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Throughout the first 10 months of Jen Psaki’s run as Joe Biden’s pitch-woman, she has encountered a few tough questions. Unfortunately, in light of the lightweight mainstream media, one White House reporter has leveled the majority of these hard-hitting queries.

In a recent White House press briefing, Peter Doocy showed his artful talent at getting answers for the American people. Everyone associated with the Joe Biden White House continues to insist that a $3.5 Trillion spending bonanza is all paid for.

Like the liberal she is, Psaki has continued to parrot her boss’s insane insinuation. Most Americans are aware of the stupidity behind such a statement. Something that costs this much money, balloons the national debt and raises taxes, is not paid for.

However, Biden and his minions continue to try to play the “free” card on the American people. It’s a bunch of unnecessary free stuff, but it’s far from free. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy isn’t playing along very well.

In fact, Doocy used crafty journalistic maneuvering to pin Psaki in a corner. Psaki has actually taken the “all paid for” reference to another bewildering level. She insists that since it’s “all paid for, so therefore it costs $0”.

Yes, we’re wondering what type of math these liberal lunatics used to figure out that crazy equation. Well, for all those who can handle basic math concepts, it’s not some form of new math or high-level calculus. It’s baloney.

Doocy pounded away at Psaki until she was trapped by her own answer. Doocy referred to Joe Biden sneaking down to the street to peddle his ludicrous socialist spending agenda to Congress.

He simply referenced a question that since Joe Biden was going down to enlist compromise for something that cost nothing, it must cost something. Jen Psaki fumbled all over herself, trying to come up with a logical rebuttal to a keenly crafted trap.

Despite no logical way to answer the question, she gave it the old liberal college try. Her feeble effort failed. Sometimes we wonder if Psaki has been placed in the enviable position of having to defend indefensible things.

She’s also tried to address issues with Congress raising the debt ceiling. Behind her back, news stories and quotes are being said about Joe Biden saying it was reckless economic management when he was a senator.

Biden is trying to play the Trump blame-game again. He says the reason we need to raise the debt limit now is the fault of President Donald Trump policies. However, the craziest massive tax and spend plan in recent memory is somehow free.

We’d love to engage some Joe Biden new economics math at a personal household level. But we also don’t find bankruptcy appealing. That’s what Joe Biden’s Build Back agenda should be called, “Build Back Bankrupt”. Oh, but it’s all paid for, therefore it’s free, right Joe? Come on, man.


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