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So, when exactly did the United States government become dangerously corrupt? Rather ironically, through the United States Attorney’s Office, the Department of Justice has a specific division for “fraud and public corruption.”

Most Americans believe that serious government corruption is confined to dictatorial regimes in the third world. Sadly, corruption within the government may be as bad in the United States as it is in the worst of dictatorships.

No one has really pinpointed precisely why. Some feel it’s an inherent narcissistic, self-absorbed personality type that infiltrates high-level law enforcement positions. Since these people are actually “employees of the people,” one might assume that high integrity would be the norm.

Within the rank-and-file members of federal law enforcement and the justice department, there are dedicated, honest people. Nevertheless, the higher echelons of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence have been disturbingly riddled with corruption.

One agency notorious for having rumors of corruption is the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is easily the most secretive and certainly the most powerful investigatory entity in the world. Only the Soviet Union’s former KGB could even rival the CIA for power.

Much of what the CIA has done is shrouded in secrecy and has been for decades. By the time the American public becomes aware of any crooked schemes within the world’s most prolific intelligence agency, it’s too late to hold anyone accountable.

Much of the time, those involved are dead. It’s profoundly difficult to hold a dead person accountable. One glaring example of potential CIA corruption involves two of the biggest scandals in U.S. political history.

The two are tightly linked, albeit more than a decade apart. One is the assassination of a U.S. president, and the other involves one of the biggest political scandals ever. A key figure is at the center of both. Richard Milhous Nixon was a prominent figure in U.S. politics for decades.

He was the Republican presidential nominee that lost to the eventual winner John F. Kennedy. Nixon had served as President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s vice president for eight years prior to losing to Kennedy.

He was a U.S. Senator for three years before becoming Eisenhower’s running mate, and a California congressman before that. Nixon was deeply embedded in U.S. political affairs when the 35th president was shot in Dallas, Texas.

If anyone knew things, it would have been Richard Nixon. Now, let’s fast-forward to the early 1970s. Nixon finally reached his ultimate goal. He was elected president. But his tenure ended as tumultuously as any president’s before him.

A group of individuals broke into the Democrat Party’s national headquarters. The scandal was given the now-infamous name “Watergate.” Watergate donned then-president Nixon for the rest of his shortened term.

In August 1974, he became the first and only U.S. president to resign from office. But so much of Nixon’s political career is still shrouded in mystery. There are still questions about whether he even knew about Watergate before it happened.

Others insist he directed the break-in. But when former President Trump consented to the release of documents pertaining to the assassination of President Kennedy, odd details about Watergate surfaced as well.

For decades, experts did not believe Kennedy’s murder was an accident. Many staunchly believe that the U.S. government had a hand in the assassination. Some said it was a coup orchestrated by the CIA.

No one ever knew for certain. But a chunk of information contained in the Watergate scandal reveals some startling information. One particular tape from the Watergate-era is stunning. The tape has Nixon claiming, “I know who shot John.”

But when Nixon spoke these words, he was probably unaware that at least four of the Watergate burglars were still on the CIA payroll. That means Watergate Special Prosecutor Nick Akerman was aware of both the CIA’s advance knowledge and involvement in the break-in.

There were members of the Senate Watergate Committee who were denied the right to publish a minority report about the investigation. Much of this curious infiltration by the CIA would have been exposed.

Reports insist that Nixon demanded that the CIA turn over documents relating to the assassination of President Kennedy. They refused. That seems rather convenient. Over a half-century later, the same request by President Trump was denied. But why?

One would think that the leading democratic nation in the world would, at the very least, rank as one of the most honest. The U.S. does not. To be ranked as only the 25th least corrupt nation is problematic. But what will it take to clean up the corruption within the U.S. government?

Is it even possible? Transparency is vital. Consequences for violating the rule of law are as well critical. Without a transparent federal government that is held accountable for corruption, all trust in the democratic process erodes. If it deteriorates too much, democracy will crumble.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • Trump could not fire anyone – federal employees are all union protected – haven’t you been listening to how Trump wants to classify all of these lifelong federal thugs as part time so he can get rid of them? As full time, they will be there for their entire lives – thanks to unions running our federal employees – welcome to America, my friend…

  • There is only one way to clean up the corruption in our Federal government, overthrow the crooks now running the corrupt organization and start over in strict compliance with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    After that full blown investigations to hold those criminals accountable for the years of malfeasance and outright corruption, with long prison terms for many and execution for the most corrupt individuals.

    • I agree. The House of Representatives should appropriate the building of a hangman’s scaffold and hold Nuremberg-like trials. Perhaps the executions should be televised with the intent to dissuade others from having despotic intentions from filling the ranks of bureaucrats that had clandestine plans for America, its elections and its citizens.

  • ” But what will it take to clean up the corruption within the U.S. government? Is it even possible? ”

    We face the need for a full clean-up of the human scene, from the Morality Play that we have been engaged in for long enough, to ‘get the message’. To wit: that we can’t ‘do it’ – live our ives – without Truth. (See what a mess we get in without it.)

    ‘The Truth’ is not to be found in religions per se. It can be found in the fact – as much evidence attests to in our day, from studies, books, videos – of reincarnation; which is evidential in and of itself that there is Plan in and Purpose to life beyond just in and for itself only. And it would behoove us to begin living our lives in the light of that fact, and not as though it were not true, as we are doing, largely, at present. The bottom line: We don’t ever really get away with anything, in this 3D classroom. The corollary to ‘reincarnation’ is the Law of Karma, whereby we have to balance out our (educational) ‘debt’ in order to move on, and Up, the spiral stairway to the heavens. And sometimes, there is a Cycle involved, not just individuals moving on individually. It would appear that we are currently in such a major Cycle. Time, then, to move on, with that assistance.

