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Over three-quarters of a million Americans have died from CΟVID. Millions more have died around the globe. A virus that leaked from a Chinese virology lab has decimated the world. It has caused death, societal destruction, and economic calamity.

However, healthcare professionals are now witness to another alarming consequence of CΟVID. This latest pandemic-induced medical emergency isn’t even directly related to the deadly virus. It’s a result of month’s worth of poorly planned bureaucratic responses.

Emergency room professionals are seeing a distressing spike in non-CΟVID visits. In addition, the vast majority of these non-CΟVID patients are far sicker than anything they have ever seen. Because of this increase in severity, long-term care facilities are overwhelmed as well.

Patients with conditions such as respiratory ailments or heart problems are much sicker than in previous years. These illnesses have gone virtually unchecked for over a year because of the excessive attention given to CΟVID.

Many illnesses have metastasized into far more serious conditions. The rise in the number of patients flowing into emergency rooms is burdening an already overworked healthcare staff. Vaccine mandates leveled by Joe Biden are making this problem even worse.

Hospital human resources officials are watching as more nurses choose to leave rather than be vaccinated. Shortages are growing worse by the day. The combination of months of poor health treatment, and reduced staff to treat them, is creating logjams in ER’s.

Frequently, patients are required to sit in the hallway awaiting an open bed. The situation is crippling an already stressed healthcare force. Instead of supporting these people, who America proclaimed as heroes a year ago, bureaucrats are vilifying those who choose not to get vaccinated.

Many have already had CΟVID; however, no one will discuss the strength of natural immunity. CΟVID created a wealth of horrible consequences. Lives were lost and people got very sick. However, the consequences of radical CΟVID policies aren’t fully understood yet.

Vaccine mandates are creating another unthinkable consequence. Even people sick with something other than CΟVID are receiving less attention because of CΟVID. It may be decades before we can really assess the breadth of the damage inflicted on the world by a virus, a deadly pandemic, which escaped from a Chinese virology lab.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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