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Ok, so there is a lot to explain here. First of all, when President Trump “turned himself in” after being indicted for a slew of ridiculous charges, there was a protest outside. Now, follow along because this is going to get interesting…

First, watch this video, because it is important to see first.

You’ll notice a few things in the video. First, there are some liberals protesting and they have this giant flag that says, “Trump Lies All The Time”. Then you see some woman wearing a MAGA hat come up and walk on the flag and then start pulling on it. Then we see her start pulling on the flag.

But then, we see a couple of women start trying to stop her. Well, one of those women is a PROFESSIONAL RIOTER and RIOT TRAINER! This is what she does.

Her name is Lisa Fithian and she is a far-left radical and professional agitator who has been involved in planning protests in various cities around the world, such as Seattle, Washington; Prague, Czech Republic; Genoa, Italy; Quebec City, Canada; New York City; Sacramento, California; and Cancun, Mexico. Most recently, she made her way to Miami ahead of the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting scheduled for November 17th with the intent to scout out the surrounding area and meet with local activist groups to plan how best to “derail” negotiations.

So, right there with her present, that should be our first flag that something isn’t right here.

I don’t know if it’s as clear for everyone else as it is for me, but there is a CLEAR distinction in the way that liberals act versus how conservatives act. It is as different as night and day and if I told you to watch that video without paying attention to her hat and just listen to her speak, you would think that she’s a liberal. For me, it’s like a sixth sense. It’s not just the way that they talk, it’s also the way that they look and their body language. It is just markedly different than the way the rest of the country behaves.

But this supposed Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat just looks like fake supporter. I’m telling you I can spot them a mile away. Now, watch what she does here and ignore the hat. Who is she?

Now, notice her phone case. Guess what that is? It says “Hail Satan” along with the numbers 666, a satanic cross, and a Baphomet goat. Does this sound like a Trump supporter to you?

I searched for that design specifically and found it, but look what else I found…

Tell me, as a Trump supporter, would you buy something from this site? Karl Marx? Really? I’m calling BS on this one.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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      • Is that you Abigail Spanberger, commie VA Congress critter? I always knew you were a ‘ho.

  • Well spotted!

    We’re going to see more and more infiltrators, flying ‘false flags’, who will try to discredit us. Watch for anti-Semitic, racist, pro-violence signs and symbols: swastikas, Confederate flags, slogans urging the murder of our political opponents.

    The Left achieved a huge victory on Jan 6th, and they’ll try to repeat it. Watch out for provocateurs trying to get us to do something stupid.

    People who are clearly carrying out a ‘false flag’ op need to be surrounded by a team carrying American flags and escorted out of the area, or at least accompanied closely by a ‘Sanitation Team’ explaining that the infiltrator is just that … holding up a sign saying “Infiltrator!” so that the mainstream media can’t simply photograph the fake patriot and run the photo the next day showing that we have Nazis or white supremacists in our ranks.

    To do this, we have to be organized. We need a group which can steward our demonstrations and rallies, and act as marshalls to protect them from violent counter-protestors, and deal with agents provocateurs (and our own homegrown hotheads).

    If we don’t organize, we’ll lose to the people who do. And the Left is very well organized.

    • Well spotted & put! This will continue & increase. Be wary of large gatherings publicly announced in advance too; like J6, those are apt to be entrapment efforts, too. The laws & Constitution “be damned” is the rule of the day. We have to be “wise as serpents, but harmless as doves” in these days; if we sink to that same level of behavior, we have already lost…

  • You can tell that it’s a dude, it’s a tranny freak leftist democrat playing trump supporter. End of story…

  • The people that voted for biden is as nutty as he is. How you do you like paying
    higher prices for everything.



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