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Never in my life have I encountered a political party like the Democrats of today. Although they have generally been horrible, a Democrat today would be virtually unrecognizable from a Democrat of 20 years ago.

Modern Democrats are notorious for their use of dirty tactics like gaslighting. They criticize Republicans so brutally that it seems as though they don’t represent half of the population of the United States.

A little over a month ago, Joe Biden delivered his infamous speech, which caused more division than any previous speech given by a president in the modern era. In all honesty, that was probably more divisive than any statement made by a past president ever!

But now Hillary Clinton is ranting again and equating Trump supporters to Nazis.

Townhall reported,

Hillary Clinton compared Trump supporters to nazis in yet another stab to former President Trump despite always forgetting to mention how she lost to him.

Speaking at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas, Clinton said she used to wonder how Adolf Hitler rose to power, but then realized how Trump rallies are “similar” to how nazis were courted by Hitler.

“I remember as a young student, you know, trying to figure out, how people get basically brought in by Hitler. How did that happen? I’d watch newsreels and I’d see this guy standing up there ranting and raving, and people shouting and raising their arms. I thought, ‘What’s happened to these people?” Clinton said to the crowd.

She pointed out the Trump rally in Ohio last weekend where hundreds of supporters gathered to hear the former president speak.

“We saw the rally in Ohio the other night,” Clinton said, adding “Trump is ranting and raving for more than an hour, and you have these rows of young men with their arms raised.”


How on earth do they believe that by engaging in such nonsense they will ever be able to win over any Republicans? When was the last time someone changed your mind about something by telling you how crappy you are?

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Fret not. Mrs Rodham-Clinton final indignity will be spending eternity, next to BJ, in Little Rock, at the Clinton Library & Massage Parlor overlooking
    all sites of his extra-marital dalliances.
    If you are in the area, it’s worth a visit. Who knows, there enough space nearby just in case tries to make that third time a charm.

  • The sheer audacity of this woman. Considering how many people have “committed Suicide” that have had some contact with the Clinton’s. The biggest con job perpetuated on the American people was Joe Biden. I wasn’t stupid enough to vote for him, even Obama knew he was an idiot but having an idiot as his VP benefited Obama. He wouldn’t get any push back.

  • Well as we all recall the head NAZI was and still is Hillary Clinton! And it was Joe Biden that just gave the RED HITLER SPEACH! Pretty sure the country knows who the NAZI’S ARE!

  • Just how stupid is Hillary Clinton?

    Which Party controls the majority of the news networks and censures what they don’t want you to hear?
    Which Party is the Party of “abortion” (eugenics) and wants to murder living American babies?
    Which Party opened our borders, but whines when a blue State has to accept any of their illegal hauls?
    Which Party labels 1/2 the American population as deplorables, terrorist, fascist, and try to put fear in the hearts of the American people and divide us?
    Which Party claims to be “For the People” but taxes the working class to support the illegals and lazy?
    Which Party wants an instant change to “green” without adequate infrastructure or replacement energy, putting it’s people at risk?
    Which Party wants to cancel our freedoms – guns, speech, religion……?
    Which Party supported and funded the burning of our cities and businesses during the riots?
    Which Party is freeing hardened and dangerous criminals to steal at will, intimidate, injure and kill innocent Americans?

    Just how stupid does this idiot think we are and why would she think we are going to tolerate her insults and lies?

  • The whole democratic party is communist the one world order need to eradicate an and all democratic politicians, judges, congress, senate, governors, military, because if our Military was American they would have arrested biden his administration congress, they take an Oath to Protect America, Our Constitution as Written, not to protect criminals, politicians, that are out to destroy America, that includes these millionaires, billionaires that are paying the money to destroy America

  • I wonder if us trump supporters can sue her for slander. I’m not deplorable evil or a nazi. I will support anyone who wants to put Americans/ America first. And since Demonrats are only looking out for themselves I have no choice but to vote for an American first agenda. I’m also not racist nor a white supremacist. I go to work everyday to support my family and better our way of life. If that offends anyone I’m sorry it’s just the way I was brought up. I respect anyone and everyone no matter their color or religion. Sorry Hillary I’m just an average American who wants America to prosper. It’s what all those lives lost fought for!!!!

  • Hilary is the Most Despicable, Disgusting, Diabolical, Depraved, Disposable Democrat Piece of Subhuman Garbage Ever to Occupy this Planet! I bet there is a Special Place in Hell waiting for her arrival! She is a Prime Example that Crime Does Pay!

