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The minute news broke about the pending arrest of a former U.S. president, the media exploded. Logically, the corrupt left-wing parrots piled on former president Donald Trump as if he were a criminal.

He’s not. The real criminals are on the other side. Many indicated a number of interesting points surrounding New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case.

Some actually found the notion that a liberal DA, elected in the liberal swamp of New York, would indict a former president surprising. It’s really not.

This kind of garbage has been going on since then-candidate Trump walked down the escalator, prepared to announce himself a candidate for the office of President of the United States of America.

At that instant, the assaults on the man started. They’ve never stopped. The left saw the biggest threat imaginable to their efforts to steal control of the nation.

These radical leftists can’t successfully operate in a democratic government because they lack common sense and have no ability to compromise. It’s either their way or nothing.

Their way equals a single-party form of authoritarian government. There is no compromise. When Donald Trump, the man, entered the political spectrum, he made one promise. He would help the nation become “Great Again.” If Americans elected him as their leader, he vowed to “drain the swamp.”

The left panicked. They’ve continued to attack him at every turn. The corrupt left first concocted a bogus narrative that candidate Trump was in league with the Russians. They tried to impeach him twice, both on fabricated charges. Every single attack on the most successful president in U.S. history has been a scam.

When they saw another four years of his leadership as a permanent roadblock to their crooked schemes, they cheated in the 2020 presidential election to rob him of a second term.

Corrupt leftist prosecutors have been fabricating investigations against him as well. It seems ironic that some are surprised a worthless, criminal-supporting Democrat DA is after the former president.

Many insisted that an indictment stemming from a bogus misdemeanor case in the southern district of New York was inevitable. And then you add the pompous personality of DA Alvin Bragg and you have the perfect setup. Bragg knows well that New York is infested with radical left-wing liberals. It is nearly impossible to select a politically neutral jury for any trial.

The theory that Alvin Bragg wouldn’t indict the former president was the true long shot. Bragg is a leftist to his core. Not only is Bragg doing the bidding of those who want to destroy President Trump, he is also looking to score political points for himself as well. He couldn’t care less if there was a case or not. The truth be known, there is not.

This is another bogus scheme to slander the former president’s name. But what about the timing of the release that President Trump was looking at being arrested? Why now?

As America watches the Biden family corruption investigations unfold, the reason for the timing isn’t ironic at all. In fact, it’s perfect timing if you’re searching for some kind of diversion.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer doesn’t find the timing ironic at all. Speaking to Maria Bartiromo on FOX News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Comer made his thoughts perfectly clear. This pending arrest was leaked 24 hours after Comer’s committee announced the release of nearly a dozen more sets of bank records exposing Biden family corruption.

Comer told Bartiromo, “Well, it’s very odd that this would come out just the very next day after I revealed bank records which showed that the Biden family, and the President in particular, hasn’t been truthful with respect to his family receiving payments directly from the Chinese Communist Party.”

There’s nothing ironic about the notion that there would be an indictment, or the timing of such. This is nothing more than a feeble attempt to change the subject. There is no evidence against President Trump. The case is a lawless jumble of improbable allegations. The New York DA is attempting to combine state violations with federal crimes.

The evidence supports neither. Even if there was actual evidence strong enough to bring an indictment, the statute of limitations has expired on both. What DA Alvin Bragg is doing is nothing more than another chapter in the left’s ongoing assault on President Trump. It’s political theater.

The left has lost their minds. This is going to do nothing more than catapult President Trump’s popularity. Even Americans with moderate political views do not approve of the politically driven attacks. Just like the rest of the left’s bogus attacks on President Trump, this one is going to fail. Isn’t that the true irony?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Standard left wing platform. With no substantive agenda to force this country into totalitarian rule, the only thing available to the Communist party, formerly the Democratic party, is their standard bash and trash tool.