    Life is a school. The purpose is to graduate. Not to get stuck in it, and just keep going around and around in it, as in a washing machine. May as many of us ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ as possible move on at this propitious Time.

  • No wonder they chewed up Nixon, although I was too young to really know the in’s and out’s about Nixon’s real persona. Opening China was a HUGE Mistake and has proved itself to be, since Clinton and Bush Sr helped weaponize them.

    Anyway, the people responsible are still alive and Bush Sr was in on the implementation as far as I know and have believed for the majority of my adult life which is long.

    Sad that like Trump the CIA and Wicked Cabal got Nixon and Trump but the corrupt lived on with just minor issues from the Liberal demons, so it looked like it was Republicans again Democrats when it was really TRUTH against Evil

    • Like you PatriotForever, I was way too young to understand or much less care, but as I got older & began to research & study history & politics not liking what I was seeing through the years when everything started to get blatantly ugly in the 90’s and on forward, I than understood that Nixon was set up. It’s more obvious than ever! Why do you think that these DemonRATs were so gonghoo on comparing Trump to Nixon & Watergate? Because, they wanted the same results from Trump that they got from Nixon. THEY WANTED TO GET RID OF HIM!

  • Sometime between Jan ’72 and May ’77 I was listening to a regular Sunday morning news type interview show. I know the time frame because of where we were living at the time It was one of the big three TV broadcasters. Former President Johnson was being interviewed. He sated during the course of the interview that he believed that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy. I thought that it would make all of the news. I never heard a single word about his comments and still haven’t as of today.

  • The CIA, like the State Department, and more lately FBI and ATF have a series of FAILURES. Bay of Pigs, Assassination of Diem in S. Vietnam, numerous spies revealing US secrets, Randy Weaver case, Koresh slaughter, Elian Gonzalez, etc. etc.

  • I will say I voted for Nixon, both times. I don’t think he knew about watergate. I do believe he knew something about Kennedy’s death.

  • I believe that The Warren Commission Covered Up what really happened in the JFK Assassination. Too many conclusions were questionable like the Pristine Bullet.

    Who benefited from JFK’s Death?

    Lyndon Blaine’s Johnson – Reportedly did not like JFK who was ProBusiness Conservative and a Catholic. He, as VP, became President.

    J.Edger Hoover FBI – it was reported that JFK and his brother Bobby wanted to get rid of Hoover for a number of reasons. I believe it was common knowledge that the feeling was mutual.

    CIA – Jack Ruby who killed Lee Harvey Oswald was reportedly working for the CIA? Supposedly Oswald did also? By the way, Jack Ruby died before testifying.

    Nikita Khrushchev – JFK was a Big Thorn in his side and probably influenced Oswald and his Russian Wife? Some kind of Deal might have been struck?

    This “investigation” into the Murder of JFK Smelled Bad Then and Smells Worse NOW!

    More and more information is being released on the Kennedy Murder and I imagine the Democrats are Not Liking It?

    We shall see!

  • tell me how the car was moving away from the shooter n was shot from behind n his brains landed six feet behind him on the trunk

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  • WE the People know that Johnson and CIA and FBI had a hand in killing JFK. But I still don’t understand what JFK and Bobby did that piss off Johnson? I do not know about the embarrassment Johnson had heaped on him by them.

    • Several reasons. JFK wanted to end the Defense Dept’s piggy bank (End the War) and wanted to reform the CIA/FBI. FBI director denied the presence of the MAFIA and JFKs brother was pushing to get rid of the director. Johnson desperately wanted to be Pres and push his socialist agenda. He was also a big crook– owned 1000s of acres farms in Mexico and Australia and in Texas he had vagrant Vets, alcoholics and such, file for land and then bought it from them for nothing. AND on and on….. Not a lot different from TODAY.

    • I remember reading when JFK was running for President that Robert Kennedy did not want JFK to tap LBJ for VP because he hated him. JFK pointed out to Robert that he needed him for the Southern vote. Robert told him that if he must then put the SOB on as VP!

  • The report that finally came out on the killing of Pres. Kennedy never made any sense. The killing of Lee Harvey Oswell never made any sense. How did he get shot while under the protection of many law enforcers? I lived through it all, and happen to be watching television, live, the day Oswell was shot. Right away, I knew it was a hit allowed to happen. In my opinion Oswell was nothing more than a fall guy. That was my opinion then and it is my opinion now.

  • The best way to clean up the government would be to open it up to wide open viewing by the American public. When there is a request for information from any of the American public and the release of said information is met with resistance those resisting the release of the information should be immediately arrested for treason!

  • Finally, the real reason for the watergate frame up. Our government is so corrupt, it will never get straightened out

  • When Mr.Kennedy was killed,that was the day the communists took over everything. I to this day remember that day.It still bothers me that these scumbags are still controlling both parties in our government.They will never give up.We can not vote them out because they were NEVER elected.What we have now is the sure death of mankind as we knew it.When our own military is run by insane officers,as in Brazil where they stood down, civil war will come sooner or later.They are waiting to see how many are left to fight after the bioweapon kills 50% of us off.



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