  • Hillary Clinton is so stupid, so ignorant and so thoroughly corrupt when will the media stop following her every move and comment? It’s a sure sign our media has learned nothing.

  • Would someone please tell the Bitch she should be put in prison for all the crooked shit she has done. She has no brains what so ever. Donald Trump has forgotten more about leadership than she’ll ever think about knowing. Call the Trump team what you like but we are here to rid people like you and the other greedy socialist from government.

  • Don’t call others what you actually are!! Keep you sick, vile, mouth closed to stop the excrement from coming out!!

  • Hillary Clinton belongs in a high security Federal Prison for the many crimes she has committed, including Sedition and other crimes against the United States. She has like Joe Biden has, shared the deepest most highly classified secrets of our country with communist countries, Hillary of the “WIPE AND SMASH” DEFENSE is one of the most dangerous people in this Dem cesspool

  • Anybody with an IQ higher than a rock To know hillary is a nazi herself! So is her daughter! And Biden is sending our money to a guy with a swastika as big as his entire arm! NAZI’S??? YES THE DEMOCRATS ARE ! ABSOLUTELY!

  • The only Nazi’s around are the ones that are still alive from WWII. They are very old and not to long there will be no more Nazi’s. To call someone or a group of people Nazi’s is uneducated. There are people that follow Hitler and wear the Swastika but that only makes them wannabes. The only Nazi’s were in the Socialist party in Germany. That party does not exist any longer.

  • .I guess when your are crazy and evil a Nazi is an upgraded Deplorable. The woman should have been hung as a traitor years ago.

  • In Germany Nazis were competing with Communists to destroy the Weimar Republic. Antifaschistische Aktion was the Communist Party organization then that is now, in collusion with the Democrats, trying to destroy America. Naturally, those with the communists call everyone else nazis or fascists.

  • Funny how the demNazis use Nazis propaganda constantly, ” Accuse others for what YOU are guitly of”!! ” Tell the lie often enough and it becomes the truth”!! What party uses BLM/Antifa like Nazi brown shirts, demoRATS!!! What party murders the innocent and defenseless like Nazis, demoRATS!!! What party plans events like Jan 6 then blames their political opposition like Nazis did, demoRATS!!!

  • Well we all know the woke Democrat will swallow anything they are tossed! Then line up to be first to get their brown shirt with the huge Swastikas’ on the back! All hillary needs now is a fake mustache and her swastikas’ To lead her NAZI’S!

  • This Hag is truly a flat out imbecile. If she/it would check the history of the Nazi’s she would see clearly that they took over Germany by doing the exact same things the DNP (Democratic Nazi Party) is doing. There’s a difference between a hypocrite and a habitual liar, but the Sow has taken it to a new level and combined them both.

  • That bobble head lookin criminal satan worshipper needs to be hung over a crock infested swamp and dropped in. Seize every penny from their criminal money laundering organizations and private assets. It’s stolen money she’s a murder and no one in her crooked family deserves to keep a penny of our money. Let the crocks have a big disgusting meal and put her monster head on a stake to rot.

  • Hillary Clinton is as SICK as Biden…..imagine the repercusions if she was America’s President….. she would put all Republicans in FEMA camps.

  • Not too worried about what a skink like this worthless fecal reject calls me. She’ll be swapping spit with Hitler in hell anyway.

  • From a cartoon of trick or treaters leaving a house. Couple standing on front steps confronted by a single character. Husband says to wife, “the one dressed as Hilary refuses to go away.” Nice touch, replies the wife.

  • The Left HAS to create Right-wing villains… because all the really evil dudes in the 20th Century were all Leftists. Do you think Hitler LIED about the “Socialist” part in the acronym “NAZI” meaning “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party”?
    THIS is why the Leftists need to deem Hitler to be a Right-winger.
    Remember that ‘Progressive’ is a euphemism for Liberal, which is another euphemism for Socialist, which is another euphemism for Communist.
    Hitler rose to power just like Lenin (promising freedom but knowing it would be a dictatorship) (Guess who burned the Reichstag?) The government took away the citizen’s guns… rounded-up Jews and Gypsies for slavery and extermination… took control of businesses… established a quota system for agriculture… murdered opponents… thoroughly indoctrinated Arian children to be good Party Members… attacked Christianity and sent Christian resistors to the same Death Camps… the State became all-important and omnipotent… the voiceless, defenseless citizens suffered. As Left as Left could be.
    Much of this was the same with Mao’s China and Mussolini’s Italy.

    Hitler’s party and Mussolini’s party were of the far-LEFTIST kind – as their names unmistakably state:
    1) Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei = German National SOCIALIST Workers Party.
    2) Partito Sozialista Italiano = Italian SOCIALIST Party.