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    • Let’s cut to the damn chase already Comer! What you say is true and Alvin the chipmunk DA is a freaking joke just like our Justice System these days and most if not all of Congress! Are you all playing diversionary moves to distract, deflect and confuse the public; I sure as hell think so! This Clown Alvin ramrods a bogus case with no evidence of REAL SERIOUS CRIME of any kind and its gets top billing news coverage yet you morons, yes you too Comer have mountains of evidence on the Biden Crime CCP Lap Dog Syndicate that’s piled up for decades, but like the Old Lady in the Classic Burger King commercial said; “where is the beef!”

      Why don’t you have a case in the system already and nearly finished prosecuting these Biden family Traitors which is so easy to prove even I without a law degree could slam dunk them; so they can be executed for espionage and treason??? You all play GAMES and LIE! It’s called “Kick the Can Down the Road” and Stall, Stall, Stall and buy the time needed to get the noose around the public’s neck! Totalitarianism!

      Meanwhile the public are a bunch of soft in the head idiots lapping up the garbage they are tossed like happy hungry imbeciles on their Smart Phones with Apps in hand, which are really Stupid Phones for Stupid Idiotic Sheeple!!

      What it’s all about is PROGRAMING and most are now nearly fully programmed!

      • Why don’t you fess up Comer as to what is really happening and do something about it all!

        “From NY law enforcement sources: Alvin Bragg isn’t smart enough to orchestrate the Trump prosecution. He’s an incompetent figurehead. He’s not the one to watch. His deputy Meg Reiss is behind this. She’s a close Soros operative and committed radical with significant global connections. Reiss has probably had more impact on radical weaponized prosecutors around the country than any other single individual,” Cardillo posted on Twitter. Cardillo a member of the NYC Law Enforcement!

        • Soros stated decades ago how much he hates America and its people! He went on to state that it was his life ambition to do all he could to destroy it!
          Now pray tell; who do you think he’s been taking his marching orders from going all the way back to his start of criminal thinking as a youth in WWII, when he assisted Hitler’s Gestapo?

          What it all comes down to folks is who you decide to serve while you live your short flesh life here on earth!

          It should be obvious to anyone with a clue or who appreciates Truth that you’re sure guarantee is, the Creator of all things seen and unseen!

        • Nice of you to point out that little fact but it doesn’t matter one tiny bit in the scheme of things when your country and the world are coming apart at the schemes now does it!
          What you point out, did it change anything of any substantive value; not at all and never will!

          So I bothered to respond in order to ask you, to adjust your fire and put your attention and determination where it matters most and will do a bit of good!

          In case you haven’t noticed most people are lost souls on the internet and waste more time in total than the human race ever collectively wasted in all it’s previous history combined! You need to recognize the curses and scourges all around you in his modern mayhem!

          Yes the human race is heading to hell in a hand basket!

          Who do you suppose can really fix that or have any real effect?

          • Need to clarify what I was pointing out but didn’t make it clear.

            “when your country and the world are coming apart at the schemes”

            I meant to add in there to show the irony of this dilemma we’re in.

            “when your country and the world are coming apart at the (seams) schemes” because it’s really all schemes now not seams anymore; as the world or “crooked ways of the world” are so manifested throughout, even in places it couldn’t have been just a few generations ago!

          • His name is GOD, the Creator of the Universe. Believe it or not, He STILL is in control even tho it sure doesn’t look like it! His Timing is not bound by ours; He already knows the Beginning from the End…& HE spelled it all out in HIS WORD for us to hopefully heed & obey.
            But being the stupid, ‘know-it-all’ humans that we are, we think we can fix anything! In 3000+++ years, have you seen any evidence of that so far???!!!
            His Desire is that NONE should be lost, but HE also gave us Free Will, which is basically why the World has been a mess since good ole Adam & Eve!
            But HE does have a sure promise: 2 Chronicles: 13-15 The essential element being that we HUMBLE ourselves, confess our sin (of turning against & willfully being disobedient to HIM), & turn to HIM, asking forgiveness, THEN He will hear from Heaven, forgive our sin & forgive our Land.
            Thankfully there are now Revivals starting to spread across the Land & across the World, so there will be one last Outpouring of the Holy Spirit…so that myriads more can be added to His Kingdom… and the End will come! Jesus tells us specifically in Matthew’s Gospel.

