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Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, Illinois, was eager to show off her city’s crime statistics in an August interview, claiming that murder and shooting incidents had decreased 16% and 18%, respectively. However, this was compared to 2021’s record-breaking statistics in the Windy City, which were already among the highest in the nation.

The crime rates in Illinois have been a major issue for years due to liberal policies, and under President Joe Biden, crime has been on the rise across the U.S., with Chicago being one of the worst-hit areas.

The stories of horrific crimes being committed in Illinois span the entire state. Robberies are especially on the rise. Of course, Liberal Lori says retail businesses are responsible for a spike in robberies. This is as ludicrous as her stance on criminal reform.

Liberals do not care about the crime that befalls everyday American citizens. The insane crime policies they promote are proof. But in Illinois, things may soon get even worse. A billionaire, far-left radical, J.B. Pritzker, governs Illinois.

Recently, Pritzker signed into law a radical crime bill that will take effect in 2023. Illinoisans should prepare for an even greater increase in crime. Most experts believe this new legislation is akin to Illinois signing its own death warrant.

It’s called the “SAFE-T Act.” This radical piece of crime legislation will do everything but provide for the safety of most Illinois residents. However, as written, the law will help promote a safe process for criminals to walk right out of jail.

Pritzker signed a package of revisions into the bill. Supposedly, insane parts of the bill, such as the inability for police to remove a trespasser, were erased. No one is sure. But there’s still one key element written in the legislation.

It instructs Illinois judges not to charge a criminal “unaffordable” bail. What’s that supposed to mean? If an indigent person pulls a gun and shoots someone, but they’re essentially broke, they get a reduced bail amount because “they can’t afford it.”

This is crazy. What it means is that most criminals under the new Illinois law must be released. Many will commit the same or even worse crimes. Again, by law, they’ll be escorted right back out onto the streets.

The “revolving door of the penal system” used to refer to an inability to reform certain criminals. Some people were just bad. Until they earned a lengthy period of incarceration, these criminals would just walk in and out of the criminal justice system.

But now that revolving door has a new and potentially dangerous twist. This is like processing cattle. Criminals are arrested, herded through the jailhouse doors, stamped, and then raced back out into the pasture fields. There’s one problem.

This herd is grazing on innocent, law-abiding citizens. They feed off the weak and vulnerable. The new Illinois crime law will prove a catastrophe. But do the far-left Democrats care? Nope, that’s what they’re hoping for. Crime and chaos stoke fear. Fear induces compliance.

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  • I wonder what will happen when a releasee harms or kills a family member of a public official. It won’t be so clever then will it you despicable democrats.

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    • They are surrounded by security with big guns. We are the ones paying for their safety while we are the victims of crimes. But Illinois citizens will get what they voted for. I think it’s called Karma. Illinois sucks.

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  • Hey do you realized he waited until after his election before signing the bill. I have no pity for the innocent people in Illinois because you continue to re elect liberal progressive democrats. Just another blue state going crazy on crime.

    • You are absolutely right. How stupid do you have to be to keep voting for these lifetime politicians? Based on Illinois stats I get the answer is pretty damn stupid. Hard to feel sorry for people who continue to hide their head in the sand and pretend that things will be better after an election.

  • Vote for “s**t for sense politicians” and you get s**ty decisions. Keep voting for the Democrats who have ruined your state, you fools. You deserve the worst of the best.

    • Nope, just outnumbered by kool-aid drinkers & rigged machines. These days – it is getting very expensive to ‘vote with one’s feet’, especially those reaching retirement age, but Democrat-caused inflation will prevent many from ever retiring. The Left seems to be fascinated with Death and making more of it happen, mostly with our kids. They push abortion and up to now, over 63.6 million murdered – over 10 times the number of Jews that Hitler put to death. Who’s the real monster now? Now they are pushing gender change, which effectively aborts any progeny any of these poor humans will ever have, and many times, they are having it done to small children. Add the 80% suicide rate for these gender-swapped peeps and add that to the youths, picking each other off just to protecting drug-selling corners, and it is no wonder America’s population is in decline by this systemic genocide of our youth. Real solutions of any reasonable kind will be greatly accepted.

      • Mike we are just getting ready for the 3rd world country we are on a fast tract to achieve. Already most democratic areas allow criminals to steal X amount before it is even considered criminal. Don’t know what will happen to the rest of us when they bankrupt these companies.

    • Thank the Lord I live in a state North Dakota, that the liberals don’t run where we don’t run a deficit. We recently had our two senators vote for The Biden 3 trillion bailout because they could get 2.4 billion for infrastructure. This will cause my kids and grandkids to be on the hook for our states share of the debt that the 3 trillion created. I am working my way up the party ladder to voice against term for these individuals. I will not vote for a democrat but i do npt want another term from these two senators because they did not listen to contacts from the public before they voted for Biden’s 3 trillion. They need to replaced with candidates whom will listen to the majority of the voters

  • Geez. I wonder how much security Governor Pritzker surrounds himself with? So Lori will complain to Pritzker that it’s all the fault of guns being smuggled into Illinois of course. So glad to see those numbers trending down. I have a theory about that. It’s the ammunition shortage!!!

  • Well, I say let it continue rot until voters grow up or are gone. The old saying of “stupid is as stupid does” applies here.

  • They say the far liberal left don’t care but I would say the voters don’t care or these people wouldn’t have been elected. You get what you vote for.

  • solution is hard time for the criminals if given Parole and second offense is committed put the parole board members in the same cell with the criminal who the parole board members freed for the rest of their lives. No more TV or background music or exercise equipment just hard labor. Prisons should be punishment not 3 hots and a cot! We must stop catering to the wrongdoers.

  • The citizens need to arm themselves and shoot to kill anyone committing a crime whether it’s self defense or if they see a crime committed on an elderly person or child, take measures in their own hands if that’s what the Communist Governor and the sloth looking Mayor Lightfoot want criminals to do then it needs to end Now.!
    I can’t understand the Communist Democrats mindset, all I know is their pure Evil and they need to be taken down and Hung in public.



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