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The mainstream media loves to cover the radical talking points of the progressive left. Each of these so-called “journalists” adheres to a liberal repetitiveness. News anchors and hosts talk about “systemic racism” when it helps them spread their liberal belief system.

These corporate-controlled media sources also have an instinctive ability to purposefully avoid things that contradict its agenda. Media outlets no longer give people the news. They provide a “culinary cacophony of propagandized crap”.

One of the mainstream media’s biggest hard sells is climаte chаnge. Liberal parrots will repeat the repetitive speech patterns of the far-left’s climаte hawks. There is never a reasonable middle ground for discussion.

The climаte chаnge crazies want to blow it all up immediately, “consequences be damned”. Unelected bureaucrats, placed in these positions by radical government officials, begin to implement unrealistic policies. These bureaucrats are beholden to no one.

They make policies without a singular agenda. There is no room for compromise. Around the world, policies and regulations are being pushed by these people with zero consideration of the effect they are having on everyday citizens. They couldn’t care less.

But in many places, these everyday citizens are starting to push back themselves. Dutch farmers drove their tractors down the main streets of The Hague. They used the equipment of their trade to block roads and supermarket distribution routes.

These hardworking men and women of the earth are being pushed over the edge. The regulations that have been leveled in the name of climаte change are driving them out of business. They can no longer compete.

In recent weeks, more than 40,000 farmers have taken to the streets to protest climаte-related regulations. According to a Dutch coalition, these unreasonable regulations will drive up to 30 percent of farmers out of the farming business.

These unrealistic climаte change regulations are threatening to end their livelihood. But is there an ulterior motive for these harsh regulations? Malcolm Roberts tweeted an oddly perplexing viewpoint into these suspiciously stiff regulations.

Roberts tweeted, “This is the end path of climаte chаnge activism. Eventually, everything has to be stopped, even our food supply.” Dutch farmers are protesting against government emission regulations that will force them to shut down their farms and kill off thousands of livestock.

There is a mysterious connection between what’s happening with farmland around the world as well. As farmers are driven out of business by these excessive regulations, who is getting the rich soil that produces our food? In many instances, governments are gobbling up farmland.

Chinese state companies, directly tied to the Chinese Communist Party, are scooping up farmland in the United States. It’s happening at a startling rate. Recently, one Chinese company acquired a 300-acre tract of farmland very close to a U.S. Air Force base.

Does anyone actually believe both of these situations are just a coincidence? China is doing the same thing in other nations as well. Besides buying thousands of acres of rich and fertile soil, Chinese companies are buying residential properties at an alarming rate as well.

When we consider what ideology these climаte chаnge crаzies follow, the end objective is pretty scary. They are all part of the liberal push for a global world order. Climаte chаnge is a huge tool in their arsenal.

As these radicals gain control over governments, like-minded people are appointed to positions of bureaucratic power. They then write rules and regulations, which destroy the fabric of society. The source of food is critical. Attacking farmers is a logical place for them to focus.

Being able to manipulate the world’s food supply would hand complete control to these global elitists. China is at the core of this devious plan. But not everyone is just rolling over. In fact, some are taking to their tractors and combines and “plowing through the streets in protest.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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