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The internal core of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is staffed by thousands of dedicated agents. These men and women make up the best law enforcement agency in the world. The FBI’s devotion to honesty and integrity is rarely compromised.

However, the upper echelon of FBI leadership is wrought with political corruption. The radical progressive left has infiltrated the world’s most preeminent police force. Democrats have promoted crooked agents to weaponize The Bureau against their opposition.

American democracy cannot survive the corrupting of its federal law enforcement. Thankfully, many of the rank-and-file FBI agents believe in the core values of our nation. They appreciate that the corruption within their agency will destroy the country.

After years of obvious misuse of power, some within the FBI are coming forward. They are courageous whistleblowers who still hold dear the core values of The Bureau. These patriotic Americans have watched the liberal left use the FBI to attack conservative values.

While many are politically neutral, as federal agents should be, they refuse to sit back and watch the liberal left undermine our democracy. High-ranking, corrupt FBI officials are targeting many of them. Some have been fired. Others have been unfairly demoted.

This isn’t stopping them. Agents have come forward to speak to conservative members of Congress. Some exposed how liberal FBI officials worked feverishly to bury the Bureau’s investigation into the corrupt business dealings of Hunter Biden.

These leftists worked to protect Joe Biden from scrutiny and possible impeachment for his involvement. There have been numerous other incidents of blatant misuse of power by the FBI. The unprecedented raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home is a prime example.

But one of the biggest abuses of power has been in the FBI’s targeting of Americans innocently involved in the chaos of January 6, 2021. They have arrested hundreds of innocent citizens. The corrupt U.S. Department of Justice has worked hand in hand to persecute these people.

Video evidence has shown FBI plants within the crowds, infiltrators who encouraged people to enter the Capitol. Furthermore, some video shows a suspicious egging on of peaceful protesters to vandalize property and become violent.

Whistleblowers are now exposing other violations of policy by the FBI in the investigations into January 6. The FBI brass is putting their finger on the scales of justice to unjustly prosecute innocent Americans who support President Trump.

The Epoch Times is reporting that FBI agent Steve Friend was instructed to refer federal child sex abuse cases to local authorities. He was told to focus on domestic terrorism investigations, specifically January 6. He signed a 10-page declaration on September 21, 2022.

It appears child molesters are no longer a priority of the FBI. However, innocent Americans who happen to disagree with Joe Biden and the radical left are now “domestic terrorists.” They’re not. What these Americans are is a threat to the Democrats’ pursuit of absolute power.

Friend has also exposed the new FBI policy to use SWAT teams to arrest suspects charged with little more than a misdemeanor. He reported many of these abuses of FBI authority to his supervisor.

For his trouble, Friend was labeled as a “bad teammate.” Since then, Friend has refused to participate in operations related to the January 6th. Henceforth, Friend’s security clearance was suspended pending an investigation.

An FBI agent who did nothing but divulge unethical procedures has been stripped of his credentials, firearm, and badge. Currently, he is suspended without pay. This is a blatant retaliation for exposing corruption. But the corruption bleeds down from the very top.

FBI Director Christopher Wray is well aware of it. He’s done nothing. It’s not as if Wray is just turning a blind eye. Many believe he is helping to cover up the corruption. There must be in-depth investigations into FBI corruption. The Democrats will never do it.

These are their do-boys, weaponizing the powers of federal law enforcement against their political rivals. Cleaning up the FBI rests on the shoulders of conservative Republicans. But will they do their jobs when they take over Capitol Hill after the November midterm red wave?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • And if their leaders don’t go to jail and are never punished! They will just do it again even worse next time! They have to go all the way to the top of the rats nest and get them all! No matter what their title may be! Or someday the people will no longer ask and just do it themselves! But then there will be no going to jail and the punishment may be a lost worse! And it will be all their fault!

  • May God protect the whistleblower’s for their bold stand for truth and Justice. We the People know who is leading the corruption in the FBI. Its the likes of Comey / Wray the so called upper Echelon! Time to clean up or out the FBI department top down. I will use the democrats same words “defund” its the tax payer money funding this department and I don’t want my tax dollars funding any corruption. We need an FBI that we can trust to go after the “real Criminals” in an apolitical way!

    • I think the antichrist is among us. His middle name is ‘Hussein’. The antichrist has muscled control of the FBI. We are in the time of the great tribulation.

  • We can never ever trust the leadership of FBI and the Justice department for they are all lying pile of shit scumbag democrats traitor bastard that protect the crooked Democrats socialists communists bastards traitors in the White House that are all traitors democrats thugs the crooks that need to go to jail for ever these lying bastards and are traitors to destroy our country freedom and rights under our Constitution bill of rights now. Real scumbag bastard period

    • The press are compliant folks, and are accessories to these crimes as they were and are aware of everything happening yet they do nothing. This clearly is a … “giving aid and comfort”…to those out to destroy – mame – and kill.

  • And as long as these people are not punished they will just keep doing it! And as long as the media backs these actions with no punishment they will as well! Till one day the people will have no need to ask and will dish out the punishment themselves to all involved! The you will hear them screaming ! WELL WHAT ABOUT THE LAW???? The same laws they all ignored for decades! But by then the people will ignore law for them as well! And they will call it equal justice under the law! And they will all wonder why it is happening to them! Yep! They are that brainwashed!

  • Since WWII the FIB (sic) couldn’t catch a cold without stealing the investigative work of REAL police or using planted evidence and lying paid rats to frame people.

    The only thing I can tell you they did on their own was back in 1963 they found the Kingsmen Song “Louie Louie” had no dirty words because the words are uninteligble at any speed. It took them 62 agents and a year to figure it out,,,,,Your tax dollars at work

  • When the Republicans take control of Congress all I can say is they had better not let the American people down. It will be the last and only chance to Make America Great Again. AGAIN.

  • As it’s been said …. “Fish rot from the head down.” Someone’s gonna have to clean up this mess..!



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