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Good grief, if this kid hasn’t already damaged his political career, he’s most likely done it now.

Madison Cawthorn has been in the news a lot lately, and for all the wrong reasons. First, he leveled claims against fellow members of Congress, stating that they were involved with heavy narcotics and sex parties.

Then, just a few days ago, he came under fire for being photographed in women’s underwear. However, he has just committed a serious crime…for the second time.

Cawthorn was arrested and charged with possessing a loaded firearm in a North Carolina airport. Sadly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, which is quite unfortunate. His actions were caught on camera performing exactly the same thing just a year before.

It’s amazing that he wasn’t arrested for this because I watch a lot of police and police audit videos online and I’ve seen people arrested for that very thing. One man simply grabbed the wrong backpack and had the gun loaded in the bag. When it went through the security checkpoint they found it and after a long talk about the situation, they arrested the man.

Was it an honest mistake by Cawthorn? Yeah, probably so, and personally, it’s not a huge deal if you ask me, because the problem was rectified. But the thing is that every single thing that he does wrong now is being highlighted and don’t think that this won’t play a role in the election. His opponents are going to have a lot of dirt to throw at him. “This is the same guy who lied about members of Congress and brought loaded firearms to the airport on multiple occasions. If he’s not honest and is constantly breaking the law, is this really who we should have representing us?”

See how that works? It’s easy.

Also, last week, Cawthorn was pulled over by police and found that he was driving with an invalid license.

This guy is just making one mistake after another. Like I said before, I hope he’s truly got our best interests in mind when he makes decisions, but he’s sloppy.



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