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We constantly hear the liberal left screaming about misinformation. There’s a theory that says someone who complains the most about something may be the guiltiest of all. In this instance, that’s the way it is with the liberal left’s cries of misinformation.

Liberals denounce just about everything that leans conservative as being “misinformation”. It’s all a sham. Over the last two years, one of the biggest areas of public information targeted by the left involved anything and everything about the virus.

The left-controlled mainstream media denounced anyone who questioned any of the liberal talking points on COVID. We do not exaggerate. It made little to no difference what it was about. Anyone who questioned the effectiveness of masks was ridiculed.

If you had any questions or apprehensions about being vaccinated, you were labeled an “anti-vaxxer”. Those who questioned the lockdowns were conspiracy kooks. The list that liberal social media platforms and the mainstream media worked to suppress about COVID is astonishing.

Another aspect of the pandemic that had people scratching their heads was how “COVID-19” deaths were recorded. Many were puzzled at how any death with a hint of COVID was immediately tagged as a “COVID-19 death”.

It didn’t matter if you accidentally stepped out in front of a moving bus and got plowed over. If you showed up at the morgue and tested COVID-positive, you died from COVID-19. It is pretty senseless, but there has been increasing evidence of these types of things happening.

Now we find out that thousands of deaths, totally unrelated to COVID, were recorded as COVID deaths. COVID death numbers are continually being adjusted. New reports seem to indicate that there may eventually be millions of wrongful death causes revealed.

These deaths were listed as COVID-related, but often with zero evidence as to that being what killed the person. These healthcare bureaucrats could have had only one motive in mind. They were entrusted by government bureaucrats with trying to scare the bejesus out of the public.

These corrupt, power-hungry liars needed everyone to be freaked out over the threat of dying from COVID. The worse they could make the death numbers look, the more afraid people would be. It would drive people to get a shot that they otherwise didn’t even need.

These false statistics frightened people into complying with mandates and restrictive quarantine orders. Everyone wore a mask out of fear. By lying about how many people were really dying, the bureaucrats could control the narrative by keeping everyone scared to death.

In most situations, it worked. People don’t realize how many lies they have been told. Recently, in Massachusetts, one such chunk of COVID death manipulation surfaced. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health said that it will “update its criteria” for COVID deaths.

Isn’t it a little too late for that? Or are they just afraid of the pushback when all the lies and manipulations they’ve used get exposed? The Massachusetts DPH issued a statement. The corrections are “to align with guidance from the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists.”

We think that a “Territorial Epidemiologist” is another word for an Anthony Fauci minion. This supposed “correction to adhere to the guidance” will retroactively change the COVID-19 death statistics as far back as March 2020.

This immediate adjustment has already erased over 4,000 COVID deaths off the Massachusetts ledger. Will there be more to come in this state? How many other states will follow in line and begin to adjust their COVID death numbers?

You have to wonder how many thousands of false COVID deaths will be uncovered in such corrupt liberal states as New York and California. At this rate, there could eventually be millions of what were initially COVID-reported deaths that simply were not.

The government and their hired-hacks from the U.S. healthcare bureaucracies have been lying to Americans since day one of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lies were on purpose. They needed everyone to be frightened. Frightened people are easy to control.

Frightened people will more easily do what they’re told. From the very beginning, most of the COVID-19 narrative was false. But you didn’t hear the liberal left screaming misinformation. That’s because when misinformation fits their narrative, it’s not misinformation.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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