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This woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, is an evil person. There is no better way to describe her. She helped her lover groom underage girls to fulfill the creeping sexual fantasies of perverted men.

Maxwell deserves every minute of her prison sentence. But there are hundreds who will avoid their rightful punishment as participants in this sick scheme.

Certainly, if there is a “Higher Source of Justice,” these disgusting people should be worried. One former U.S. president might mysteriously “perspire profusely” on his deathbed. Of course, Hollywood would never miss the chance to “make a buck” off a scandal.

The convicted Madam Maxwell has been allowed to give a series of personal interviews. They’ll be aired as a documentary. That’s a concern in itself. Why do people want to hear the dirty little details these absolute creeps have to say? They should be tossed into a prison cell and ignored.

But since “inquiring minds want to know,” Maxwell is getting airtime. One of the most insensitive comments is how much pity she feels for all her rich and powerful pals. These people are rumored pedophiles, just like Maxwell’s ex-lover, Jeffrey Epstein.

Anyone who’s involved in the sexual exploitation of a minor is a creep. They’re both creeps and criminals. There shouldn’t be an ounce of sympathy for any person who was part of Epstein’s creepy clan. Maxwell’s jailhouse interview pity party included her “dear friend” Prince Andrew.

Most of Britain’s royal family appreciate that they have a pervert in their midst. Many, including the late Queen herself, have distanced themselves from the disgraced Andrew. But Maxwell mentioned feeling sorrowful for another “pal.”

The woman who used deception to trick young women into joining Epstein’s brothel of babies was “heartbroken” over the end of her “special friendship” with Bill Clinton. Investigations into Epstein’s exploits exposed the former president for having flown on the pervert’s private jet.

Combined with the other sinful and distasteful acts committed by the 42nd President of the United States, this one may have been the most revolting. This means there’s a reasonable chance that Bill Clinton wasn’t only a sexual deviant, he was a child molester.

Maxwell told documentary filmmaker Daphne Barak that the two had “lots in common.” The convicted child sex trafficker went on to say, “understand that he, like others, can no longer consider me as a friend.” We bet both Prince Andrew and Slick Willie breathed a heavy sigh when that’s all she said.

It’s somewhat astonishing that Maxwell hasn’t blown the whistle on some of these creeps. Maybe she’s afraid of meeting the same mysterious end that her beau met. Many don’t believe Epstein’s rather timely demise was a suicide. Much to the contrary, some still insist he was murdered.

Who knows, perhaps Jeffrey was going to “drop a dime” on some rather powerful and influential people. However, at least for the moment, his accomplice, “Madam Maxwell,” seems content to be saddened over lost pals. We can hear the collective sigh of relief across the oceans!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • “if there is a “Higher Source of Justice,””

    if? if?

    If these people do not repent of their sins before God they will burn in everlasting burning anguish in the lake of fire right along with their master. These people no matter how lawless will not escape judgement.

    Jesus extends forgiveness even to these evil people. I suggest everyone turns from their sins and asks Jesus for forgiveness, or they too will be with these evil people in the lake of fire.

  • An important psychological boundary will be breached if Democrats lose substantially in the mid-terms. Especially if we win both the House and the Senate with good margins.

    This will initiate a severe “crack” in our present two-tiered legal system. If that happens, all bets are off that these two evil people will continue to get away with everything.

    Their clock is definitely ticking. November 8th will likely define their fate.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  • I remember when they had the DC madam’s black book! Of all the government that she was servicing! Funny how all the evidence always disappears when the government is involved! I think we should get rid of them all! Just to make sure we get all the perverts! Or they can find and expose the perverts in DC! That should be the choice! Same with the FBI! NO MORE WE ARE INVESTIGATING THAT NEVER ENDS! Government is investigating nothing! They are hiding their involvement in the crimes they are part of! They claim the drugs they show are destroyed! Or are they just sold back on the streets? Everything is a secret! WHY? And so it will be with these perverts! The truth will be berried. And another BS story is what the people get!

  • I’d say a messed up women but not a real evil women . now Hillary, Pelosi and mad max are the real evil women. they attack with intense to kill. but not Maxwell. she don’t kill. killing ends her business. but the other kill to keep their jobs. that’s the difference

  • “Why do people want to hear the dirty little details these absolute creeps have to say?They should be tossed into a prison cell and ignored.”

    No. They should be exemplified in consequential terms.



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