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The level of corruption within big tech was deeply entrenched, buried in these companies’ overwhelmingly liberal ideology. It was going to take a person with either enormous wealth or an immensely popular social influencer to trigger change.

It appears that person has stepped up to the challenge. As soon as Elon Musk began making overtures about taking on Twitter, the liberal mainstream media pundits started to lose their minds. The closer this nears to becoming reality, the more they freak out.

With every tweet and twist in Musk’s bid to buy Twitter, these loony liberals watch as their domination of the public narrative unravels. Regardless of how the takeover attempt by one of the world’s richest men advances, big tech’s stranglehold on free speech has taken a hit.

Big tech and the crooked mainstream media realize the “jig may be up.” By taking over Twitter, Musk will have the opportunity to unlock the social media giant’s “book of secrets.” Certainly, if only to save their job, some Twitter techies are going to reveal how biased the company is.

There will be new, sincerely more honest computer minds brought on board if Twitter soon becomes “under new management.” The slanted algorithm, a formula purposefully targeted to censor and cancel conservative views, will be exposed.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will face legal challenges. Any employee, someone who was simply doing their job, shouldn’t be held directly responsible. However, the masterminds behind what Twitter and the other crooked big tech manipulators did must be investigated.

How many lies were told? How deeply did the deception go? We already know that Twitter and Facebook buried a crucial story prior to the 2020 presidential election. It is now a fact that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg doled out millions to crooked liberal election schemes.

Whether it’s canceling conservative voices or hiding the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop, big tech companies like Twitter are complicit in nothing less than public deception. Elon Musk’s strong-armed takeover attempt has the potential of “letting the cat out of the bag.”

We can count on at least a few deceptive tricks being exposed. With all due respect, it is social media, and social media talks. But as we alluded to, there is a suspicious connection between big tech companies like Twitter and the corrupt mainstream media.

Twitter never bothered to ban news sources that boasted about the bogus Russia collusion hoax. Not one account was blocked or banned, despite the story unraveling like a cheap suit. But the door was slammed on the New York Post for revealing Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The level of hypocrisy is astounding. But now, or so it appears, this cabal of corruption is turning on itself. No one could keep a straight face while asserting that the former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, didn’t know what was going on.

He knew, and any declaration that he didn’t is straight up cockamamie bull. Whether it’s a newfound sense of conscience, or an attempt to save his own butt, Dorsey is starting to talk about the crooked agenda we are all becoming increasingly aware is taking place.

In a recent tweet, Dorsey announced that he was a witness to a false news narrative by CNN. CNN is the king of mainstream media corruption. According to Dorsey, CNN flat out lies. The former Twitter head was responding to a tweet from the 2017 Miss Universe Iraq.

Sarah Abdali Idan tweeted, “Even @CNN sometimes sells false news. I know this from covering Iraq events in 2019. People need to understand every media is prone to either mistakes or deliberate corruption. Do your own investigation before believing what they’re selling you.”

This revelation could easily be swept under the rug. But Dorsey added more. He replied to Idan’s message with, “I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it, causing the protestors to chant f*** CNN.”

All of this follows another recent revelation from the former Twitter boss. In a tweet talking about the Twitter board of directors’ bid to block Musk’s takeover bid, Dorsey expressed his concern. He characterized the board as “consistently been the dysfunction of the company.”

Dorsey went on to express his agreement with another revealing opinion about big tech. “Big facts” is how he described a statement from venture capitalist Fred Destin. Destin explained what he coined as an “age-old Silicon Valley proverb.”

Destin said, “Good boards don’t create good companies, but a bad board will kill a company every time.” These sudden proclamations of self-righteous morality are not going to end. The further Elon Musk’s efforts to take over Twitter go, the deeper these revelations will become.

The radical liberals who masterminded these purposeful deceptions are cowards. They hide behind algorithms. It’s hard to expose them and hold them accountable. But when someone has the money to bust open these crooked companies, the curtain hiding the deception is torn back.

What is revealed is a total disregard for the truth. Cowards cannot endure the ensuing bombardment of criticism. Despite little chance of direct consequences, they will immediately try to cover their own butts. People with no scruples don’t suddenly become scrupulous.

We don’t think Jack Dorsey has experienced anything close to a sudden awakening of good conscience. We think he’s just looking out for number one. Dorsey knows the chickens are coming home to roost, and he’s afraid of becoming a roasted bird.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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