          • The Lion of Judah, of course, & He Will ride in to clean up our mess & set Earth back on the proper track, while He rules for 1K yrs. You may better know Him as Jesus Christ…

      • Totally agree with you. We keep seeing more and more articles like this but even with all the evidence at hand which could be used to indict and execute many of these Democratic traitors, not one Republcan has gotten up off the ass and started the process. All we hear are words and more words as each politician covers each other’s butt .

        I am all for and ready for the indictments and executions to begin and that does include a whole bunch of FBI, CIA, DOJ operatives who participated in and covered up many of the Democrats criminal acts

        • See, now, there’s your problem; there’s only a “2 headed” uniparty. It pretends, at times, to be 2 separate entities, but in reality, it’s the same beast, & not about to devour itself. There are in fact, VERY FEW in Congress, or the rest of DC, that are NOT leftist/globalists, or leaning left on social or fiscal issues, most of the time. That’s why there’s never any real change, & won’t be, until Jesus’ return.

      • At the moment, they can’t touch “Joe”, without 1st impeaching successfully o remove him from the office of POTUS; however that protection does NOT extend to the rest of his family.

  • The corruption in THE NEW YORK CRIME SYNDICATE is almost as bad as in the days of Boss Tweed. They just never let up on Trump trying to bankrupt and even jail him over something so stale and rancid, That it should be put out on the curb. When will the NYC. criminal, political, syndicate give it up and at least give the MAN a breather from the hounding that has gone on for the past 7 years. He is just too SMART for you to bring down.

    • They won’t give it up because they are accursed and set in their evil ways!

      If there are enough of the righteous still left in high places who are willing then they must stop them; and it won’t be easy without actual physical intervention. But with corrupted law enforcement and military now, who does that leave to do the business of the people?

    • Not sure, but you might ‘ve just implied William Tweed was a piker in the corruption game… he might take umbrage for that. After all, he showed them how to commit election fraud “successfully”, among other frauds.

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    • You get paid pennies for the dozens times you post this scam. That is why you use many different names and post it on so many different sites. Your IP address is being forwarded to the IRS.
      If you are actually making money, you will also have to declare the value of advertising you get by posting in forums like this.
      Something else you probably don’t know. If you are actually making anywhere near the amount you claim, income from self employment is taxed at 40 percent.

  • Merely the way of the Jews as they yearn for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin. They own the Democrat party. Democrats merely dance to the tune of their owners.

    • Anti-Semitism is uncalled for! Lenin & Stalin persecuted the Jewish communities in the fledgling USSR mercilessly. Neither was seen as a “messiah” of any sort. Only non- religious people of Jewish blood had anything to do with them. If you want to know who the real PTB are, look at the centuries’ old banking houses of Europe, starting with Rothschilds ( yes, apostate Jews), but also very closely at e upper echelons of the Freemasons, & the Catholic order of Jesuits: those are the innermost circle around Satan & his fallen angels & demons.

    • Oh really, is that why the Muslim Barack Hussein Obama gave so much money to Iran after they’ve been calling for the destruction of Isreal.?
      And now with John Communist Kerry meeting with Iran leaders under Communist Joe Biden, and Communist Biden handing more taxpayers money to Iran.!
      The Communist Democrat Party is wanting the destruction of Isreal not the other way around.

  • “ they cheated in the 2020 presidential election to rob him of a second term”

    Was that the real motivation, or was it to bring about the Obama mob’s third term?

  • The current crop of swamp critters want to repeat what Mao did to China. Trump is a stumbling block for them.

