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Some like to talk about karma and the idea that “what goes around comes around.” There’s also the pleasant idea of “poetic justice” for bad people who do really evil things. We’d like to think there’s a special place reserved for these kinds of people after they expire.

However, it’s equally ironic when proper justice is applied right here on earth. Certainly, the 20-year sentence handed down to the disgusting excuse for humanity, Ghislaine Maxwell, was at least appropriate.

The perverted accomplice to Jeffrey Epstein was convicted on five of six counts for helping him traffic underage girls. The minor girls were subjected to numerous types of heinous sexual extortion and abuses. Some believe Epstein did not commit suicide either.

There are those who insist that his “jail cell hanging” was far too convenient. Dozens of high profile dignitaries stood to have their lives unraveled if Epstein “named names.” He never got the chance. Thus far, Maxwell has been reluctant to do likewise.

However, after finding out where she’s going to spend the better part of her next two decades, Maxwell may reconsider her silence. The New York Times reports that Maxwell is planning to appeal her conviction. Such an appeal will only stave off the inevitable.

Her case seemed like a slam dunk conviction on five of the six counts for trafficking in underage girls. But regardless of the unlikely event that she wins her appeal, Maxwell is headed to the Federal Corrections Institute, Danbury.

She will remain incarcerated there for the next six to eight months. The New York Post interviewed Jacqueline Polverari. Polverari did time at Danbury for mortgage fraud. From correspondence with former inmates, she says many do not want Maxwell in their dorm.

Polverari said, “I’ve already gotten emails from women who wrote to say that they ‘hear Maxwell will be coming this way.’ They’re preparing for her arrival.” There is some sense that administrators will try to accommodate these wishes to prevent Maxwell from getting hurt.

Similar to the men who go to prison for child sex crimes, many women have a strong disdain for women who commit such crimes. Polverari insisted, “Women are worse than men about sex crimes.” There are mothers in prison who don’t like women who commit such heinous acts.

Many think it could have been their daughter. Polverari thinks that there is a strong chance that Maxwell could face lots of potential violence. “She would get the s*** beaten out of her a bunch of times,” Polverari mused. Dinner time is also no picnic at Danbury.

There have been reports of maggots crawling around in the oatmeal. This is probably not the normal breakfast feast of a self-anointed debutante. It’s also unlikely Maxwell will get special treatment, so she can “eat vegan.” Sorry, but this isn’t the “Planta Queen” in South Beach.

Again, for someone who did the creepy things Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of, maybe there’s a bigger sense of justice on earth than we realize. But with the people who could be “ground up” if Maxwell ever named names, any untimely death would be more than suspicious.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I have, always, heard that some of
    the most hardened prison inmates
    are not, at all, receptive of any inmate
    who has molested or harmed a child
    in any way. I don’t think any woman
    would want to be in Maxwell’s shoes!

  • Perhaps her initial strategy was that if she hadn’t mentioned naming names, she might have gotten a lighter sentence or bottomline wouldn’t suffer the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein.

    No Ghislaine, darling!

    Bill Gates, Prince Andrew and many, many other entitled criminals, especially the Clintons, all want to rest easy once they’ve closed the book on this particular chapter for good! You can see this all clearly now, can’t you, Ms. Maxwell?


  • Maxwell will get her Karma. As bad a things she has done to hundreds of young ladies I believe she will spend eternity with Satan. Kinda of wish she would name ALL the men AND women like Hillary, who are guilty of such heinous crimes-published for the world to see-a lighter sentence like maybe 10 years instead of 20 but guarantee she would be “suicided” long before the sentence is up!

  • Worked in a prison, Maxwell is in for a bad time. She should turn state’s evidence before the prisoners get a hold of her or the is Clintoned. I give her several months before she is isolated or Clintoned.



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