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Joe Biden’s incompetence has put American national security at risk. Biden has a long history of abject failures when it comes to foreign policy. But now “clueless Joe” is the U.S. Commander-in-Chief. Biden’s “supposedly” the fellow calling the shots.

His notorious track record of international policy failures has continued unabated. Biden’s feckless withdrawal from Afghanistan signaled ineptitude and weakness. The U.S. looked like a coward. That botched military plan sent another signal.

It told Russian President Vladimir Putin that “now’s the time to invade,” and invade he did. Within weeks of watching the U.S. make a fool of itself because of Joe Biden, Putin’s troops attacked Ukraine. The world has been on edge ever since.

Russia isn’t just some little country having a squabble with a neighboring little country. Russia possesses a massive nuclear arsenal. Despite Russia’s no longer being as ominous as the former Soviet Union, Putin could strike nuclear devastation across Europe and beyond.

Joe Biden’s talent for bumbling foreign policy has placed the entire world in danger. Biden himself warned of pending “nuclear Armageddon.” While this was one of the stupidest and most ill-advised statements ever uttered by a sitting U.S. president, the possibility is there.

But many military and foreign policy experts think Putin is bluffing. When it comes to nuclear holocaust, they’d better be right. The consequences are obvious. Triggering a nuclear war could end civilization. This is not a time for spouting off careless rhetoric.

John M. “Jack” Keane is a retired American four-star general. General Keane is the former Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army. He is also a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient. Keane is an expert on foreign policy and the Chairman of the Institute for the Study of War.

General Jack Keane is a smart military mind. People respect his knowledgeable perspective. He believes that Putin is using the nuclear strike rhetoric to “put pressure on Europe.” Winter is coming fast to Eastern Europe, and many predict dangerous energy shortages.

Because of the energy sanctions put on Russia, Europe is headed for a potential energy crisis. People will basically freeze to death. This is a real possibility. Putin’s threatening to launch a nuclear strike in Ukraine ramps up that fear. The results would be catastrophic.

Putin believes just the threat of a nuclear launch will get the U.S., NATO, and other Ukrainian allies to soften their support. General Keane and others think this is a ploy. Keane insists that launching a nuclear strike against Ukraine would be the quickest way for Putin to lose the war.

Other experienced foreign policy minds agree. Former national security advisor John Bolton spoke out recently. Now, to be perfectly honest, Bolton is known in many circles as somewhat of a “warmonger.” Far too often, John Bolton’s policies seem reckless.

Many of his comments seem to encourage war. He likes war. The former national security advisor spoke on British radio station LBC. Bolton said, “We need to make clear. If Putin were to order the use of a tactical nuclear weapon, he would be signing a suicide note.”

General Keane exercised a calming restraint when he insisted that using nuclear weapons would not be in Putin’s strategic interest. However, Bolton basically called for the assassination of the Russian president. Bolton’s comments follow Biden’s call for regime change in Russia.

Do these clowns want a nuclear war? You can bet that the “Washington, D.C. war machine” wants a military conflict. But these idiots have lost total perspective on what that might entail. An escalation of war in Eastern Europe will automatically trigger World War III. This will be like no war ever in history.

The bombs are bigger and the devastation will be forever. When blowhards like Biden and Bolton call for the killing of a potentially insane dictator, they do nothing to help a dangerous situation. Maybe during the G20 Summit, Biden shouldn’t focus on the release of a pothead from a Russian jail.

Perhaps, “clueless Joe” should sit down and talk face-to-face with Putin about a peaceful end to the Ukraine War. America shouldn’t bow to a tyrant, but there’s a huge risk in “poking a bear.” He may not be bluffing. But what if that’s actually what the “war machine” wants?

Photo Credit: Rumble/Mark Levin Show


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