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Here we are six months later after learning about the disappearance of Gabby Petito and we are still learning more details about the entire incident.

I honestly don’t know that we’ll ever learn more about why Brian Laundrie did what he did, but who knows.

Last August, Brian Laundrie murdered Gabby Petito. It wasn’t until approximately three weeks later that authorities found the remains of Gabby.

After that, the manhunt was on to locate Brian Laundrie. If you remember, even Dog the Bounty Hunter was on the case and I was really hoping that he would find him, but that didn’t happen.

However, Brian Laundrie was ultimately found, at least, his remains were.

During this time, there has been an autopsy conducted. I think that the reason it has taken so long is because his remains were probably in shambled.

While the autopsy does confirm that Laundrie did die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the left temple of his head, that’s not the worst part of all of this.

Authorities recovered “the vast majority of [his] skeleton” — aside from a few bones from his teeth and his face — scattered “in plain sight,” they said.

His bones showed signs of “gnawing and chewing” from “post-mortem scavenging/carnivore activity” — including on portions of his arms and legs, the report said.

“These areas are consistent with carnivores and/or omnivores including canines such as feral dogs and coyotes along with rodents and raccoons,” the report said.

Among his remains that were discovered they also found some clothing of his but also other animal skeletal remains as well. All-in-all, it was not a pretty scene. His body was submerged in approximately three feet of water as well.

I still really hate it that Laundrie was not captured alive. There will always be that curiosity and unresolved issue of what exactly happened and why he did what he did.

NY Post


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