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It hasn’t taken liberal Democrats long to turn on their boy. Joe Biden was the puppet candidate that Democrats had to use in 2020. Even though they still had to cheat, no one else within the party had a chance against President Trump.

However, it appears that Democrats are having buyer’s remorse. Joe Biden has fumbled and bumbled his way to some of the worst approval ratings in modern presidential history. He has been a complete disaster.

In all likelihood, the combined performance of Biden and Kamala Harris has obliterated any chance Democrats had of retaining their slim majority in Congress. Most project a landslide by Republicans next November.

Democrats are going to lose and lose badly. However, the angst goes even beyond the 2022 midterm elections. The progressive movement is staring down huge problems ahead of the next U.S. Presidential Election.

Their media darling, Kamala Harris, isn’t even popular within the Democrat Party. Joe Biden is beginning to look like an even worse candidate. So, Americans should pay attention to how quickly Democrats turn away from Biden.

In all honesty, Joe Biden has cooked his own goose. He has virtually no chance of even winning the Democrat nomination for 2024. Almost every political expert insists that the process of pushing Biden out has already started.

FOX News Greg Gutfeld is an expert at finding an amusing angle to such twists in political popularity. Make no mistake about it. Gutfeld is not a Joe Biden fan. However, in a recent monologue, Gutfeld managed to find some humor in Joe’s demise.

With his political world literally crumbling around him, now Biden must watch as his crooked son Hunter lurks closer and closer to multiple criminal indictments. Many believe these indictments will have a trickle-down effect on the White House.

Things could get extremely hot in the Oval Office when the Republicans take over both houses of Congress in November. But even if Joe survives a wave of rightful public scrutiny, his chances in 2024 will not change.

Again, Democrats will do everything they can to shift the focus away from Biden’s failing public perception. He is done after one term, if he even makes it that far. But Gutfeld talked about a way Biden could find solace in his unceremonious exit from Pennsylvania Avenue.

If number one son, Hunter, gets convicted of anything serious, which he should, “the Big Guy” could at least pardon the crook. Gutfeld said that Democrats will try to make it look like a retirement type of exodus, but Biden will be shoved aside.

The panel of FOX News’ “The Five” tossed around the prospects ahead for Hunter. Co-host Dana Perino said she envisioned indictments were coming, but that the White House would attempt to distance itself from the pending melee of criminal charges.

Perino also anticipated the process to be extremely slow, trying to push it past the upcoming midterm elections. Most do not believe it will matter either way. The issue, according to Perino, is how close this will get to the White House.

She believes that “if there is one iota that it looks like Joe Biden was involved in some way or influenced in some way,” the current message coming from the White House will “blow apart.” Gutfeld disagreed with one aspect of his co-host’s comments.

Gutfeld thinks that there will not be a slow-walking of the investigation. He thinks the Department of Justice will get this done quicker than most expect. The idea will be to get it completed fast. Then, push Joe out of office fast and furious, so he can pardon his crooked son.

The Five co-host went on to insist that this story has blown up in the White House’s face. They appear to be caught off guard. Gutfeld thinks this is about containment now. Everything is focused on trying to keep this investigation as far away from Joe Biden as possible.

We don’t believe it’s going to work. There is no way that Joe Biden did not know. He is the “big guy”. He is a bigger liar than his addict son. The whole Biden family is crooked. Another side to this investigation could also have Democrats turning their back on “old Scranton Joe.” They may not have any choice.

If Republicans can take back the majority, the Hunter Biden scandal could do more than just encroach upon the White House lawn. It could roll its way right into the Oval Office. The entire Biden family could be used as the Democrats’ sacrificial lamb. Joe Biden could pardon his crooked son, unless he gets convicted too. We can only hope.


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