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James Comey always acts like he thinks he’s the smartest man in the room wherever he goes. But, in today’s testimony before the Senate, he pleaded ignorance. That would be hard to disprove. On the other hand, he was the director of the FBI who pushed to get the dossier included in intelligence reports. He had to know all the exculpatory evidence in the hands of the FBI.

If you are the head of the FBI, investigating an elected president, how likely are you not to know the truth? This means you are either the most crooked or the most inept director of the FBI ever. He signed off on three FISA warrants without bothering to find out if it were true? Remember, each breach could net him 10 years in prison. Would you make sure you knew?

Comey repeatedly told Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee that his staff failed to notify him about all of the problems with the dossier. I’m sorry. I don’t buy it. Who in their right mind would not tell the boss about a problem. If they didn’t, they would be held responsible.

Why do voters keep electing Democrats? They all apparently suffer from bouts of forgetfulness. Mr Moral just can’t seem to recall anything. But, when it comes to something bad about the president, he claims his memory is impeccable.

The DOJ IG report found that the FBI made 17 mistakes (Or on purposes) in getting FISA warrants on Carter Page. Somehow that also eluded the attention of Comey.

From The Daily Caller

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the panel, said he wants to find out who was the highest-ranking official at the bureau who knew of the dossier’s problems. Andrew McCabe, who was Comey’s deputy at the FBI, will testify before the committee on Oct. 6.

While Comey acknowledged he was ultimately responsible for the errors in the Page FISA warrants, he asserted that as the head of the FBI, he would not have been provided all of the details of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation and the dossier.

The FBI relied heavily on information from Steele to obtain the FISA warrants. The bureau first sought a spy warrant in August 2016, but lawyers determined that there was not enough evidence at the time to show probable cause that Page was working as a Russian agent.

Comey has previously played down the importance of the dossier in obtaining FISA Warrants on Page. But the IG report states that is was the central evidence in getting those warrants. But the DOJ has now found that the 3rd and th warrants were not legitimate.

The applications for the warrants never informed the court that the main source of the dossier has a shady past. Igor Danchenko has long been suspected of being a Russian spy. I’m sure Comey never knew that or just simply forgot.

A Senate report claims that CIA analysts pushed back on Comey’s attempt to add the dossier to the ICA report. So, he had to know, but he swears he didn’t. John Brennan testified that Comey and other FBI officials lobbied hard to get the dossier included in the ICA.


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