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The introduction of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act by Sens. John Kennedy, Bill Hagerty, and John Cornyn on Wednesday is a major victory for Second Amendment supporters across the nation.

This groundbreaking legislation makes a permit from any one state valid in all other 49 states, helping to uphold the fundamental right of responsible gun owners to bear arms while still allowing each state to regulate its own laws regarding the use of firearms.

By recognizing concealed carry permits like driver’s licenses, this bill will make it possible for firearm owners to travel between states without having to worry about conflicting or confusing laws surrounding their permit rights. Sen. Kennedy made it clear that this bill seeks to “affirm Americans’ fundamental liberties while respecting individual states’ rights to establish their own laws,” highlighting how this law is both protective of gun owners’ rights and respectful of state autonomy, an important balance for Second Amendment advocates everywhere.

This bill has received widespread support from those who are passionate about advancing the cause of gun rights and ensuring sensible gun control measures. National Shooting Sports Foundation’s senior vice president and general counsel Larry Keane praised the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act as “common sense legislation that solves the problem of the confusing patchwork of laws surrounding concealed carry permits, particularly with regard to states where laws make unwitting criminals out of legal permit holders for a simple mistake.” He went on to emphasize that this new bill safeguards people’s right to bear arms while also protecting Second Amendment rights across all 50 states equally, something that all supporters should be encouraged by.

Similarly, Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) had previously proposed his own House reciprocity bill, H.R. 38, which he explained would guarantee “Second Amendment does not disappear when crossing an invisible state line…[It] protects law-abiding citizens’ rights to conceal carry and travel freely between states without worrying about conflicting state codes or onerous civil suits.” It’s heartening for gun advocates everywhere that these two bills have been able to garner so much bipartisan support as they work their way towards becoming law, a great sign that both sides are able acknowledge how important Second Amendment freedoms truly are in America today.

By enabling lifelong residents, frequent travelers, and everyone in between to ensure their ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights no matter what state they find themselves in, these bills seek not just protect gun owners’ freedoms but also provide tangible comfort and security for those who choose lawfully own firearms as part of responsible self-defense planning.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I urged my Ct. state representative to support this bill. I received an answer that wasn’t in agreement, which isn’t surprising in a Democrat state. I just hope that the bill will get enough votes to pass, as it is clear common sense and could be a life saver for many. We live in very dangerous times, when at any given moment violence can strike. Without a gun to protect oneself and/or one’s family, injury or death is inevitable.

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    • 2nd Amendant is THE National Permit to keep and bear arms! …shall not be infringed!
      Why the hell do you need a CC permit, too? … to appease the gun Grabbers???

      • Permits are nothing more than the registration by legal gun owners so they will know who to go after to take their guns. Communist Democraps will never comply.

  • As long as we have a large and dangerous urban Negro population every law abiding citizen should have the right to own and use a gun for self defense as long as they act responsibly.

      • You are not so far off as you think the FBI’s own stats prove that even though they are less than 15% of our population, they commit close to 70% of ALL VIOLENT CRIMES in this country, and have done so since the 1960’s.

        • Is that a result of the cultural changes that were institutionalized by the Democrats like LBJ that insured that the black folks would be fatherless and dependent upon the Federal Government for their sustenance for the remainder of their lives? The Democratic progressives that began many years ago are a major reason why there is such a dichotomy between the races, and why there are no black fathers in the households any longer. Years ago there was a back community in Los Angeles that was among the best kept and most law abiding in the southern California area, and that is what was destroyed by the progressives, and in particular the nail in the coffin by the “Great Society” of Lyndon Johnson and his peers, funny think is, he was among the most racist of the folks that occupied the seats of Congress and the Presidency at the time. Go figure.

          • Very well said Terry Story and you are correct. LBJ stopped all advancement of colored people with his “Great Society” which was anything but great. Black people caught on to the free stuff right away by simply avoiding marriage for welfare and food stamps. That cancer is still going on today.

  • Ya, great news for states with concealed carry, those of use in shitholes like ca and ny get nothing. Everyone deserves to carry to protect themselves from a nation of criminals set free by prosecutors and idiotic laws. Ya, I’m really for these shallow fucking repubs!!! That’s why I ain’t one no more and will never give another dime to any of them nor my vote. repubs are the real problem and need to be eliminated. They do nothing, or worse, give in to anti-Constitutionalists!! Hate them all! The gallows should be their reward with mcconnel and his little girls first, then all the rest. Integrity free.

    • O.K. David, so what is your alternative to Republicans? Liberal Democrats?? I think you had better come up with the lesser of two evils.

  • Good idea. In Ga. I still get the permit because we do travel to other states. That would be one less fee to pay.

  • The GOP should really stop the B.S. Even though the a national CCW bill is needed, like one’s driver’s license, this bill will be DOA when it gets to the Desk of Lying corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, unless thy have enough votes to override brain dead’s Veto. One should know that Cornyn is a two faced hypocrite. Cornyn is like a Russian double agent, Cornyn is trying to save face. One should ask Cornyn why he voted for an omnibus spending bill, in that bill hidden away are measures to infringe on one’s 2nd Amendment rights, especially when it comes to Veterans owning firearms.

    • It isn’t just “brain dead” that has to pass on this bill, but the Democratic Senate, and that is if it could even get out of the House of Representatives. I think that it is not likely in either case since there are too many RINO’s still using oxygen in the House, and there are so many of the politicians that are in both houses of Congress and spew nonsense when they are being heard, but have another idea when they are not talking to their constituents. I believe that used to be referred to as talking out of both sides of your mouth! Of course it isn’t just politicians that do that, but they are the ones that have an effect on how we live and what we can do or not do for ourselves.

  • Zooming in on vets who own guns. Let that sink in for a minute. So, if you are a vet and own guns that means you know how to handle those “assault weapons” and we can’t have that! We only want people that have guns but are too stupid to use it! Yeah that’ll work! Gov’t says “GIVE US YOUR GUNS” and these people piss their pants handing over their guns.

    • The politicians do not want anyone to have firearms, period! It is just a matter of time before they figure out how. They already control everything else, so it is just a matter of turning the screws until they have complete control and then hide and watch!

  • Legislation recognizing the right of universal concealed carriage is long overdue, though this United States House of Representatives bill will be a toss-up in the United States Senate, as well as a no-go for SloJoBama Bidet to sign into law. One might only hope that there are enough votes to override SloJoBama Bidet’s veto, if it gets that far.

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  • The only problem is the part about respecting individual states’ rights to establish their own laws, You know what will go on with governors in blue tyrant states like California.

    • Read the Tenth Amendment, powers delegated to the states “nor prohibited by the Constitution” – Second Amendment covers that.

  • This bill doesn’t have a chance in hell of ever going anywhere and it amounts to posturing on the part of those that submitted it for consideration by Congress. If the votes had gone the way I would have liked then perhaps it could have had a shot, but it didn’t and it isn’t likely to change anytime soon. I have to wonder if the bill would have been submitted if it actually had a chance at passing, but that would just be conjecture on my party and I think that it is posturing on the part of the Congressmen that submitted it.

  • Democrats have created a silver war on Americans and our leaders
    Or representatives are doing
    Nothing but planning for the
    Elections where our leadership
    Our generals military leaders
    Looks like nobody cares.?()



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