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General Mark Milley, President Donald Trump’s top military adviser, is under fire for his suspicious actions in the weeks leading up to Trump’s departure from the White House.

According to reports, Milley took measures to hide nuclear codes from Trump and even held secret calls with China’s defense officials. In addition, Milley allegedly unilaterally surrendered to the Taliban, arming them with $80 billion in US weapons.

The news comes from a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of The Washington Post, titled “Peril.” It details the tension between Trump and Milley, as well as Milley’s attempts to limit Trump’s control over military action.

According to the book “Peril” written by Bob Woodward and national political editor Robert Costa, General Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs chairman, spoke to China’s military counterpart, General Li Zuocheng of PLA in two secret phone calls on Oct. 20 and Jan. 8. In these conversations, he promised that the U.S. would not launch any attacks against them without providing advanced warnings first.

Meanwhile, CNN ran a story the same day stating that Pelosi was reassured by Milley that safeguards were in place in case President Trump attempted to launch a nuclear weapon.

Around 15 people were present during the October 2020 teleconference call between Milley and China which was coordinated by then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper (who was later fired by President Trump). Following this conversation, Milley released a statement through a spokesman confirming the information mentioned in the book Peril which indicated that his two talks with the Chinese military had gone against President Trump’s wishes. Additionally, Christopher Miller (Trump’s Acting Secretary of Defense from the 2020 election to Inauguration Day) called this an “unprecedented act of insubordination” in an interview with Fox News.

On Monday Robert Costa reported another incredible event. Nancy Pelosi asked Milley if the nuclear codes were safe because of her fears about President Trump making dangerous decisions just to stay in power, and apparently, Milley agreed with her assessment about Trump being unstable.

In my opinion, this could be seen as a coup against the President involving Democrats and institutions such as the FBI, DOJ, US Military, and Pelosi herself. This would be quite an extraordinary moment in American history.

Unfortunately for America though this man is still currently leading its military forces despite surrendering to the Taliban and supplying them with $80 billion worth of weapons and supplies only months after speaking to Pelosi over nuclear safety measures.

Does this raise some serious questions including why is he still holding government office? Why has he not been arrested? It appears as though Washington is utterly corrupted. Will a Republican House be taking action on it, or are they just as bad?

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Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • I agree. A person like Milley, in a top military position, needs to be arrested and be prosecuted. Who are Pelosi and Milley that they feel they can make that decision? This is a good case for term limits. People in power that get mistaken that they can overrule a president. Why have a president if the underlings, who have been in power for ages, think they can just take over and make counter decisions to the president. That is unconscionable. Milley needs to go. Term limits for congress. But, they should not be the ones voting on that. The people need to vote for term limits themselves.

  • This is treason. Milley conspired with Pelosi and China. This woke idiot has no business in any position of authority.

    • McCarthy will squash any talk of investigating, he’s a globalist like all the Democrats and 95% of Republicans. Milley will never be brought to justice. Until we restore our Constitution and Bill of Rights, as intended by the founders this nation will fall to the NWO.

  • Milley is not too bright. He dumped on his relationship with Trump because the CiNC wasn’t sensitive to him and sticks his nose up Biden’s 6 o’clock only to be dumped on by Biden with Afghanistan pull out and now with leaks to the press, not to mention the Army wokeness.

  • General Milley is an absolute disgrace to his uniform! Not only was he deliberately withholding the nuclear codes from the President of the United States but he was secretly holding conversations with Communist China–an enemy of the United States.
    This man should be recalled and his stripes and medals be stripped from him and face trial by the military.

    • Milley does deserve a trial by Court Marshall and if guilty, executed. This is the most serious of accusations and if this country is to remain free, then serious remedies are required. Hope for enough republicans that love America to make this happen.

      • I totally agree. People like Milley and Pelosi, after having been in power for so long they feel they know best. I thought Trump handled himself well with other leaders. Better than the one in there now, who is probably enriching himself at our expense.

      • military tribunal will cure milley’s problems, firing squad. This secret society Freemason will be protected until we remove every last devil worshipping Freemason from this planet, after the 3rd level they become satans bitch… and we have NEVER been free, just the illusion. Secret Society Freemasons have terrorized us since the Reformation when it was created. The devil-owned creator also created the very first bank in the world called the Vatican, he appointed himself as the 1st Pope, St. Peter. He rewrote the New Testament and created all religions we know today. His son Julius Calpernius Piso wrote Revelations, hence, that’s why Demonrats think they know the future, they created it. They are the ones with the big $$$ and power and they maintain that at ‘the peoples’ expense. The more $$$ you have the higher up Satans ladder you go and the more opportunities you’ll get. Why would any society have to be a secret? Because THEY ARE as sick as their secrets…

    • Meals and stripes can’t be taken away UNLESS the circumstances of their award are found wanting. But RANK most certainly be reduced and a term in Leavenworth given.

  • He should be relieved of duty, put in prison for dereliction of duty. Committing treason against the United States, punishable by death. Follow the Constitution it’s the law.

  • if he did commit treason. although not during an actual war, why not prosecute biden for what he’s done to the American people? our safety has been threatened, our life style dropped. now we have an area begging for fuel and that pompous jersey in office is still there. crap rolls down hill. let’s start at the top.



  • Nothing will happen to him! He will like all the rest ride off into the sunset with a hefty pension and a no show show job while giving America the finger! Unless the people do it themselves! I expect to see his book out shortly for at least ten million!

  • Milley is a Freemason, what did you expect from him or witch Pelosi? Hang both the Traitors publicly, along with the rest of the contributors. Some 200,000+ of these traitorous bastards have already been indicted. I can’t wait for the very last one… Will there be anybody left on the planet? If so, they won’t smell, look, or act like shit!



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