    But today’s Leftist academics preach that they were the OPPOSITE.
    Then please explain why Russia was the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics” and the NAZI’s were the “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party”?
    “Oh, well, never mind that… the NAZI’s weren’t REALLY socialists… it was just a different kind of socialism… it was, ummm… say… did you see the ball game last night??”
    Nazism is an abbreviation of “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party” and for decades, Mussolini was a socialist until he learned that Italians would respond to collectivism better when associated with Italy rather than the “International Proletariat”. There is not a penny’s difference between Communism, Fascism, and Socialism except Fascism is nationality-aimed, and Communism and Socialism are internationally aimed. In the end, it does not matter. They ALL want to rule your life.
    As simple as it gets:
    RIGHT: Government exists to obey and support the goals of The People.
    LEFT: People exist to obey and support the goals of The Government.

    Note that Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Il Duce, Castro, Mao, Pol Pot, and others were all Leftists, Socialists, Communists, or Fascists, and atheists. Not Conservatives or Christians, they never ran a Republic or Democratic form of government. Just because you might be “allowed” to “vote”, when there is only one person to vote for, the outcome is a foregone conclusion, your being able to “vote” means nothing!
    What we don’t want are more concentration camps, death camps, gulags, genocide, Gestapos, KGBs, and the rest of the apparatus of state terror.

    • We are already in our concentration camps, just look what they did with the lockdowns & the fear mongering of “Covid” which was basically like a bad flu. Suicides & overdoses caused more deaths during the lock downs than Covid did! The vaccines are at an all time record high of deaths, more so than Covid! Illegals/INVADERS breaking into our country committing crimes & bringing in poison such as Fentenyl is at a record high of deaths much greater than Covid! Allowing criminals to commit crimes & then get away with it – murders at a all time high in DemonRAT cities. Did I leave anything out? I’m sure I did, as the list can be NEVER ending. And on & on until they finally obliterate US & have only themselves to attack. They will die a worse death than the rest of US & they will ROT IN HELL!

  • Isaiah 5:20-21 ESV
    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!”
    This is what the REAL Nazi-dems are doing.

  • Hillary Rodman Clinton is totally insane. She popped her cork even before the 2-16 election, before he 2012 election when Obama beat her. She has been bonkers ever since, and looked the part after Trump Beat her in that election too. You would think she would have learned after her Deplorables statement not to put degrading labels on voters but no now she is calling probably 50% of the voters NAZI’s. If I were the Democratic leadership I would be avoiding her like stink of a turd.

  • Hildabeast loves saying ANYTHING but the truth. And I would say to her, Democrats are the real “satanic evil” in America for the last 200 years! Slavery, blantant hypocracy, record killing of innocent babies, record fuel prices, food shortages, men in women’s restrooms and sports, secret sex change operations on our children, militarizing and using the IRS and FBI to arrest conservatives in the middle of the night, trampling all over our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments whenever they feel like it, taxes, more taxes, higher taxes, free speech censorship, spying on U.S. Presidents, conservative government officials and U.S. citizens, CRT and faggot transgenders indoctrinating in our corrupt school system, record inflation, business killing regulations, open borderes, highest crime rates/shootings in democrat run cities, Quid Pro Quo, BLM, antifa, racism, fascism, white supremacy, KKK, segregation, Jim Crow laws, dishonesty, lying, cheating, communism, and sociopathology, and don’t forget vast voter fraud, the likes we’ve never seen before. Did I leave anything out?

  • she came out just in time for halloween, that old witch should have a bucket of used toilet water thrown on her.

  • Hey Hillary, your best bet to see anything close to a Nazi look at the Democratic Party. Fully indoctrinated Democrats, MSM, Big Tech, woke Educators and corrupt Corporate America. All of the people are Democrats, not Republicans. Stop the hate speech and stays the woods.

  • The mainstream media can’t get enough of this poor excuse of a person. They hang onto every word she and Bill, Obama and Michelle and George and Laura have to say. Their opinions are useless, especially to conservatives.
    Liberals like these, and the RINOS, don’t get enough attention. They need to just fade into the background and then get old and die.

  • I’ll say one thing for Hillary,…she is a great projectionist. Trump never once went against our constitution, Hillary and the democrats are actively destroying it everyday.

  • Well maybe she should run! So Trump can embarrass her so bad she has a heart attack and we are truly rid of the Democrat Fuhrer ! I can see Bill jumping for joy right now! Singing DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! As he whips out his black book of near by hookers!



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