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Americans with an ounce of common sense have to ask themselves how Joe Biden and his family got so filthy rich. Biden has been nothing but a politician his whole life. Sure, he managed to weasel his way into, first an eight-year gig as the second-highest elected official in the world and, finally, to the highest.

But congressional representatives, senators, and even vice presidents, don’t paychecks capable of building a massive wealth empire. The U.S. pay scale for elected officials is okay, but it’s not the kind of thing that someone could build into elite financial status. However, that’s where the Biden family is. How did a man and his family get to be so rich?

Did Hunter pick a few correct ponies at the racetrack? Maybe brother Jim bagged a winning lottery ticket? Are the Bidens possibly Wall Street tycoons? No, Joe Biden’s family is none of the above. However, as new evidence continues to emerge, it becomes clearer what they really are. The Bidens are a bunch of influence-peddling crooks!

Hunter Biden has been the primary focus for years. However, as his scams become increasingly obvious, it becomes more apparent that Joe himself is part of every scam. In fact, Joe Biden is probably more instrumental in every scheme than most believe. He’s not referred to as “the big guy” for no reason. Joe Biden is like a mob boss.

He’s the ringleader of the most corrupt political family in the history of the U.S. The Bidens make New York City’s crooked Tammany Hall. The NYC corruption spanned more than a century, but the Biden family scams have been swindling Americans for decades. No one from the big NYC political machine made it to the ultimate political office, either.

Joe Biden’s ascension to the vice presidency opened up schemes that no other American politician has been able to abuse. Biden’s drug-addicted son took full advantage. But Hunter did not act alone. He had both the support and the direction of his father. Joe Biden can keep trying to run from the truth, but eventually it’s going to catch up with him.

Soon, a former Obama White House official is going to land a devastating blow to Biden’s hopes of skirting justice. Joe Biden has consistently denied knowing anything about Hunter’s potential overseas schemes. But the evidence clearly says otherwise. Critics insist that Hunter got various high paid positions for no other reason than his dad was the vice president.

That’s the textbook addition for “influence peddling.” But did dad just get his number one son jobs? Or, were there other kickbacks to the entire family that resulted from Joe Biden’s exerting influence as a high-ranking elected U.S. official? The upcoming testimony from an Obama staff member may be like a bomb going off in the Biden household.

Many experts believe this testimony will tie Joe Biden directly to the long-running Burisma scandal. It’s almost a certainty. Mike McCormick is the witness. McCormick was a stenographer in the White House for 15 years. He served throughout President Barack Obama’s administration between 2011 and 2017.

McCormick was also present on Air Force Two on April 21, 2014. It was then that he transcribed a conversation between Vice President Joe Biden and his aide Jake Sullivan. The conversation allegedly addressed the press on a trip to Kyiv, Ukraine. This transcript is going to prove multiple things. It’s going to blow the doors off the Biden crime family.

First, the Bidens’ benefited from the policy decisions Joe made in dealing with Ukraine. However, the most damaging part of the testimony may be the connections it exposes. Joe Biden knew every detail of every crooked scheme. He was in on everyone. In fact, Joe Biden will eventually be exposed for being exactly what he is: a crook, and a lying one at that.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The entire legal system in this country is being destroyed by these three people. without laws being enforced, we have only distrust in the American government, by the American people. Eventually this will end with rebellion !

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        • Roger , U R completely Correct. It seems like everyone has a Mouse in their Pocket to make U think that are working and what to steal everyones Money. Like the PARASITES in the White House and in the Hidin O’Biden Administration.

    • O’Butthead Brack Hussin Obama , Hidin Joey O’Biden , Little boy Hunter O’Biden and the Whole O’Biden Criminal Crime Family are all together in this Scandal. And need to be ARRESTED and IMPRISONED for the Rest of their LIFE’S.

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  • I wonder why the big guy isn’t announcing his bid for re-election. He’ll probably be in jail…

  • Because some people are died-in-the-wool democrats and think they can do no wrong and are above the law. No one is above the law, but the democrats think they are.

  • Anyone close to Obama is undoubtedly a LIAR! However, I imagine the Democrat Party of Criminals do NOT want Biden to run again and this is one way to Stop him? I personally have more respect for the Chicago Crime Families than the Clintons, Obamas and Biden Crime Families because they did not hide behind some Honest and Upstanding Facade at least for the most part.

  • They keep selling the fact that China joe and the “biden Crime Family are so guilty! With the GOP taking over the House, why haven’t they issued Articles of Impeachment? Why hasn’t hunter and the rest of them been charged? They have a ton of evidence, supposedly, then why the hell haven’t they been issued charges? That is the question I just cannot understand! I realize we are not in power now but, there are a hand full of democrats that would probably support Impeachment too! The biden Administration has been fraught with one crisis after the next! China joe himself, is a babbling yuts! He is obviously not up to the job! They stole the 2020 election from President Trump! biden is the “Worst President Ever” and we keep living the lie! America is in serious decline, socially, politically and economically! Only lies comes from this group of criminals! China joe must be Impeached and I fault the GOP for not Issuing those Articles of Impeachment by now! The GOP is weak also! Fractured group! Too many RINO’s! Just pisses me off! We need another President Trump or another “America First” candidate that is not bought off by special interests! There is only one man that fits that bill and that is President Trump! He is ready and able to take on the Massively Corrupt DC SWAMP! We must change course and start drilling American Gas and Oil! Europe is wide open and waiting for that to happen! We must take out Russia and the only way to do that is to “Drill Baby Drill”! That is what made America Great and we must return to that policy! Piss on this Green Energy BS! They can shove that EV pipe dream too! If you want an EV, buy one! 80% of Americans cannot afford and do not want EV’s! This socialist, Communist, progressive agenda that is being slammed down our throats will not work. We cannot afford it, we do not want it, and it simply will not work! Start with Impeaching biden! Then winning the 2024 election! We cannot withstand another election steal!

  • J.Biden has always been a liar and a plagiarizer. You can’t trust a word he says.
    He should NEVER had been president!!!!



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