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Dozens of patriotic Americans are still being held without due cause in relation to the incident at our nation’s Capitol in January 2020. Some have been locked away in solitary confinement for no viable reason. Many have been refused bail.

Because of their conservative values, and a passionate belief that the 2020 Presidential Election results were bogus, these Americans have been denied their constitutional right to due process. A number of these U.S. citizens did nothing but walk around inside the Capitol.

However, late last week, a mob of radical leftists stormed the Department of the Interior. These crazed liberal activists were trying to force lawmakers to end all fossil fuel consumption ahead of the upcoming winter. They want Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency.

This is not only insane; it could put millions of Americans in extreme danger. These lunatics rarely apply any logical reason to their maniacal wishes. Last January, the number of so-called insurrectionists that truly clashed with law enforcement was minimal.

Most merely took advantage of an opportunity to exercise their First Amendment right. They came to voice anger over “the steal”. The climate protestors, radicals who took to Capitol Hill, pushed and shoved towards occupying a federal building.

To prove how psychotic the viewpoints of many of these radicals, including Hollywood elites are, one actress insisted that her child had died in a coal mine. These people really say such deranged things.

One indigenous woman screamed, “I don’t want to die”, all because she was being arrested for breaking the law. But a bigger problem exists between these two protests. The radical mainstream media have vilified one event as an assault on our democracy, an insurrection.

The individuals being denied due process, many for no other reason than they were there on January 6 are violent insurrectionists. Despite the preposterous calls to abruptly end fossil fuel use ahead of freezing winter temperatures and children dying inside coal mines, the lunacy of these liberal activists has been all-but ignored.

Virtually every mainstream media outlet has refused to give this violent protest any airtime. Beyond the liberal mainstream media’s refusal to talk about this story, the protest was supported by Russia, Venezuela, China and Iran. It’s extremely troubling when we realize where the allegiance of the fake news media truly lies.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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