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It’s clear that Governor Ron DeSantis knows how to run a state the right way. For the Florida Governor, it has been a case of win after win after win, just like it used to be with President Trump in the White House.

I’m willing to bet that many of those who outwardly oppose him are privately supportive of him and what he’s doing. Florida is booming, thanks in large part to Governor DeSantis’ policies.

Things are only going to get better now that he has approved the redistricting of Florida, which will give Republicans a few more seats in Congress. The bill was enacted in reaction to the Democrats’ continuous attempts at gerrymandering.

But now, DeSantis just did something else that is going to have a major impact on fair elections. He has created the first office of Election Crimes and Security to directly address problems with voter fraud. If only every state would do this. I hope that several others follow suit.

According to Epoch Times,

During a packed April 25 press conference in Spring Hill, Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 524 into law, strengthening voting rules in the state and establishing the nation’s first Office of Election Crimes and Security at the Department of State, specifically formed to investigate and prosecute voter fraud.

While most legacy media news reports insist claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election are “unsubstantiated,” “false,” “baseless,” “unfounded,” or outright lies that have been “debunked,” other reports are surfacing with evidence of widespread fraud through ballot harvesting, the process of third-party volunteers collecting ballots and delivering them to local election offices or ballot drop boxes.

I would love to have Ron DeSantis as the next President, but at the same time, I’d hate to see Florida lose him, because he is doing amazing things down there.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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