    • They are doing it and what to control the whole show with an Iron Fist just like Lenin, Stalin, Marx and Mao did! These are very evil almost not even an ounce of human in them creatures; and the only way to stop them is with force! There has already been way too much talk and internet chatter, but the people in a position to stop them are not doing it!
      At this rate how do you think it ends?

  • The public is being duped and brainwashed with smoke and mirrors continually!

    50 $Million just appropriated for providing all kinds of services to; An unaccompanied alien child (UAC) is a minor – under the age of 18 — who has arrived in the U.S. or at the border without a parent or guardian and without legal status. 76% are males in this category coming across the Southern Border and most are from Guatemala and El Salvador! Sorry to advise you that many in that massive number of alien invaders are gang banger’s and from their upbringing along with rampant government corruption are prone to violence, rape and murder which means those nations are purposely dumping a massive social ill on our laps because of the invitation of Biden and Harris two of the most corrupt anti-American criminals to have ever been in the Washington Political Scene, who have done absolutely NOTHING to secure our borders!

    This money puts them up with all the amenities many of which middle class families are even going without, due to their struggling to make ends meet hardship but our tax dollars are being robbed from us to help many enemies of America! This is a seeding plan to disperse many dangerous brown shirt types for the globalist’s throughout the US like Hitler’s youth; which he did prior to the breakout of WWII making them in the ready to engage in any and all agenda activities from government overthrow to all street crime.

    I mention this one example but there are many more and even worse, so while you think you have a political system that represents you and that your vote matters; its all been taken away long ago leaving you between a rock and a hard place with much mayhem and evil to come to a theater near you; and even your neighborhood!

  • It seems there is really something the Democrats want to keep hidden! Does Trump know what it is? It seems the exact same thing happened during Obama! Economy goes to crap! Then the major banks need a major bailout and nobody ever goes to jail. Sounds more like Democrats are trying to bury the biggest robbery of America ever! And the Banks never pay back a dime! This is the second time and buy Obama’s right hand man! And there are plenty of them in on it! Including the media! There is way to much missing money and we got nothing for it! And the Democrats were the same people that didn’t want the gold in fort Knox audited. What a surprise. And way to many people in office that were never really voted for buy the people! And the corruption in the vote is popping up everywhere. And the judicial is surely included in what ever crime they have going!

    • James and Steve you both bring up extremely pertinent points here! I quote from an article here; “The CCP is the number one threat to U.S. national security – and they are being helped from within by traitors inside our own government.”

      There are some very shady dealings going on in high places which tie directly into the monetary system globally and with some very strange bedfellows working together to some end; which to me must be a master plan to not only as the old adage goes, implement “the fleecing of America,” but now the whole global monetary system perhaps. Maybe to engineer a collapse of the whole system with the only winners being a group of masterminds who plan to rule the planet!

      The article also pointed out this; “When Judge Katharine H. Parker sat on the bench to preside over the scheduled arraignment of Mr. Guo, she had apparent concerns about the U.S. prosecutors withholding critical information from Mr. Guo and the Court, specifically information regarding the U.S. Government’s collaboration with the Chinese Government. Answering Judge Parker, the New York prosecutors, under pressure, disclosed that the prosecutors’ team had worked “a lot with China” throughout the investigation of Mr. Guo.
      A silent shock wave took the Courtroom by storm as everyone became bewildered by the ironically cynical response.
      Indeed, leaving aside that Mr. Guo has not even resided in China since at least 2017, the fact that the U.S. prosecutors felt comfortable working with a lawless tyranny like the CCP to criminally prosecute Mr. Guo, the regime’s most feared enemy, on American soil should scare every American.”

