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Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman has made his return to Capitol Hill after a very long absence. In fact, he’s been gone more than he’s been there. The Senator had been receiving treatment for clinical depression at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a period of two months. Fetterman’s prolonged absence had caused concern among Republicans in Pennsylvania, who called for him to appear on camera to confirm his well-being. Some were doubtful about Fetterman’s condition, as he had been unable to speak coherently following a serious stroke last year.

Fetterman appeared disheveled and confused upon his return to the Capitol. To be quite honest, he looked like a slob. Many remarked upon his apparent physical decline, with the Senator appearing rather slovenly in his demeanor. However, Fetterman pushed through such criticisms and expressed his delight at being back in his duties in the Senate.

Fetterman has supposedly been working to sponsor important pieces of legislation, despite his absence from the Senate. While some critics have mocked his efforts, others have praised his ability to push through his depression and still focus on the issues that matter most to his constituents. But let’s be honest, if he has that many problems just dealing with everyday life, how is he supposed to effectively carry out his duties in the Senate?

When Fetterman was discharged from Walter Reed earlier this month, he arranged a media rollout to discuss his condition. During the interview, Fetterman was emotional and frank about his struggles with depression. He admitted to having stopped leaving his bed, disengaged from things he loved, and had lost a significant amount of weight.

This guy should have never been elected in the first place. Democrats are that depraved that they decided that a mentally ill bum would be a better senator than a highly educated doctor.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I guess the same uneducated people put Fetterman in office that put Joe Biden in office. Same voting block. Ones that only care about voting for a Democrat, and not caring about what’s good for America. Or even knowing who they are voting for. Just as long as it had a D by the name.

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  • Well he is a Democrat and just another Miserable Disgrace! Just look at the Gang of Village Idiots that occupy Space in Our Government starting with Biden and Harris. These drones are NOT Americans they actually represent All That Is Wrong in Our Country. Our Government and Country has been Infected with a Disease that is Worse than Any Cancer and it is called the Democrat Party.



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