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6Kamala Harris started off on the wrong foot from day one as vice president. She has gotten progressively worse. Even ignoring her insulting tendency to ostentatiously cackle during interviews doesn’t help. Kamala Harris is both arrogant and ignorant.

As vice-president, Kamala Harris is in way over her head. She was chosen as a token by the liberal left. Even Democrat voters rejected Harris in the presidential primaries. However, Kamala Harris checked all the right boxes to help get the progressive left’s puppet president elected.

Her appeal has plummeted, even within her own party. Many are projecting that the Democrat Party will gradually move away from Harris as their heir apparent to Joe Biden. Beyond her abrasiveness, Harris has imploded on every important job assigned to her.

Both Biden’s and Harris’ approval numbers are tanking. Her plummet from grace gained momentum as Americans watched Harris try to explain away the southern border crisis. She not only failed to make any decisions, but she also blundered on-camera opportunities as well.

If anyone is trying to preserve Kamala Harris’ future viability to the Democrat Party, they should keep her away from the cameras. Each time Harris is asked a tough question, she fumbles for an answer. This would explain the uncomfortable cackling.

Some have asked why this happens when her staff must know it offends people. Staff within the VP’s office say it’s because of Harris’ failure to prepare. A recent CBS interview further supports the contention that Harris does not put in the work to do her job.

Her on-camera gaffs ooze with arrogance. CBS “Face the Nation’s” host Margaret Brennan asked a series of questions targeted at the current spike in inflation. Brennan asked Harris if she felt it was wrong for the Biden administration to label inflation as “transitory”.

She continued by stating what economic experts are now saying, “These price spikes seem like they’re going to be with us for a while.” Harris was clearly unprepared. She bumbled through an incoherent initial reply, and then tried to segue into Biden’s failed tax and spend legislation.

While pivoting to the doomed Build Back Better bill, Harris tried to deflect blame on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Somehow, Harris attempted to allude to Manchin’s opposition to the legislation as being responsible for the skyrocketing prices Americans are enduring.

Harris said, “We have to address the fact that we have got to deal with the fact that folks are paying for gas, paying for groceries, and are — need solutions to it.” All Harris could muster up as an excuse was that somehow U.S. ports operating 24 hours a day was the magical fix.

Again, Harris never did answer the question about how the effects and prevalence of inflation escaped her administration. Harris clearly is an aloof elitist who is out of touch with everyday Americans. She has an egotistical sense of self-importance that is abrasive.

Her arrogant personality aside, Harris is not putting in the work required for her important job. Kamala Harris is failing her own party. However, and more importantly, she is failing the American people. Kamala Harris is not up to the task of being vice president.

She never was. Maybe the next time a presidential candidate ponders this critical nomination, they’ll think twice before picking someone because of their skin color or gender. Beyond being “second-in-command, the vice-president has crucial responsibilities.

Kamala Harris is not competent enough to perform them. It is painfully obvious every time she steps in front of a camera. The Vice President of the United States of America is a critical office. Kamala cannot laugh her way out of that responsibility.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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