      What amazes me is how entrenched America has become with this Communist country on so many levels with partnerships and financial arrangements of great magnitude and in the not too distant past America would never have been involved to this extent with a communist, totalitarian brutal regime this way! Yet we have so many businessmen and high ranking government officials, senators and even the DOJ now colluding and carrying out these covert operations or arrangements like its business as usual! As I understand the overall picture America should not be doing all this business with an actual vicious enemy who if and when they have the opportunity will be ready to pounce and tear apart America with a voracity never seen on American soil. During the height of the Cold War America would never have carried on this way with the USSR; so why is it any different now to be so entrenched with an atheist, communist and human rights violator regime like China’s CCP this way!

      The article’s title, “Collusion of the Century: DOJ, CCP, and Big Media’s Conspiracy to Take Down Miles Guo,” leads one to wonder if there is still a much bigger plan in motion to put the planet into an economic tailspin in order to put the human race in a position of desperation. That would ultimately make the “Covid lockdown crisis,” look like “Childs Play;” which would then force everyone into a totalitarian nightmare master control scenario! At the very least there could be a massive shift of capital and resources to a small group of tyrants being implemented; in order to place a stranglehold on the global economy, thereby gaining control.

      • Well stated Lawrence.!!
        And then you have Communist Biden wanting to replace our currency with tracking just like the Communist Chinese government does,
        giving them the power as to where you can eat, shop, travel etc.
        At least Texas, will put on the ballot for 2024 to vote Texas to succeed and become an independent Nation.
        I’ll be voting Yes.

  • Hate removes one’s ability to logic and reason. The DNC is a hate mongering organization followed by their hate mongering herd leading to the destruction of the USA!

  • The whole truth is the Demonrat party is nothing BUT liars as well as the RINOs like McConnell. The sad part is they aren’t called on their poison. Making all of their false claims is criminal and they need hung out to dry for it… on some deserted island.

  • The Democrat Party never ceases to Amaze Me. When I think they cannot Sink Any Lower they Do! They have No Redeeming Qualities and is obvious a Clear and Present Threat to Our Republic! What To Do?

  • The left lost their minds in the drug haze of the ’60s & never bothered to reacquire hem since. Neither have they actually given THOUGHT to a single bill or action since; they just knee-jerk & emote, & the left media drools all over it like it’s “brilliance”. People who actually think, even those who lean left, are demonized as much as those on the right. If they ran the donkey in ’24, he’d be the smartest 1 at their convention… At least, he’ll know he’s a donkey & a male….

  • why has no one connected the dots with the billions in aid to Ukraine and hunters activities there? I dont recall seeing congress approving anything
    hush money the us taxpayer has to come up wit

  • What these empty headed lefty democrat buffoons don’t seem to realize is that the more they make with their lies and inuendo the more they help Trump!!

  • I thought EVERYBODY in Washington had a slush fund to pay people who accuse them of sexual assault. How many times has that been used in the last 10 years?
    And why can’t Donald Trump have one?

  • Now that Comer realizes that Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING is owned and beholden to Communist China, Corrupt Quid Pro is bought and paid for by Communist China. Corrupt Quid Pro sold out to Communist China for monetary gain, Comer’s investigation is going to go where, besides nowhere. What does Comer plan on doing about Corrupt Quid Pro? A criminal referral to DOJ? One can take it to the bank that weasel AG Garland will refuse to prosecute, only ex-Republican presidents get prosecuted. Comer has that right that the liberal commie Democrats want a one party authoritarian type rule patented after Communist China. The only difference between the Communist Party and the liberal commie Democrat Party is the name, otherwise the are one and the same. The Communists have been in bed w/the Democrats, since at least the time of FDR. The crisis at the border, is all about votes, Get as many illegals into the country asap, eventually give them amnesty, make them citizens, give them voting rights and lots of social programs, in-order for them to keep their social programs, they are going to have to vote Democrat, all subsidized by the U.S. Taxpayer. Just another way for the liberal commie Democrats to effect a one party rule for the foreseeable future. The Democrat voter will take all of this and then some, $8.00 a gal gasoline, inflation, rising crime rates and defunding the police if it will keep Trump out of the W/H.



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