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The coronavirus pandemic has killed millions of people. Over 800,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 complications. The plague caused by this virus has devastated families, communities, and entire nations.

It has been a tragedy. However, possibly an even greater tragedy has been the unnecessary consequences of horrific government policies. Lockdowns did not work. Locking down entire populations didn’t “flatten the curve”, like we were told it would.

The pandemic kept creeping through our population. After short periods with a decline in cases, unexpected surges reappeared. Recent studies prove that these surges bleed through communities regardless of how many people are vaccinated or how many are not.

It’s growing increasingly more evident that the “COVID-19 jab” isn’t an effective deterrent to this shifty little virus. Other mandates have been leveled against people, harsh violations of our personal freedoms, virtually all of them “in the name of science.”

Please, if you’ve been following the mainstream media, be aware that “science” and Dr. Anthony Fauci are not one and the same. Boastfully claiming to have been “following the science” Saint Anthony has been one of the loudest advocates for wearing masks.

In fact, the disgraced medical bureaucrat has even suggested multiple masks, you know, just to be extra safe. Well, research data have indicated, since the very beginning of the pandemic, that masks provide minimal, if any, protection against a shifty virus that we can’t see.

In the early days of COVID-19, we were all exposed to these animated science experiments showing water droplets magically floating through the air. Since then, many of these associations with how COVID-19 really spreads have been debunked.

Nevertheless, “in the name of science”, Americans, including young school children who are minimally susceptible, have been ordered to “mask up”. It’s one of many senseless policies that have undermined all trust within normal, everyday people.

Thankfully, some within the business community, places where these oppressive mask mandates have weighed heavily, are punching back. CEOs from major airlines are pointing to the obvious fact that masks had virtually nothing to do with preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Two CEOs, American Airline’s Doug Parker and Southwest Airline’s Gary Kelly, shared their opinions during a U.S. Senate committee hearing. They were being questioned about how the pandemic had affected their industry.

While both men will reportedly retire from their positions soon, they each agreed on one important detail related to mask mandates and flying. They stressed the vast number of protective measures airlines have taken to make passengers safer.

One is the installment of highly efficient HEPA air filters on airplanes. The new technology used in these systems filters out nearly 100 percent of airborne contaminants, including COVID-19 viral droplets. Both men insist to force passengers to wear masks inside the cabin is overkill.

Additional studies, including one from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, arrive at the same conclusions. The research study summarized that, “the scientific evidence shows a low risk of SARS-COV-2 transmission on aircraft.”

Nevertheless, with perfectly executed timing, one crazed liberal politician discounted the scientific evidence and went on a rampage to disparage the facts. Massachusetts Senator Democrat Ed Markey immediately attacked the unvaccinated.

We’re not sure why, or what relevance this off-the-wall attack had on the discussion at hand. Markey asked, “We still allow unvaccinated people on planes?” Other comments about the pair of CEOs clearly science-supported argument created even more confusion.

Sara Nelson is the president of the Association of Flight Attendants. She expressed troubling frustration at hearing this message. We’re not sure why. Maybe it’s because of the confusing line of messaging that started the day Dr. Fauci opened his mouth.

Initially, masks were not necessary, but then they were. “It’ll take us two weeks to flatten the curve.” We all remember that one. But now we have to deal with scatterbrained politicians and misinformed flight attendants.

Two experts, making direct reference to the sources of their evidence, profess airplane cabins to be one of the safest environments to be in. Highly regarded studies confirm the minimal effect wearing a mask has on stopping the spread of COVID-19.

However, marching heel-to-toe with these seemingly ageless liberal talking points, flight passengers must “mask up.” It’s not about the science people. It never has been. It’s about bureaucratic control freaks who took advantage of a terrible health crisis to push an agenda.

Liberals want control. They seize it and then tightly clutch hold of it when they get it. Despite little scientific evidence for these mandates, they continue to push them. Masks mandates are another example of poor policy, which has nothing to do with science. Thankfully, according to a pair of airline CEOs, we can all “fly away”, and fly away “mask free”.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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