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The liberal mindset sometimes baffles logic. There’s often no sense to certain things these radical leftists do. Most are aware of the heavy liberal presence in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Their crazy ideologies have bled into one of the local school districts.

Fulton County School Board officials recently suspended an athletic director and coach from Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta. His alleged offense is another one of those liberal reactions that baffle logic.

Kenneth Miller is now under suspension. Miller is suspended for restraining a female student. But that’s where the story becomes bizarre. Back in August, the school principal at Tri-Cities called Miller into her office.

There had been an ongoing concern over reported gun-carrying students at the school. Miller told Atlanta Fox 5 News that, “During that process, we located guns. We saved lives”. But one encounter with a female student turned confrontational.

The young lady was belligerent and combative. It turned out she had a handgun in her backpack. To prevent a dangerous escalation of the incident, Miller stepped in and restrained her. She was later taken into custody.

But now comes the point where the story becomes bizarrely illogical. Miller was fired. For what Miller insists, was following Fulton County School guidelines to the letter. Eventually, the liberal school board reversed their ignorant decision.

Maybe they were staring down a potentially unjustifiable termination lawsuit. But instead of doing the right thing, the school board put Miller on suspension. The explanation is almost as crazy as the whole idea of suspending him.

The statement issued by the school board said Miller “inappropriately intervened in a student matter being handled by school administrators and law enforcement.” Apparently, Miller has hired a lawyer. Good for him. The coach is on administrative leave with pay.

But that still doesn’t account for the total insanity surrounding this situation. It defies logic. Do the school officials want teachers to allow things to escalate to the point where someone gets shot? We’re not sure. But one thing is for certain. Their logic is baffling.


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