Joe Biden is in a heap of trouble and in my opinion will likely be impeached as a result of mishandling classified documents which were found in multiple locations. That’s just what has been found so far. Who knows if there is any more out there somewhere that are just waiting to be discovered.

Joe Biden had a shocking admission in 2016 when he revealed on the “Jay Leno’s Garage” show that his sons Hunter and Beau had access to his Delaware garage, where stashed classified documents were unearthed by the president’s attorney on Thursday. Of course, it wasn’t shocking at that time, but now that we look back on it knowing what we now know, it really is shocking, but not surprising. As a Christmas gift, they decided to have the engine of Joe’s iconic green Corvette restored. This is the same garage.

This was only months before then-Vice President Joe Biden left the White House and allegedly stole classified documents, which had been stashed away in his “locked” garage along with two other locations recently revealed such as the Penn Biden Center. When asked why he would store these documents in his Delaware garage by Fox News, Biden responded that it was “in a locked garage” with his Corvette. Yeah…my garage is locked too, but it would be easy enough for someone to get inside if they put in a little effort.

According to CNN, the first trove of found documents is believed to include information related to Ukraine and Iran, however it is unknown what other material may be stored away in Joe Biden’s garage. Furthermore, a document from 2018 shows that Hunter owned Joe Biden’s Wilmington home at that time and signed off on a background screening request.

Given these facts it has raised some questions about how closely Hunter had access to his father’s political activities while Joe Biden was Vice President. And although there is no proof of any wrong doing from either of them at the moment, this story has certainly become something of intrigue for many Americans who are just learning about it now, especially in light of the drama regarding President Trump and documents found at Mar-a-Lago.


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    IMPEACH IRISH BIDEN CRIME FAMILY BOSS AND GET HIS SKINNY WORTHLESS ASS OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE: Send that corrupt bastard and his asshole criminal son both to the slammer, along with his brother and any other family members involved in Biden’s criminal enterprise! Hope he gets a cell with Bubba! I just wonder how many other Democrats he’ll take down with him. Good Time Joe should get some real TIME if the Justice Dept. gets it’s act together on this one!

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  • The Bidens have been shady all of Joe’s career. Why are we surprised about any of this at this late date. The only surprise is that someone leaked it to the public. It is not a surprise that the FBI and the DOJ tried to keep it all secret before the mid terms. I have known Joe was a crook, along with his son for years. And yet some dumb people voted him into the highest office, as president. These people were either completely stupid, or they didn’t care about him selling secrets to the Chinese and getting money, by threats, from the Ukraine. And this is not all the Biden family has done. His Brother was in on shady deals too.

  • None of this matters. All of these corrupt politicians KNOW that the majority of classified documents are only classified to hide the fraud and corruption going on in the government. Foreign governments could care less about any of this garbage because they already KNOW about it, because they are just as corrupt. It’s the same reason why nothing was done about Hildabeast and her mishandling of classified information. If anything at all comes from this I will be greatly surprised.

  • little (boy) Hunter Biden and the rest of the World probably ! Had probably seen them Already. Hidin Biden’s Lawyers need to Check the Toilet Water Tank and see if are any Document s in Plastic Bags being hid in there.

  • That explains everything. Now we can see why China, Russia and Ukraine paid Hunter so much money. Traitors shouldn’t be imprisoned, they need to be executed.

  • That explains everything. Now we can see why China, Russia and Ukraine paid Hunter so much money. Traitors shouldn’t be imprisoned, they need to be executed. And if his relatives profit from his deeds, (10% for the big guy)… they need to go too.



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