A picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wrinkly face should be plastered beside the definition of hypocrite. Likewise, special notations should be included for all radical left-wing liberals in the Democrat Party. Likewise, add most of the employees and execs at Big Tech.

For reference, the proximity of Pelosi’s palatial San Francisco, California mansion to multiple Microsoft offices is within walking distance. Do you suppose this is by coincidence? Corrupt social media giant Facebook has multiple locations in Pelosi’s congressional district as well.

Again, does anyone really believe the proximity of Nancy Pelosi to these big tech manipulators is an accident? If anyone watched Pelosi try to explain herself or discuss legislation, there would have to be some question about her lack of competency. She has none.

So, how did Nancy Pelosi end up being the most powerful Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives? The explanation is actually rather simple when you “connect the dots on a map.” Oh, and Googleplex is just a short one-hour jaunt down US-101.

Nancy Pelosi is a Big Tech-coddled bureaucrat who doesn’t have the mental competence to organize her silverware drawer. She is an aging and entrenched politician, propped up by the liberal elite machine. What’s good for the progressive elite is good for Nancy.

One obvious example is her hypocrisy over the liberals’ push to jack up the national minimum wage. Documentarian Jan Helfeld once questioned Pelosi about the topic of the minimum wage in the United States.

Helfeld asked her if she had any “unpaid interns” working for her congressional office. Knowing that Helfeld could quickly find out the truth, Nancy replied, “Yes, of course I do.” Queen Nancy insisted that this was “good training for them.”

Well, of course it is Nancy. But you’re getting free labor. Helfeld pushed the point, asking if this idea was consistent with the Democrats’ push for minimum wage legislation. Evidently, Nancy didn’t want to answer that question.

She blew a gasket. Pelosi stormed out of the interview, proclaiming, “This interview is over. You really made a mistake!” Helfeld tried to bring a sense of calm to the situation and continue the interview, but Pelosi threatened her with “security.”

Now, let’s continue to connect the dots using this liberal proclamation that the United States needs the minimum wage laws overhauled. Despite an inability to precisely count the number of unpaid internships at Microsoft, it was easy to estimate that the number is in the hundreds.

The situation exists for other Big Tech companies as well. Of course, Big Tech is in bed with the radical left of the Democrat Party. Again, do we really believe all of this is just by coincidence? What this connection proves is how hypocritical the far-left has become.

On one hand, Nancy Pelosi brags about her dedication to minimum wage legislation. On the other hand, Pelosi abuses dozens of young people, paying them absolutely nothing. The same goes for these massive, Big Tech companies.

These radical leftists throw millions of dollars at liberal politicians. Each supports a socialist ideology for America. While they scream for causes such as diversity and equality, liberals do the opposite. Nancy Pelosi’s actions, when pressed, further expose their bulls***.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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