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Denounced by the left as nothing but fictitious “Russian disinformation”, the story behind Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell is getting hotter by the day. In the days leading up to the 2020 presidential election, the liberal mainstream media and big tech buried the story.

What little information that did leak out was immediately proclaimed as a bogus conspiracy emanating from Moscow. It was not. Hunter Biden’s laptop is very real. It was a newsworthy story in October 2020. But the crooked mainstream media needed to get their boy elected.

This story could have and should have been made available to voters. It was not. The cover-up of Hunter Biden’s laptop is the worst scandal in American journalism. However, over the last month, the story has festered into an aggravating boil for the liberal media and the White House.

Once a few liberal rags such as the New York Times and Washington Post confirmed the laptop’s existence, it became impossible to escape. The reality of this story is creeping closer and closer to the White House. Hunter Biden is in trouble, big trouble.

As new evidence emerges, facts that support the original allegations published by the New York Post, Joe Biden seems to be in trouble as well, possibly big trouble. One of the original whistleblowers who provided copies of the laptop claims to have recovered more material.

Jack Maxey, who forwarded his initial discoveries to elected officials and news outlets, says he recently extracted over 80,000 more deleted images and videos. The deleted material Maxey has found also includes another 120,000 emails.

Many of the original emails, while incriminating by themselves, left a small window where Joe Biden might be able to escape. These new revelations, thought to have been hidden away on the laptop’s hard drive, could expose Joe Biden.

If Joe Biden was not only aware of, but in cahoots with Hunter’s crooked business schemes, this must warrant investigations into both fraud and lying to federal officials. It could also trigger the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Maxey says his discoveries will soon be published online.

The internet sleuth plans to make the databases searchable, so the American public can see the truth for themselves. Once he released his initial findings late last year, Maxey started to receive strange phone calls. He actually feared for his life. Maxey said he had to leave the country.

Since leaving the United States, he is reportedly living in Switzerland. Maxey insisted, “I do not believe this would have been possible inside the United States. We had numerous attempts on us from trying to do things like this there.”

The mainstream media and big tech are stooges for the Democrat Party. Many people realize the obviousness. However, not everyone is thoroughly convinced. The corrupt mainstream media’s handling of the Biden laptop story should be enough proof to convince any skeptic.

Likewise, the U.S. Department of Justice is corrupted at the highest levels. Federal law enforcement continues to suffer from an unhealthy tendency towards partisan politics. Even the United States Supreme Court appears unable to escape political partisanship.

Nevertheless, regardless of how the investigation and prosecution of Hunter Biden plays out, something fantastic could come from it. Not a single American will be able to deny that the mainstream media and big tech are corrupt.

The fallout from the handling of this story should be etched into every American’s mind. Dark clouds often have silver linings. Even if he doesn’t go to jail, as he should, the corruption behind the Hunter Biden scandal will trigger Americans to demand a restoration of journalistic integrity. It’s about time.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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