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Any American paying attention to how our nation’s federal government is operating would have the same question.

Who really is running the show? For certain, it is not Joe Biden. Joe Biden is far too frequently and all too often incapable of even speaking coherently. He is a prime example of someone who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

However, the reasons for Biden’s obvious mental and physical challenges are not funny. Aging and the decline of our ability to function as we did in our youth is a sad but undeniable truth.

At over eight decades old, Joe Biden is suffering through many of these effects of aging. On Sunday, November 20, 2022, the 46th President of the United States turned 80 years old.

While you may insist that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of 80-year-olds who are “sharp as a tack,” Joe Biden is not one of them.

The current manhandling the job of the most powerful leader in the free world cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. Again, it is sad. However, with the responsibilities of being the U.S. president, it’s also dangerous.

The number of “on-camera” incidents of Biden’s crumbling cognitive capabilities is startling. Biden has searched a crowd of onlookers for a deceased person.

More than once, he has turned to shake hands with invisible people. Biden has forgotten what office he holds, what state he’s in, or what he’s supposed to be talking about.

It is little wonder that his handlers are reluctant to allow Biden to answer questions from the media. God only knows what answer he may give. But despite all the feverish efforts to hide Joe Biden’s declining mental and physical condition from the American people, sometimes we are exposed to the glaring reality. Joe Biden is not capable of being president.

In a recent “hot mic moment,” those responsible for keeping Joe Biden walking in the right direction were caught red-handed. Last Tuesday, Biden and his team of handlers traveled to Durham, North Carolina. He was visiting a semiconductor plant. One of his guides was caught giving Biden instructions on how to walk and where he needed to stand.

The person can be heard telling Biden, “Yes, sir, down the ramp. Your mark is gonna be the blue one to the left. You got a blue mark.” Sadly, Biden sheepishly replied, “I’ll stay in my blue mark.” Again, this is not funny. An aging, befuddled old man should never be made fun of. If any of us live long enough, we’ll all experience such challenges.

But such a compromised person cannot, ever, be entrusted with making decisions as the most powerful ruler in the free world. That’s just too dangerous. But we have such a person making decisions from the Oval Office, or do we?

Is Joe Biden really running the nation? If someone has to tell him where to walk and where to stand, who’s telling Joe Biden what to do on critical policy decisions? One thing that appears certain is that Joe Biden is NOT running the show!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • once they find out this is treasonous to the country and over throwing a country , execution on the table

    • Totally agree except the execution should have already happened considering all the treasonous crimes he has already comitted.

      • Please don’t take this conservative constitutionalist the wrong way. OK, this conservative constitutionalist curmudgeon.

        Name ONE act of TREASON that this incompetent, mentally-afflicted, corrupt, China-bought “president” has committed. Or for that matter, name one Obama, Panetta, Clinton (both), or even Trump has committed.

        I ask this as most Americans, including conservatives, don’t know what TREASON is, where it’s found in US Law, or what the SCOTUS has ruled on it. We’re in dire straights due to benightedness.

        Per the SCOTUS, TREASON can’t be charged unless we’re in a constitutionally DECLARED WAR.

        I wish it weren’t so as I believe Bill Clinton committed what I consider a treasonable act in giving the Chinese Red Army access to sensitive missile and guidance technology in return for illegal campaign donations. I also believe that Obama, SecDef. Panetta, and Sec. Clinton committed treasonable acts over Benghazi in smuggling to our Muslim enemies US weapons to try to overthrow Syrian Pres. al-Hassan.

        But like it or not, and I don’t, the SCOUTS made a Decision on it. Still, I must sympathize with your position.

  • The obvious is that Joe Biden is the center ring keeping our attention while the circus is being dismantled, how long can the nation survive?

  • Joe Biden was put in the job as a patsy. Obama or somebody higher is pulling his strings. They want total destruction for this country, and let China come in and takeover. Biden is well past is prime and can only get worse.

    • I don’t think Obama is pulling any strings. He was another figurehead handpicked just for his appearance. Someone in the shadows, like Susan Rice for example, has been running the show.

      • “Again, this is not funny. An aging, befuddled old man should never be made fun of.”
        NEVER be made fun of??? No, MUCH WORSE in this case!

        Give me a freaking break!!! Are you trying to elicit compassion and sympathy for this derelict all used up devil of a man who for decades stabbed the American People in the heart and worked with our enemies behind closed doors to increase all of his ill-gotten gains? He never did an honest day’s work in his life and is nothing more than a creep, pervert, no good lying criminal Traitor and we should according to this dumb as a sack of rocks article look at his with compassion and not to forget he’s just an old worn out Evil Old Bastard!

