re all in the same boat, and it WILL take us all, to continue to float.

  • Telling brain dead to do something is the wrong thing to say to him.
    He will do something alright, like take away more of your rights.

  • Bidens track record from back in the 1970’s was lackluster and without solutions. A typical career politician who is in there NOT becuase of his ability to solve problems but to line his pockets with backroom derals using his name as collateral. People like this gravitate to politics becuase they cannot hold a REAL job in th REAL world we all work in. People like this NEVER jhave solutions wcuase they are too stupid to figure out solutions so they use crisises to politically spin their nonsensical agendas ( the main one being to stay in office to keep the gravy train going) . OR they creat crises out of thei own ignorance and spin it to gain political mileage. So what would you expect here?



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