        Sorry this is one article you wrote that I totally disagree with and see as a pile of manure not worth a damn!

        Just a reminder this is the He is not a president folks but a cohort of hell, so all this social media crap is just pure shit and a diversion! He is the “Abortion King” of the earth now, just what Satan wanted for his plan to destroy, because Biden is also the “Personage OATH,” or “Man of Perdition” and all the unborn or others like these executed individuals at the school that died, are a sacrifice by “Biden and the whole Evil American Cabal to Satan!”

        This “Leader Devil in the White House” was proud that he appropriated 468 $Billion for Abortion during his first 100 days in office which was up to and including day of delivery which is 20 times the previous greatest amount of funds ever apportioned to Abortion, the murder of unborn human beings; which was by the also equally evil Obama, both of which I assure you will be in hell for eternity! Now think what this actually is saying! We have this so called leader of the up till decades ago, the most powerful nation on earth which used to lead or light the way for the Free World as a beacon of Hope and Goodness, which instead has now enabled a derelict most evil insane and assuredly demonically possessed creature of a man as the top executive of the land!

        • I believe Biden’s the Devil or Obama’s the devil and Joe is his demon jester.
          Either way all the Communist Democrats are Demonic minions brought to destroy America.
          Yes children are being sacrificed in the name of Satan and the Communist Democrats.
          All the mass shootings across America are Communist Democrat voters who are doing the bidding of their demon leaders. Also I believe the Communist demon George Sorros is behind it as well.

      • Or perhaps Soros and the WEF; then again maybe the Devil himself, do you follow!!!

        This ship has no rudder anymore; it’s hopelessly adrift in a raging sea of evil!

        Our whole society and system is wicked along with being ultra-PAGAN heading straight into the arms of AI!

        This movie title is “Destroy All Human Souls!”

        Look at Biden; do you like what you see? What you see is what you get!

        • Lawrence, you may be on to something. I recently read a lengthy article stating that Klaus Schwab of the WEF is the one working the puppet strings on Joe Biden. Everything in the article made sense so I’m inclined to believe what I read.

      • Would you call Obama intelligent parking in handicap spaces while out for din din all he knows is filling his pockets & gas tanks looser both of.them

  • If anyone in the Democrat party, that could possibly win an elections, would step up. They would make sure Ole Uncle Joe would not be around for 2024. I am sure most of the party does not want this senile clown representing them in the next election. Jill had to go to Tenn. to talk to the town about the shooting and so forth. I guess Joe wasn’t allowed to go, they were afraid he might crack jokes.

    • Well Dementia Ridden Joey of in N Carolina being a FAMBLER – BUMMLER . Joey was asked about the Shooting in Kentucky and could Only make a JOKE about ICE CREAM and saying that he wares Several Hats and he is a GREEK. He doesn’t CARE about U or I or anyone in this Country other than Himself.

    • OBummer , needs to go to the GETMO Prison where he Belongs and Hidin Biden needs to be put away in a MENTAL INSTITUTION for the DEMENTIA MINDED !


  • This CANCER needs to be Removed. Hidin Biden is a CANCER to this Country and the World. And it needs to be Removed before it Spreads.

  • This is what we Get for letting them Steal the Election and Cover up and Lie too and we get Obama and His former Team Period check out all of them and the Corrupt DOJ and FBI been after Trump since he was Elected in 2016 Period

    • We must always remember that lying, cheating & stealing IS the Democrat way & vote accordingly, William. May God help us & bless our country.

  • Also disturbing is that these men that Biden is receiving cannot help but see/know about Bidens’ disconnect and debility and not one speaks up! Talk about orchestrated interaction. Just wrong and sick.

  • Why are the democrats in Congress allowing this to happen to our country? What in God’s name is wrong with these people? America is not being destroyed by outsiders. America is being destroyed from within. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is insane. If liberals for one second think they will be exempt from this destruction, they need to think again. There is so much hatred for President Donald J. Trump their very brains (whatever little they have) are being eaten alive with this hatred. It is like a terminal cancer.

    Instead of hating President Trump, try doing something constructive to bring our once great country back from the brink of destruction. Sending President Trump to prison will only make our country more divided than it already is. Wake up liberals and RINOS. Our country will not survive if you don’t.

  • Pitiful. Just pitiful. And who IS actually in charge? Who has control of the football? Come on man! This crap scares me & I’m fearless!

  • We know Biden wasn’t fit to be president when he was campaigning. But the stupid
    people voted for him anyhow.



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